Broh Week, Day One – 'Comfort'

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A/N: Comfort? What kind of a prompt is comfort? It's blatantly a shipping prompt! Prompts should be ambiguous, they should make you think, they shouldn't just be an incitement to fluff!

Oh, whatever. How about I shut up complaining?

I know this is two days late, but I only heard about 'Broh Week' – or Biroh Week, as I prefer to think of it – until yesterday evening. And TBH, with everything that's going on today it's lucky I had time to write at all. But I did. And here it is. Takes place during some imaginary final battle moment (I can't even remember what happened in the finale OTL) when Iroh injures himself. Knock yourselves out, O readers of mine!

'Breathe deeply and relax,' Bolin says. 'All the pro-bending medics say tensing up makes pain hurt worse.'

Iroh breathes. His shoulder is definitely dislocated and his forearm is probably sprained but possibly fractured and hurting like hell either way. The Earth-bender Bolin is holding him still while his brother Mako moves his arm, trying his best to put things back together.

'That's it,' Bolin says. 'Lean on me if you need to.'

It's just a little pain, Iroh's brain says. Pull yourself together and sit up straight.

Oh, whatever, his body answers, slumping into Bolin's arms.

'Right, I'm going to relocate this shoulder now,' Mako says. 'This will hurt a bit, okay?'

'Take a deep breath in and then blow it out as he pushes,' Bolin advises. 'It'll help you relax.'

'Right,' Iroh grunts.

'Ready?' Mako says. 'One – two – three –'

Iroh's trainers have always told him that a soldier must not scream on any account, but that if one couldn't keep silent it is acceptable to say, 'ow.'

'Ow,' he says now. 'Ow, ow, ow, ow, OW!'

'There,' Mako grunts with a final shove. 'All right? Have a breather. Well done. Bolin, hold him still while I straighten this arm.'

Bolin grasps Iroh tightly round the chest, avoiding his just-relocated shoulder, while Majo tugs his arm out straight. Maybe it's just his mind playing tricks on him, but Iroh imagines he can feel ends of bone scraping together and it's horrible.

'Keep breathing,' Bolin says. 'You're doing great!'

'Thank you – ow!'

'That's straight, more or less,' Mako says. He folds Iroh's arm carefully across his chest and holds the wrist in place. 'Now Bo'll bend a cast for you…'

He takes over the job of supporting Iroh's shoulders while Bolin moves into an earth-bending stance. He draws on the stone and earth around them, forming them into a thin, hard casing that fits snugly to Iroh's arm and holds it in place. It's a precise bit of bending; Iroh's impressed. With the small part of his mind that isn't thinking, ow.

Mako finishes the makeshift setting off with a sling made from his overshirt, and then the two brothers help Iroh to his feet. Bolin keeps up a constant flow of encouragement all the time.

'Does it hurt much? Take deep breaths. Lean on me if you need to. Hang in there, you're doing fine.'

'No. Yes, I remember. Don't worry, that won't be necessary. Thank you, I feel right as rain,' Iroh answers, but Bolin carries on talking and holding him up without seeming to notice or mind what Iroh thinks of the help. Iroh finds he doesn't mind. It's quite comforting.