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The past Forty-six hours had been a total disaster… It was supposed to be a simple salt and burn haunting. But this, this was NOT simple, and was NOT a haunting. Now, they had two hours to find Dean before his clock ran out.

What had they gotten into this time?

One week ago…In Lawrence, Kansas….

Elisa Crike was locking up for her nightshift at the cemetery when she swore she saw movement behind the Mausoleum.

"Hello? Who's there?" Yelled Elisa.

After a minute of silence she sighed and marked it as her imagination and locked the cemetery gate. She hadn't gotten but ten feet away when she heard twigs breaking behind her.

"Hello? If you kids are here again I'm callin' the cops!"

Lately a group of kids had been writing on headstones and smoking in the center of the cemetery. She was sure it was them.

As she rounded the corner she heard a crack behind her and turned around.

What Elisa saw took her breath away, she tried to scream but no noise came out. So she ran. She ran through the headstones and to the gate she had locked earlier.

She began to violently tear through her keys. All of the sudden she couldn't find the one that opened the gate, she felt helpless. When she did find it, she threw it in the lock and turned. It didn't work. She pulled the key out and began to cry.

The lock was filled with some hardened, Brown, substance; something she couldn't describe. So she backed up from the gate, and started to sob.

She looked behind her and was slightly relieved that the hideous creature wasn't behind her anymore. So she sighed and turned back around and screamed. The thing grabbed poor Elisa's neck and squeezed. There was a crack, then Elisa Crike's world turn to black in an explosion of pain and stars.

"Sammy, can you explain the job again?" Dean asked, swiftly turning the wheel of the Impala.

"Dean, do I need to explain it to you again? I've said it seven times!" Sam replied, exasperated.

"Yes, Yes you do. Because I wasn't paying attention the other seven times."

"Dean, this is the LAST time. Are you listening?"

Dean turned down the Metallica tape that was currently playing and looked over at Sam then back at the road.

"Ok I'm ready. Explain."

"Three victims, all Middle aged, All found dead in the arms of a statue in Westside cemetery."

"Mmk, how does this scream Supernatural circumstances?"

"All three Vic's Neck's, and head's were crushed, into dust."

"Weird. What are we thinking did this?"

"I'm actually not quite sure, but there's more. All three Victims went missing for Forty-eight hours before showing up in the arms of the statue. So no-one could call a missing persons' report before they showed up dead in the cemetery."

"Is there any connection at all between the victims?" Dean asked, obviously interested.

"Actually yes, all were ex's of a man named David Caliber." Sam replied.

"Why haven't the police taken him in for questioning?"

"Oh, they have. Apparently he dumped them, so no motive there, and he's married to one Arianna Caliber."

"Anything else?" Dean asked.

"One more thing. All the crime scene's were hard to access because, there was stone in the locks of the location of the crimes."

"Sam, what are we up against?"

"I'm not sure Dean, but we'll figure it out."

There was a small bout of silence in the car before Dean finally decided to speak.

"I say we go pay David a lil' visit." Dean spoke.

"Yeah, that sounds good." Replied Sam.

As they pulled in front of David Caliber's Yellow and white home, They noticed something strange.

"Dean, come here…" Sam said while staring at wet cement.

"What Sammy? This better not be some sort of dumb prank."

"No, look" Sammy said, pointing at the cement.

Dean studied it and immediately saw what Sammy meant.

"I think I might know what were up against…" Sammy said hypnotized by the print in the cement.

But the Winchesters analysis was cut short by a Blood curdling scream from inside the house of David Caliber.

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