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"I think I might know what were up against…"

Then came the blood curdling scream from inside the house of David Caliber…



Sam and Dean didn't waste any time before jumping into action. Both pulling the pistols from their waistbands and jumping up. As they ran up the driveway they noticed the mysterious print again, only this time, they could see it's color. It was a sickly brown tinged with some shade of beige.

When they reached the door they turned the knob, only to find it jammed.

"Sam!" Dean yelled.

"Already on it!" Sam responded, attempting to pick the stuck lock.

"Dean, I can't get it! Something's inside of the knob!"

"Back up Sammy!"

Sam did as he was told, and as soon as he was clear, Dean shot the lock off with his pistol.

They proceeded to kick the door in afterwards and heard the screaming again, only this time it was mixed with pleading and crying.

"Upstairs!" Dean yelled

They charged up the stairs as if they were running from a wildfire and saw more of the large prints.

The last door in the hall was the source of the noise, It was a woman inside, their guess was Arianna.

"NO! STOP PLEASE! LEAVE ME ALONE!" Pleaded the voice.

"Arianna! Hold on were coming!" Dean yelled through the door.

"HURRY! PLEASE HELP!" Sobbed Arianna.

The brothers burst into the room in a mixture of flying wood and the slamming door.

What stood five feet in front of them was nothing they'd ever seen. The creature in front of them was seven feet tall, completely made of clay, and looked like a man. Arianna was cowering in the corner of the room, makeup and tears streaming down her entire face.

The boys loaded two rounds of rock salt into the creature, hoping to do some damage, but it did none. It merely turned around and frowned.

In a matter of seconds the mysterious assailant was face to face with Dean, throwing him across the room with ease with no hesitation or complications.

"DEAN!" Sam shouted desperately.

Arianna began to sob again, losing any sense of hope she had and tried to run past the creature made of clay, but it turned around at frightening speed, grabbed Arianna, one hand around her neck, another around her head, and squeezed. Within seconds her sobs turned to wheezing and blood began spilling out of her mouth, along with her bones, turned completely into dust. Her head rolled to the side and her eyes became glazed over in an endless stare. Arianna Caliber had just become the fourth victim of this supernatural murderer, and hadn't lived to tell the tale.


The golem dropped Arianna's sagging corpse and turned to Sam. The creature stared for a moment before he decided. He did NOT like these strangers.

The creature flew across the room at top speed ramming straight into Sam and sending him flying through the open doorway and down the hall, causing a bookcase at the other end of the hall to fall on him. This creature was still unidentified, incredibly strong, and incredibly angry. Sam groaned and tried to get up when the clay man started making his way down the hall towards him, yet the bookcase still showed no signs of moving.

"DEAN!" Sam yelled with desperation deep in his voice.


Back in the room Dean was slowly coming back around. Being thrown headfirst into a nightstand really doesn't help coordination.

"DEAN!" Yelled Sam from the hallway.

Their current situation came back to him like a speeding freight train on high drive. He remembered Arianna and looked around for her, finding her in a puddle of her own blood and bone dust and her face, ugh her face was just squished in.

"Oh god…" Dean moaned, fighting his stomach's contents from making a sudden re-appearance.

"DEAN!" Sam yelled from the hallway again, this time more worried.

Dean looked around the room, looking for anything he could make a makeshift weapon out of. Then he spotted it, on the wall was a giant steel picture frame. Dean tore it off the wall, ripped off the right side of the frame, leaving him holding a sharp steel spear.

"I'm comin' Sammy!"


As the creature advanced on him, Sam began to worry, the bookcase was still on him and showed no signs of moving. The clay man picked up the bookcase with ease and threw it down the stairs beside them. Then proceeded to reach down and lift Sam up by his neck. Sam began to choke just as a sharp metal spear seared through the giant creature's side. The clay man looked down at the spear and dropped Sam, turning around in displeasure. At the other end of the hall, Dean stood there giving the creature the 'If-looks-could-kill' stare.

Suddenly the thing pulled the steel spear out of his side, and threw it at frightening speed, straight at Dean.


Dean tried to dodge, he really did. But that thing, that thing threw it so fast even a wendigo couldn't dodge it. It went into Dean's arm and went all the way through, causing Dean to back up with a loud groan of pain.

Sam, using the distraction quickly ran down the stairs and began shouting.

"HEY! Giant ugly thing! Down here!" Sam tauntingly yelled.

The creature simply ignored him turning back to Dean. Going against all odds though the creature just walked right past Dean and back into the room with the dead Arianna, picked her up, jumped out the window she had attempted to jump out of earlier, and disappeared into the night with Arianna Caliber's dead body.


The drive back to the hotel was nothing but awkward and painful silence.

Finally breaking the silence, Sam decided to speak to his bleeding brother.

"How ya doin' over there Dean?" Sam asked, his voice filled with concern.

"I'm as fine as the last ten times you asked Sam." His teeth clenched tight as he spoke.

As they pulled into hotel parking lot Sam and Dean immediately knew something was off.

"Dude? Did you leave the room light on?" Dean asked, eyeing their room.

Just at that moment a shadow crossed over the blinds from inside the room.

"And I certainly hope you didn't leave an overgrown cat in there, Sam…" Dean added with a grin.

"Dean, seriously?" Sam asked, shooting daggers at his brother.

"Do you think that thing found out where we were?" Dean asked.

"Only one way to find out!" Sam responded, cocking his gun and smirking.

"That's my brother!" Dean said laughing.

As they approached their room the shadow crossed by the window again and looked out the blinds. Sam and Dean jumped behind a car parked outside their room, hiding from the intruder, but also missing who it was inside their room.

They snuck up to their room and hid outside the door. Dean cast a glance in Sam's direction and nodded silently. Dean held up his hand and counted down. Once the final finger went down, the door went in and at that same moment Sam recognized the figure he had been seeing in the window.

"WAIT DEAN! Don't shoot I know who it is!"

But before Sam could stop him Dean fired a shot at the all too familiar form.


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