Steven looked at the two trainers in front of him. Were this boy as strong as the 'Ex' president had said? This was the first time that he had actually seen the boy in person. How about the girl? Was it right to bring her along also? The more trainers they have on this mission could be for the better, or for the worst. He didn't know. For Steven, everything was happening so fast, a bit too fast. Not only was that Cipher a threat to the world, but Arceus as well. The latest president told the rest of the league to focus on Cipher, but what if Arceus decided to starting killing the humans out of nowhere? He is currently the strongest being in the world. Sure he is outnumbered, but he could easily take on a hundred trainers at once. For a god, it must be very painful to destroy what he has created. But with the league and the two trainers, not including this girl, they must do what they can. At least, that is what Steven believed.

The helicopter reached its destination, and Mezuki was the first to get off of it. The entire flight over here was in silence, and the fact that the grey hair man was looking at him and Hilda was uncomfortable for him also. They were on an island for sure. Except for the mountain that they were on, all he saw was a forest, and water in the distance in every direction. All that Mezuki was worrying about was getting this over as quickly as possible out of respect for his now deceased friend, Samuel Goodshow, then train for next year's silver conference. If what this Steven said was true, that means that Samuel must have had a will that he left in order to find him. When Steven, Wallace, and Hilda got off of the helicopter, they all began to walk into the base, with the two representatives leading the way.

Hilda kept close to her best friend. The only reason why she came here was for him. Actually, the only reason why she stayed with Johto was because of him. She knew that if she went back to Unova, she wouldn't be the same without Mezuki. It was like, she needed him. Since the first day that he saved her from those creeps in Cherrygrove city, Hilda had this sort of, connection with him. After a month of spending time with him, Josh, and Daisy, she began having dreams about Mezuki from time to time. Scary dreams, happy dreams, dreams that brought her to tears sometimes. She isn't a strong trainer. Well, compared to her friend. He was so powerful. For some reason, even the weakest Pokémon he may get, always turned out powerful really fast. Like the Shroomish that he had. It couldn't even beat her Flaffy, within two weeks, it completely outmatched the sheep. She didn't know is if his ability as a trainer was what attracted her to him, or was it that he was a Pokémon whisperer. Maybe even that he is very sweet and caring with everyone that he meets. All that she knew was that he would never care for her the way that she wants him too. Why would he? She was weak, physically, and as a trainer. Even so, she could not be away from him. Maybe, just maybe, he would notice her if she helped out in this mission. If not, at least she gave it a try.

Wallace looked at the two young trainers. Barely adults and they are risking their lives to help save the world. Such beautiful souls they have. Ordinary people would not risk their lives for anything. The boy's seriousness, the girl's determination, the new president's leadership, and even the ex-champion's sense of hope; even in the black, Wallace could see the illuminating light coming from everyone. These were the type of people that still gives the master of water a smile when the world is getting destroyed.

Ash sat in the room with a sense of importance within him. The league themselves are asking Ash to help out in something so great. They only allowed him to take six companions with him. It was a hard choice. The first one, obviously, was his Pikachu. Then he decided to take his Typhlosion, Noctowl, Warturtle, Sceptile, and his Ivysaur. When Ash decided to bring Ivysaur, he noticed that he spoken to Meganium for a few minutes; probably telling her to watch over the triplets while he was gone. It seems that Ivysaur had grown a bond with the triplets, but Ash needed his best battlers for a mission as important as this. He stared at the rest of the people sitting at this long conference table. Besides for him, there were nineteen other people sitting at the table. At the very end, was Lance, sitting directly to the two sides to him were Cynthia, to the left, and the man that he recently found out was named Alder, the champion of the Unova region, to the right. Next to the two champions, were empty seats, then starting from the following seats, were many people. Most of them, he knew as the elites of each region. The four other people must be the elites from the Unova region. If he never had a kid, Ash would have went to that region to compete in that league as well. A lot of them had a confused expression on their faces. They were ignorant over the reason why they were called to the headquarters of the League, just like Ash was. He noticed that Lorelei and Agatha weren't in the room, but then he remembered that Agatha retired, and Lorelei resigned from the league to take care of her family on the Sevii islands. Ash looked at his first friend on his journey. The electric rodent was always there for him, even during the toughest times. At first, they didn't get along, but soon grew a deep bond with one another, knowing that they would not be the same if it wasn't for one another. Ash wondered when the meeting was going to start. It was late, and he was getting tired, and hungry, but mostly tired.

The doors in the room slid open, and four other people walked in. Ash knew two of them. Wallace and Steven; they both helped him during his journey in the Hoenn league and helped stopped Team Magma's and Team Aqua's evil plans to use Groudon and Kyogre to change the world. The other two people, who looked to be around his age, were completely unknown to him. Steven went to sit next to Cynthia, and Wallace next to Alder. The two trainers sat directly in front of Ash, since there were two extra seats available. The boy seemed to have a serious face expression the whole time, not even caring what is going to might happen. The girl, completely opposite, was curious about her surroundings, looking at every direction.

Lance stood up, "Now that everyone has finally arrived, we can finally start the meeting." He looked at the direction of Mezuki and Hilda. "Steven, Wallace, who is she?" Lance said in a firm tone.

Steven was the one to speak. "She is a friend of the contact, and insisted on coming along. I believed that the more people we have, the better our chances on in completing this mission."

Lance stared at her, upset at what had just happened. "Very well, I can't change the fact that you brought her here." He turned his attention to the rest of the board. "I am going straight to the point. For those who know Samuel Goodshow knows that he was a great president of the Pokémon league. He was very caring and placed everyone else's well-being in front of his own. He was also a very great friend to everyone, especially me. He died two nights ago after heading out on his own trying to prevent something from happening in the Orre region. There is a new organization in the world known as Cipher. Unlike the rest of the organizations in the world, Cipher as complete control of the region, taking measures to the point where they have information about everyone that enters, or leaves the region."

A large television screened turned on in the back of Lance. It showed gruesome pictures. One pictured showed a Houndoom burning a group of kids. It was horrible. Phoebe, an elite member from the Hoenn league covered her mouth at the site of an Unfezant carrying a limbless infant. Another picture detailed a group of Mightyena eating a grown man. It was evil. Ash had never seen Pokémon behave this way before in his life. Sure, Pokémon attacked humans from time to time, but not as primal as what he seen in the pictures. Dozens of slides shown what a Pokémon can truly do to a human if wanted to.

"These Pokémon, are known as Shadow Pokémon, as told by us through a contact in the region." Lance turned off the screen. "These are what team Cipher are doing to Pokémon in their possession. It is up to the league to stop this from happening. We need everyone who is here to stop this Organization before they start moving their plans to the other regions of the globe. As the new President of the Pokémon League, it is up to me to make sure that everything is set in place."

"But why would they even do this to Pokémon?" Phoebe asked, "It is very mean and evil."

"We do not know why." Steven answered, "If it wasn't for President Goodshow finding all of this information, we would still have been ignorant over this danger."

Marshal, an elite from the Unova region stood up, "This is bullshit! How come the officials of the region aren't doing anything? From the looks of it, they are just letting everything slide by and acting like everything is going well."

"Shut up and sit down Marshal." Lucian, elite from the Sinnoh region said in a voice that showed his intelligeance, "What do you think screaming is going to do? It is what it is. I looked through the reports that President Lance handed out; something that you have yet to do. If you must know you ignorant little punk, Cipher completely controls Unova, and more than likely, they have members in the justice departments as well."

"Who do you think you calling a punk?" Marshal, not focusing his anger out Lucian. He got up and jumped on the table. He then cocked his right fist back. "I'll show you whose the punk!" Lucian just crossed his arms and looked Marshal in the eye, showing no fear. Marshal swung, but his arm was grabbed and was thrown from off the table and onto the floor. Marshal, now laying on the floor, looked at who threw him. It was Bruno, elite from Kanto.

"You will not lay your hands on a fellow member of the Pokémon Association, or you will have to fight me." Bruno said in a stern voice.

Mezuki looked at the elites. Ironically, even if they are masters of their regions, they seem to have disputes of their own.

Marshal got up and took a seat, not wanting to fight against a superior in fighting. "Whatever, let's get this meeting finished with.

"Now since that is finally over." Lance said, happy that the drama is finally over, "I can tell everyone what needs to be done. Ash Ketchum, the most recent addition to the association, and the most recent Pokémon Master, are going to become a competitor in the Phenac city's Stadium. Intelligence shows that Cipher mainly targets Coliseum victors to enlist in their organization. From within, Ash will be able to give information to us so we can decide what is the next plan of action is. Mezuki, trainer chosen by the ex-president to be included in this mission, like Ash, is going to participate in a coliseum in Pyrite town. With two members in Cipher, we can get all the knowledge that we can. Every Elite are going to be spread out all across Orre so that we can locate most shadow Pokémon, in which will be imprisoned and sent to various bases across Orre. When capturing this Shadow Pokémon, you will need to be disguised so that Cipher won't be able to determine who you are, and possibly try to kill you. The mission will start first thing in the morning, and you all will be sent to Orre by a ship, where you will be acting the part as a tourist."

"What are the jobs of the Champions?" Sidney, elite from Hoenn, asked out of curiosity.

"There is also another issue that needs to be handled that needs complete attention by all of the Champions, including myself. Don't worry; I will be in complete contact with everyone here. You all will be getting untraceable cell phones that will have everyone's name and number on it if you ever need to get into contact with anyone. Koga, along with Grimsley, will be in charge of infiltrating one of the few known Cipher bases and collecting intelligence." Lance went to both Koga and Grimsley and gave them a folder. "Good Luck to you all, and may we succeed for the fate of the world. There are rooms for each of you available. Get some rest for tomorrow."

Everyone began leaving and heading to their rooms. Hilda and Mezuki made sure to stay close with each other.

"Mezuki, I'm scared. What if somebody messes up and we all get captured?" Hilda asked in a feared tone. She was known to get scared of a lot of things, but possible death is what she had never expected.

"Don't worry; I won't let anything happen to you." Mezuki answered. She was one of his closest friends, and he would make sure to keep her safe. Although he felt like he won't be able to get close to anyone, Hilda was different. Something about her, maybe her smile, or her positive disposition, or even the way her hair fell down her back, made him feel like if she would ever leave, he would not be the same. It was like he needed her, and if it wasn't for her or Goodshow, he would have never took on this mission. Every time he had seen her cry, his heart broke into a thousand pieces. Mezuki knew that whatever happens, he will not allow any of his Pokémon, or Hilda, get into harm. He was just glad that she tagged along.

They entered a room that was labeled, Mezuki Gimoichi. It seemed that since Hilda came expectantly, she was not given a room. It didn't matter; they slept in the same tent before. A bedroom would be no different. The room was a simple room, white walls, brown carpeting, and a single window that revealed a beautiful view of the ocean. The bed was a king sized bed, more than enough room for both Mezuki and Hilda. Mezuki took out all of his Pokémon and told them about what was going on. Hilda did the same thing, revealing that she owned a Snivy, Flaffy, Pidgeotto, and Gligar. Afterwards, they were returned into their Poke balls and the two friends went to sleep.

Ash couldn't sleep. He did not know why people would turn Pokémon into evil creatures. Then he came to the conclusion that it was not the Pokémon that were evil, but the humans who steals them, and forces them to behave like that. Wild Pokémon were sometimes dangerous, and even killed at times, but to Ash, it was like the Pokémon's free will was caged. He felt Pikachu, who actually fell asleep, shaking in its slumber. She must be scared on what might happen. Ash stared outside and saw Misty's and Serena's face in the horizon. They were smiling back at Ash. He soon came back to his senses. Even though this mission may kill him, Misty and Serena must live. Ash soon found himself dozing off, with the only thoughts in his mind was his family, both human and Pokémon alike.

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