A short man in a black cloak walked, alongside a Pidgeot, in a barren desert. There was nothing, but the sand that scattered through the force of the wind. This is not even an area where a Cacnea will find refuge in. The sweat running down his nose was evidence that he had been walking for far too long now. He looked up at the sun, as if it did not irritate his eyes. The sun was beaming its rays dreadfully onto the man and the bird.

The Pidgeot landed in front of the short man and cawed.

"No thank you old friend." The man said friendly. "This old body of mines can handle a lot more than this." He wiped the sweat off of his face and continued to walk. The bird, knowing it won't win, flew gracefully yet again.

Hours past, and the man, near death, stumbled more than he walked. this continued for several more minutes until his body had finally reached its destination. A huge shadow was casted among the man.

"Why have you come here foolish human?"

Underneath the cloak, the man smirked. "To try to talk some sense into you before it is too late." The man called to the bird that flew down hesitantly. He strapped on a small bag around the bird. He hugged it gently. "I guess this is goodbye friend. Take this to the headquarters. And from then on, you are released. Thank you for allowing me to be your master. Goodbye..." He unwrapped the bird from his arms and turned around.

The man turned back to the being in front of him.

"The Pokémon, I will allow it to escape, but you, I will not."

"Listen to me first! You are going through this all wrong. You are going to destroy the world if you do not stop this nonsense!" The man shouted.

"I am done with the never-ending destruction that is caused by humans..."

"I cannot allow you to continue on." The man said. "It will bring so much death in the world. You are supposed to protect the planet, not destroy it."

"And I am done with you..." A bright light covered the entire desert within a second. And within the following second, it was gone.

In the distance, the bird that once belonged to the man, looked back, and gave a dropped a tear of sorrow.

Two men walked inside a large room with but one long table and several chairs. In one of the several chairs, sat Lance, champion of Kanto. He was going through several documents and binders. The two men saluted Lance. "Sir, a Pidgeot has arrived with a package. Lance looked up to the soldiers.

"Thank you." he said as he left the room.

Out on a ledge that overlooked the great sea, was a Pidgeot that had a bag strapped around it. Lance unstrapped it and went through its containments. It contained several folders, and six Poke balls. The last thing that came out of the knapsack was a folded sheet of paper. Lance unfolded it and read it.


I have secretly looked further into the appearance of Arceus. In the last few months, I have learned about his true intentions on this planet. With the rapid increase of criminal activity and multiple deaths of both Human and Pokémon alike, he had decided to rid the planet of all humans. However, his plan was held back by his attempts to make various Pokémon betray there masters, as most of them had forged bonds with each other. He is now creating large amounts of Pokémon in the Eclo canyon in Orre for an upcoming war against the world and every living being that stands against him. If you are reading this, it means that I have failed in my attempt to talk Arceus out of it. The reason why I have not told any of the other board members about this is because I wished not to risk the lives of you or your Pokémon. I will keep this letter as short as possible.

Inside the bag that my I gave to my Pidgeot are the remainders of my Pokémon. I had already said my goodbyes to them. And from then on, I am releasing them, so please do that for me as soon as possible. There are also folders with more information on Cipher and the locations of all of their hideouts.

Even with Arceus plans for the world, we cannot allow team Cipher to continue doing what they are doing, so handle that matter swiftly. Contact the two trainers that we have been looking into for the last few years, and inform them on everything but the matter on Arceus. Stopping Cipher is top priority.

Hold an emergency meeting with the rest of the board and inform them on everything that I have stated in the letter. And tell them that I will miss them so much.

From here on out, you are the President of the Pokémon League. I entrust the safety of the entire planet alongside all those who live on it to you.

Goodbye friend.

Charles Goodshow

Lance looked up at the bird and scratched it behind his ears. 'Of all of his Pokémon, he really adored you." He said to the crying bird. He released all of the Pokémon that was in the balls. It included a Blastoise, a Magmator, a Scyther, a Ampharos, and a Gliscor. The sixth ball belonged to the Pidgeot. All of them were crying, knowing the fate of their master. One tear drop fell from Lance's cheek. "I guess you all know what happened. You have been released, so go do what you all want from now on." Lance gave a fake smile, and failed in his attempt to cheer up the Pokémon. "Don't worry me and the rest of the league will make everything okay."

He took out his cell phone. He texted something on it, and clicked send. Lance then walked back into the room he was sitting in, and waited for the rest of the league to arrive.

Hours past and midnight arrived. Lance was sitting in a chair with his hands crossed, which rested his chin and both his elbows on the table. The door slid open, and in came Steven and Cynthia, holding hands, since they have recently began dating. Although Steven was a runner up champion from Hoenn, he was still important in the meeting and a member of the board. They sat down across from Lance. They remained silent, allowing for the rest of the members to arrive. Alder soon came in, yawning; obviously tired, but knew better than to ask a question before an emergency meeting began. Around ten minutes after that, Wallace, true champion of Hoenn, arrived through the doors and sat down.

The room was silent for a whole five minutes before Lance began talking.

"Let us get the meeting started." He said, sitting straight up.

The rest of the members looked confused. "We can't start without the president." Alder stated.

Lance was quiet. The rest of the board members could see the water that began filling in his eyes. "I am the president. Charles Goodshow is no more."

"What?" Wallace shouted, "What do you mean by no more?" Tension filled the room, and at the same time, sorrow.

Lance took out the letter that ex-president Goodshow wrote to him. He handed it to Steven. They each took turns reading the letter, all tearing, but keeping a serious expression on their faces at the same time. It was returned to him after Wallace read it.

"We cannot let his death be in vain!" Alder shouted, "I say we all head out to Arceus' hideout and kill him!"

"No..." Lance said in voice of authority, "If we do that, our fate will be the same as the president." It hurt Lance to say that.

"So what are we to do?"

Lance thought about it for a while, and then spoke. "Arceus is the god of all Pokémon. Therefore, he the most powerful being in existence. A thousand Pokémon against him will be child's play to him. And he already as an army of Pokémon on his side, and creating more." He took out the folder that was in the bag that Goodshow placed in the Pidgeot's sack. "To honor his wishes, we are going to deal with the Cipher problem first. Afterwards, we will plan on what to do with Arceus. Cipher has been kidnapping other trainer's Pokémon and experimenting on them, turning them into ferocious creatures, that kills anything in sight, except members of the organization. As of right now, we do not know who their leader is, or how to take them down from the outside. So we plan on destroying them from the inside while learning more about by gathering Intel on them. That is what our contacts are going to do."

He began showing clips of vicious Pokémon killing other Pokémon and humans. "As you can see, Orre is indeed the location of everything that needs to be done; which is one positive factor of this.

"And how are we going to handle that?" Steven said respectfully. "Do we follow the original plan?"

"Yes Steven. Alder and I will go and contact him. Steven, how do you feel like going to Johto? I want Wallace to accompany you. You will be in charge of contacting the other person and persuading him to join us in this In the meantime, Cynthia, contact the elites. We will also me needing them in this matter."

"Yes Sir!" They all said; showing their loyalty to not only to Lance, but to the world.

"And with that, the meeting is over."

They all got up and began leaving the office.

Alder walked up to Steven and Cynthia. "This sucks Aipom balls. Let's say that we do succeed in destroying Cipher, what can we possibly do against Arceus?"

Steven had serious expression on his face when answering. "Alder, don't worry about that. You, like the rest of us, have shown more than once that Pokémon and Humans can be friendly with each other; to the point where we have bonds. Arceus believed otherwise. That is what stopped him from destroying the world in the first place, and is why he is creating his own army of Pokémon that have never seen humans. He plans on killing every last human, and any Pokémon that helps them. Our bond with Pokémon is going to allow us to survive this."

"Huh?" Alder thought about it. "I understand. You're right. Thanks Steven."

"And besides that;" Cynthia added, "It is going to take Arceus several months, if not a year, to complete his Pokémon army. So President Lance is right, Cipher is top priority right now." Cynthia gripped Steven's hands tightly. "Cipher is evil, and it is because of people like those in Cipher that Arceus is the way he is now. We must succeed in our mission, if not, the world will be thrown to hell even before the arrival of Arceus' army."

They arrived on the harrier deck. Two helicopters where already prepared for their travels to contact the two trainers. Lance and Alder got in one.

"Best of luck to you. We will all meet here in two days at the start of the afternoon." President Lance said. And with that, his helicopter made it's departure.

Wallace got into the helicopter. "Come on love-birds, it is just for a few hours of being away from each other. Oh how I love these types of moments." He smiled.

"Steven, make sure that you get him to come. President Goodsh..." She stopped. "I mean Charles saw a hope for the future with this trainer."

"Don't worry Cyn." He replied. Cyn was the nickname that he gave to her. "If Goodshow saw something in him, which means that there is something in him. He won't be able to refuse my offer." Steven kissed Cynthia. "See you soon." He boarded the Helicopter, and it quickly began to leave.

"You two make a cute couple." Wallace said smiling.

"Thanks Wallace. I just hope we can last for a few years."

Wallace frowned, knowing exactly what Steven meant by that. "Do not worries, if you really love each other, nothing, including Arceus, can separate you both."

Steven remained quiet, looking back at the secret headquarters; watching Cynthia walking back into it. All he wants is her safety; and the safety of the world. He sat down, waiting for their arrival at Johto to meet this special trainer.

"Did Goodshow really entrust the world's safety in the hands of just two trainers?" Steven thought to himself.

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