Sorry its taken me longer than usual but i was busy reading the real foretold (its awesome) well this is chapter 4, hope you enjoy it :)

Chapter 4: Confessions of a Demon Trapper

Riley smiled at Becks flirtacious comment and nodded. She wanted him and it had become ovious that he wanted her too. "Take me home." She whispered, berrying her face in his chest. His arms tightend around her to the point where she was afraid she was getting crushed, but she didn't mind. It was Beck, he wouldn't hurt her. Riley slid in his truck with him and remembered her car. "Will you drive me to my car... um, later?" She didn't know what they were going to do until later but it wasn;t hard too guess. He nodded and drove off to his place.

Becks little house was surprisingly tidy for a trapper's home, but it was just that. Home. Riley didn't live with him, yet she felt her safest there. He took her hand and led her into the living room, pulling her down on to the couch next him he began to speak. "Riley... before we... Well I need to say sorry." She wasn't expecting an apology. He didn't mean any of the horrible things he said. She hopedit wasnt just wishful thinking. Beck continued, "Girl what I said, I want you to know the only reason i said it was because of what that damn reporter said to me. She theatend me and I had to make up all of the things I said to you because I wanted to protect you from it. I'm sorry." Riley couldn't help but smile. She knew it the second he'd started saying those things tht he didn't mean them, that wasn't Beck. "Beck... your forgiven. Now I want to say sorry. I'm sorry that i slept with Ori, I'm sorry i cam to you about and just expected you sympathise with me, I'm sorry I got so jelous of Justine. I regret that night with Ori more than I've ever regreted anything in my life. My first time... it should have been with the man I really am in love with." As she spoke the last words she made sure to keep eye contact with him, hoping that he would take the hint. Within second he was kissing her. He had understood alright. The kiss depend and suddenly her jacket was off and his shirt was undone. He pulled her into his lap and gripped her waist. Not before long he had stood up and carried her to his bedroom, never taking his mouth of hers. He lay her in the center of his bed and the clothes came off, everyhing apart from underwear. His body was covering hers as they kissed pasionately and then he pulled away. "We don't have to do anything. Riley if you want to stop... please tell me now in case I won't be able to stop later." To answer him Riley reached onto the night stand and picked up the little cardboard box of protection. When he saw what she was doing he grinned and burried his face in her neck. "I love you." He murmerd. She almsot didn't hear it but when she did, she was overcome with the feeling of happiness and warmth. "I love you too." She whispered.

Riley woke up at midnight in Beck's arms, the bed sheets tangled around them. The windowe was slightly open and the rain was pouring down in the dark but he was keeping her warm. He pressed his lips to her forehead and she sighed a sigh of happiness. "Did the rain wake you up baby?" He murmered into her ear. She nodded sleepily and said, "Now I'm awake I quite like it. It's..." Beck finished her sentence for her, knowing what she was going to say and clearly agreeing. "Romantic. I wish I could hold you every night." Was he suggesting what she thought he was suggesting? Oh my god. She thought as her thoughts were confirmed when he asked, "Live with me?" She didn't even have to think about the answer, she wanted to live with him. "Yes." She whispered and they both grinned like idiots for the rest of the night.