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I've never really enjoyed traveling. In a car, I could stand that, but flying on a plane? No. I've always been terrified actually, and that's why I've never went on one. But there's a school trip for one of my classes, biology class to be exact, and at the end of my freshmen school year, we're going to California to go to one of the largest aquariums in the world, and I just can't decline such an opportunity.

There are 14 other kids in my class that are going, and luckily one of them is my best friend Trish. She's the only one that I am close with that's going, so I'm glad she's in this class. Trish is loud, not afraid to tell it like it is, and all around a great person. She's one of the only people I trust in this cruel place we call high school.

There is also Stacy, she's not too bad, and I've only talked to her a couple of times. She's shy, and so am I, but she's worse. She hides behind her straight strawberry blonde hair, and only has one friend; her diary. Well, I assume it's a diary. It's sort of like my songbook, I carry that around everywhere too, but she writes in her diary all the time. Sometimes the teachers have to call her name multiple times to get her attention, and they threaten to take her book away, and you should see her face when they say that. Once, I thought she was going to turn into the incredible hulk or something.

Also in my class, there is Thomas. He's a tall, scrawny boy, who's youngest in our grade. He has a lot of friends, but I wouldn't call him popular really. Most of his friends are the kids none of the popular kids would even give the time of day, but hey, friends are friends, right? He's also the smartest kid in our class, just a few grade points above me, I might add.

There's the prettiest and most popular girl in this classroom, which would be Caroline. A lot of girls in our grade are jealous of her, she has platinum blonde wavy hair that falls to her lower back, big bright blue eyes, and perfect skin and I guess I should add that she gets all the boys too, oh and she's cheer captain. I'm not the jealous type, and I also don't see her as the perfect person everyone makes her out to be. I think being perfect is more than just looking perfect. I think you should at least have a perfect personality too, and she has one far from that. She acts all nice and thoughtful in front of teachers, which is why she's the teacher's pet in most of her classes (I sadly have two other classes with her) but if you do something she doesn't like, like say, accidently run into her, or ask to borrow a pencil, she gives you a death glare and tells you how much of a horrible person you are. She also breaks boy's hearts, which is another reason I don't understand why guys go for her.

And last but not least, Austin Moon. Austin's thee popular kid. He's the quarterback of the Varsity football team, he's the golden boy. All of his teacher's love him, and he's already being considered for football scholarships for collage, and he's only going to be a sophomore. He has shaggy blonde hair, and golden brown eyes. He has a great sense of style, and he's well, sometimes full of himself. I heard a rumor he likes to sing, but he'd never admit to it. I have to admit, I enjoy staring at him when he doesn't notice, he has model look. Last semester I had gym with him, and one day we all went swimming, and I had to pry my eyes off of his six pack. But, he doesn't give me the time of day, ever. We've said hi to each other occasionally and he's borrowed my pencils before, but nothing more than that. I heard Caroline is crushing on him, so I have a feeling they will be the new couple. I mean, their a perfect match, right?

And me, I'm just Ally Dawson, the shy, smart girl with stage fright who writes songs in her songbook and sticks to having one friend. I'm not popular, and I'm far from athletic, which means there are no boys that are interested in me. Well actually, I think this boy Chad had a crush on me once, but he's 15, and still picks his nose, therefore, I'm not that desperate.

I don't know much about the other kids in my class, since I'm usually sat in the front, and we can't socialize much when the teacher's attention is always on you. But like that would make a difference, I'm not popular; no one wants to talk to me. And that's my life in classroom 14.

It's the morning of the big day, the day I face my biggest fear, my fear that's bigger than singing on stage in front of people; flying. I packed all of my stuff last night, and my father gave me different pep talks, telling me I didn't have to go, and maybe we can drive down there someday and go to the same aquarium, because he knows how afraid I am, but I promised myself I wouldn't chicken out, I am going to do this.

My father drops me off at the school, where we are all meeting up and then taking a van to the airport. When I walk over to the group, I realize someone's missing, Trish is missing. I look all around and I don't see her, I decide to wait a few minutes, maybe she's just running late.

But when we start putting the luggage in the van, I grab my phone out of my bag and call her.

"Hello?" She answers.

"Where are you?" I practically scream into the phone, "We're about to leave to the airport."

Coughing from her end starts, loud, obnoxious coughing, "I can't go I'm sick. I'm really sorry." She says.

I practically drop the phone. She was the one person that will actually get me through this trip, and now she's not going, what am I supposed to do? Our teacher, Mrs. Paxton, who is also our chaperone, gives me an evil eye so I hang up on Trish. This is going to just suck now. I sigh and drag over my bag, which is too heavy, and I think I may have over packed. I try lifting it into the trunk of the van, but I'm not strong enough. I try lifting it again and it suddenly gets light, and when I look up, Austin Moon is lifting the other side of it, lifting all of the weight. I just look at him and he smiles at me as we lay it down in the back.

"Uh thanks." I say awkwardly.

"No problem." He says with the same smile. His smile is seriously the best smile I've ever laid my eyes on, I could stare at it forever…

He walks away from me now, back to Caroline and this other boy, I don't remember his name. I can't help thinking that those are two new words that Austin Moon has said to me. But, it's probably the only two words he will say to me on this entire trip, but it's whatever, I really don't care.

I sit next to Stacy on the ride to the airport. She ignores me, and everyone, of course. She writes with intense speed in her book and I'm almost tempted to lean over and take a peak, but I know I hate it if people read or ever touch my songbook, so I'm not going to try. I really wonder what goes on inside that head of hers, though.

The ride to the airport seems short, and I find myself in a panic when we're walking into the airport. I find myself wanting to back out, too. I shouldn't be doing this, what if I freak out, what if I have a panic attack on the plane In front of everyone? It'd get around the whole school and then I'd become an even bigger joke than I already am.

The reason I have stage fright, goes back to first grade. I was the star in a musical, and this really mean girl Pauline bullied me. I know right, 1st grade and your already a bully? Anyways, right when I was doing the big part of it, where I had my singing solo, I was tripped by her in front of everyone, and all of my friends laughed, and since then, I can't go on stage. I'm too afraid of being humiliated again.

We are given our tickets and everyone asks each other where they're sitting. They are all happy to be seated next to their friends, or crushes. But when I look at my ticket, I don't even think of asking whose sitting next to me. I just want it to be Trish, she was supposed to slap me out of my freak out stage of taking off and landing, but now, that's gone.

I go to my seat, and I take the one by the window. I sit down patiently, waiting for the person to sit next to me. I figure it will be Stacy, which I guess I won't mind, I'll just be ignored the whole time. Or, maybe it will be Thomas, which will be annoying, but anything's better than like Caroline.

I see Austin walk down the plane, and I expect him to go sit next to Caroline, she just took a seat up towards the front, but what he does, I don't expect. He walks over, and takes the seat next to me.