the final book is out in 2 days but i can't wait so i decided to write my own begining to Foretold.

enjoy :)

Chapter 1

Riley was just getting out of a long hot shower when her phone rang. The caller ID displayed on her screen told her it was Master Stewert calling. "Lass?" His thick scottish accent blared through the phone. What the hell have i done now? "Master Stewert?"

"Where the hell are ya?" He snapped. Master Stewert was the nicest of the masters, so when he was angry, Riley knew she'd done some REALLY wrong. "Uh... at home. Why, where am I supposed to be?"

"Did no one call ya ta tell ya 'bout the meetin'?" He was calmer now, suddenly realising it wasn't Riley's fault. "Nope. Where is the meeting? I can be there in 15." That was a lie... unless she wanted to go wearing a towel round her head. "At the church, and 15 ain't good enough. Be here in 10." He hung up. 10 minutes? Shit. Whatever the meeting was about had to be important. Why had no one called her? Backwards boy, this is your doing. She pushed the thought of Beck aside and pulled clothes on over wet skin. As quickly as possible Riley leaped into her car and drove like a maniac to the church.

"Your late." Harper's twisted voice remarked when she finally got to the church. Give a girl a break. So she was a little late, she got here didn't she? Ignoring the snide comment Riley took the seat next to Remmers, which thankfully was far away from both Beck and Simon. Remmers gave her a warm smile which she gladly returned but when her and Beck exchanged glances it was a completely different story. "So, now that we're all here," Harper eyed Riley maliciously as he spoke, "I can tell you the reason for calling you here today." His voice was serious and controlled, whatever he was about to say wasn't going to be good news. The pause seemed to go on forever until he finally continued, "As you all know the Hunters have been in town, some of you have had the pleasure of working with them. They are leaving town today, but are coming back next month to... to take over." The expressions on the faces of the guld members dropped. "What do you mean by take over?" It was Beck who spoke. Master Stewert rose from his seat and sighed, "What Harper means, Lad, is that we trappers won't be needed anymore." Voices of the trappers started to mumble and grumble, everyone angrey and questioning. Riley couldn't help but notice how Simon did nor said nothing, he merely sat and tried to conceal the smirk on his face. Basterd! Riley thought at him, anger was bubbling up inside her until she stood up hastily and all eyes were on her. "That's not fair!," she shouted, "They can't just take our jobs like that! We work damn hard trapping demons, hell look at what we went through to bust the holey water scam, stopping Ozymandias and Sarteal! Trappers have died trying to save people and all of a sudden they think they have the right to take our jobs?" Some of her fellow trappers nodded and cried "yeah" in agreement. She didn't careif she was shouting at her masters, she needed the money and what else could she do? It was Master Stewert who addressed her. "Lass, we all feel the same, unfortunately there is nothing we can do. The guild can't compete with the hunters, the only way would be for us all to become hunters but-"

Beck cut him off. "But Riley can't because they don't accept women." He wouldn't even look at her as he said it. Riley's jaw fell open but she quickly forced it shut and glared at him. "That wasn't what I was goin' ta say Lad, even though your right. What I was goin' to say was that I sure as hell won't be joining, and if any of ya have got pride left, neither will you."

When the meeting was over Riley stormed back to her car as fast a she could. It was nighttime but she didn't feel like going to bed, she'd be up all night angrey if she did. Instead she went to the one place she knew would calm her down. The rooftop of the building she and Beck sat on and watched the buildings light up. The second she got there she felt the tears flow from her eyes. What am I going to do? I feel so alone. I wish Beck here with me and he would go back to being as nice a he was that night. "Riley?" A masculine voie she recognised started her. Turning around to face him, Riley felt a rush of shame for crying in front of Beck when he clearly wouldn't care. "What are ya doing here? It's dark, ya shouldn't be out at night. Damn it girl haven't ya been listening to anything I've said for the past year?" He was speaking aggressively, why was he angry? He was showing emotion so why shouldn't she? "Why am I here? Honestly Beck I'm here because I needed to calm down. I needed something to make me happier for a second and here is the only happy memory I've got right now. I am so lonely. I have nobody left and coming here reminded me of when you showed me the lights. That was the first time since my dad died that I didn't feel alone." She surprised herself with how truthful and open she was being, especially since the ast time they spoke he had been so cruel. "Me too." Beck whispered so quietly she barely heard it. In fact, she was so sure her mind was playing tricks on hr and he hadn't said that at all. Surprisingly he was looking her straigh in the eye. "What?" She choked out throught the tears. Beck walked towards her, not breaking eye contct for even a second. "Me too. I'm here becauses i need to calm down. I need something to make me happier and here one of the only happy memories I have right now. I'm lonely. I have noody left and coming here reminded me of when I showed ya the lights. That was the first time since your daddy died that I didn't feel totally alone." He was right in front of her now and the expression on his face told her he wasn't lying. Beck meant every word. With his thumbs he brushed the tears from her cheeks gently. Riley was lost fo words. All she could do was stare at him with amazement. Maybe he really cared about her. "Want to know the happiest memory I can think of?" He whispered. When she nodded, he leaned in close enough so that his lips were at her ear and he murmed, "Our kiss."

That was chaper 1! Hope you liked it, chapter 2 will be up as soon as possible. I am sooo team riley and beck, are you?