Virtual Kiss

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Hey. Hope you all enjoyed my Mr Young writing, such as Quitting, One Of A Kind and my recently finished All because of a dream. I still need to finish A Genious And A Blonde.

This is just a one shot story, so hope you enjoy. This episode is Mr Pixel.

In Pixel City

"Did you really mean what you said before?" Adam asked.

"You mean. He's asleep! He's asleep! Yep, he's asleep"

"I meant the other thing."

"Soft pretzels. I do" Virtual Echo said, which caused Adam to sadly sigh.

"I'm kidding, I do love you," Virtual Echo said with a smile.

"I love you too"

In Real Life

Suddenly, Adam realized that Echo was on her way to Derby's laptop. Adam took off his helmet and ran to the cafeteria.

Adam saw Mrs Burns holding the laptop and he yelled, "Stop!"

Mrs Burns and Echo turned to look at him.

"I'm going to need that laptop!" Adam yelled.

Mrs Burns stopped and handed it to him. "Here you go chalk".

Adam grabbed the laptop and ran back to the classroom.

When he finally reached the classroom, he closed the door and placed the helmet on his head again.

In Pixel City

"So where were we?" Adam asked.

"I don't know...this," Virtual Echo said, walking up to Adam and giving him a kiss on the lips.

Adam couldn't believe it. It was almost like a real kiss!

'It makes sense though. If Ivy pushing me in Pixel City can cause me to be pushed in real life, then a kiss in Pixel City can be felt in real life' Adam explained in his thoughts.

" more?"

The Next Day

The class was extremely surprised to see their science teacher playing the virtual game along with Derby!

'Why is he playing it? Even when it is his time to teach?' Echo wondered.

In Pixel City

"Would you like to dance?" Adam asked.

"Sure" Virtual Echo smiled.

Both of them danced in a slow song and they both leaned in for a kiss.

Adam smiled. 'This game might not be so bad'

There you go. This story is done. Yeah, I know...the pairing seemed like Virtual Echo/Adam. Lol. I know, Adam isn't even dating the real Echo.

Anyways, I may make a sequel if you guys liked this story.