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I found myself wishing someone had a watch, but even if we did, who says that's the right time? It will just be Florida's time, but we don't know the time zone we're in right now.

The sun is setting, so it's late evening, and the air is getting cool, but not cold enough to have to snuggle up in a sweater, it's probably about 70 compared to today, which felt like 100. Everyone is gathering around while Austin makes the fire. I'm surprised Golden Boy can even make a fire, but I mean, he is perfect, so I guess he can do anything. He and Caroline appeared a couple hours ago, and I don't know what they were doing still, but I want to know why the hell it bothered me.

I walk over to the bin of food, and grab a bag of beef jerky and a few bottles of water. We found some supplies from the plane and it had bottle and bottles of water, which was good news for us. I walk over and hand everyone a piece of jerky, and they don't thank me, they just look at me like I'm a servant and accept the food. I hand Austin his piece, and he smiles at me, "Thanks." He says. Caroline takes the jerky from me hard and rude. I want to slap her, or call her a very bad name, but I'm not speaking these days. Austin gives her a dirty look for me. Why, I don't know.

I take a seat next to Frank, and nibble on a piece of my own food. After a while of silence, conversations start, and I sit back and listen.

"We all need a decent place to sleep tonight; we don't know what's out in those woods." Frank says.

"Have you figured out where we are yet?" the smaller twin asks.

"No Dannie, but I hopefully will." Frank says. So the smaller twins name is Dannie.

"Well, Ally made a decent space in the piece of plane over there; it should be able to fit some of us." Thomas says.

"Well, maybe we can all squeeze. We all may be here awhile; we mind as well get comfortable." Frank says.

"I think that's the best idea. We might not be safe if we sleep out here." Austin says.

"Me and Ally found a lot of blankets, you know, the ones the flight attendants give out, so we can all use those." Dannie says.

"Okay, that's good." Frank says. So we're all going to be squished in there, this should be an interesting night.

"Sammy, didn't you pack a whole box of Twinkies?" Dannie asks. So the other twins name is Sammy.

"Maybe…" She says cautiously.

"You should share them with everyone." She says.

"No, save them for another time." Frank says.

"Frank, did you have any family on the plane?" Thomas asks.

Frank shakes his head, "No, just me. I was actually flying back home to California to see my wife and kids. I was in Florida visiting my mother." He says.

"That sucks." Thomas says.

"What about you kids?" He asks, eyeing all of us, "Class trip." Thomas sighs.

One of the 4 kids from our class speaks up, "I didn't even want to go." She whines.

"What's your name?" Sammy asks. Sammy and Dannie must be young; they ask a lot of questions.

"I'm Tiffany." She says.

The three others names are Daniel, Wanda, and Rick. I can remember them always being quiet in class, and that hasn't changed, but at least their talking, unlike me.

After the conversations die down, and the night sky turns black, every one decides they want to go to bed. And so the arranging begins. I immediately go to my spot I was in the night before and grab Austin's blanket he gave me. I hand it back to him but he shakes his head, "Keep it." I want to say no, but I actually want it. It's soft, and warm, and it smells so good… It smells like him.

After an hour of arguing and moving and whining, everyone lies down in their uncomfortable spots, and I realize Austin is right next to me, and Thomas is right in front of me. Yet again, Austin didn't choose this spot, Frank set it up, I think. As usual, Austin doesn't choose to be near me, it just so happens to be the spots he's forced to go, right?

Austin and I are close, so close I can feel his shoulder brush up against me. I turn onto my side and face the wall of the plane and look through the broken window. Everyone goes quiet fast, and I cuddle up to my bag, and put Austin's blanket up to my neck. I can't help but inhale the smell, even though that boy is just inches from me. The only parts I like about being stuck near Austin, is that Caroline can't be near him. She's stuck over at the other end of the plane with Daniel, and the twins. I enjoy Caroline's unhappiness, that's the only reason.

After a while, I can hear distant snores from different people and I decide to turn to my other side and check everyone out. Austin's lying on his back and I realize his eyes are open, and he's staring up at the ceiling. Everyone else seems to be asleep, which means Austin and I are the only ones awake. I get comfortable on that side and close my eyes, inhaling the blanket and trying to dream of happy things, until I feel someone's eyes on me.

I open mine and I notice Austin's now on his side, facing me, looking at me. I just stare back at him, and he continues to look into my eyes.

"Your awake." He finally breathes.

I just nod at him, not being able to speak still, "It's funny, how I happen to have the seat next to you, and now we're put next to each other in sleeping arrangements."

I just look at him, I look around his face, and he stares into my eyes, and then he looks at my lips, "It's like its fate." He says lowly. Why is he saying this to me?

"Do you believe in fate? Because I think I do." He says again. I realize he's going to just keep talking, because he knows I'm not going to be replying. I wait for him to say something about our kiss, but it's almost like he's forgotten about it completely.

"I can't believe it, I mean, we lived through this plane crash. All of us, we are alive, we're the lucky ones. I could be dead right now, any of us could be. But we're not, and that gives me hope that we will get out of here, we'll get home soon." He says. And after that, he goes silent, and he continues to look into my eyes, until we both drift off to sleep.

The next morning, I awake in a cold sweat, I must have had bad dream, and I'm glad I don't remember them. I look around and Austin and a few others are still asleep, the rest are up and around I guess. Austin is laying flat on his back and his arm is stretched out above my head. I have this horrible urge to cuddle up to his side, and cry, and forget about everything that's going on. But Golden boy is confusing. His words last night, were confusing, and I don't know what to think or do about it.

Suddenly, a loud piercing scream appears out of nowhere. Austin sits up quickly in surprise. I jump over him and run out of the plane and look around. Frank is walking towards the plane with his arm wrapped around Dannie, and he comes over to me, and now Austin's at my side.

"What happened?" Austin asks in a panic.

"I saw a snake!" Dannie screams.

"I didn't see it personally, but the way she is describing it, it sounds like a rattlesnake. We will need to be extra careful." Frank says. I've heard about rattlesnake bites before, and If any of us get bit, we won't have the proper treatment, we'll die in a day. I shiver at the thought.

Frank brings Dannie into the plane to see her sister and Austin and I stand next to each other awkwardly, "Austin! Come walk with me." Caroline calls from behind us. We both turn around and she's standing there. How long has she been there?

Austin turns to me, and I just look at him. He sighs and walks over to her, and they go and collect stuff for the fire tonight. I seriously hate Caroline, I hate how she acts, how she is. I wish Stacy was still alive; I'd be able to be friends with her here before Caroline. I'll never fit in here, it's just like school.

I decide today is the day I look for any type of water source nearby. If I get lost well, I guess I'll get lost. I'm already alone here anyway, even if I'm around these people. I go into the plane and grab my bag, and pack it with a package of dried fruit, a half full water bottle and a flashlight, in case I don't get back till dark.

I walk over to the beginning of the trees and enter the forest; no one even notices I left. Or maybe they just don't even care. I walk straight, and step over sticks and rocks and go around many big trees. I walk for a while, just in a straight line, so I can at least try to remember the direction I came from. The woods are still and quiet and I think that's a good sign. I keep a good watch at my feet, making sure there are no snakes. After a little while of walking, I hear a noise, and I stop right in my tracks. I hold my breath and listen.

I turn my body around slowly and look around, and I hear another noise, a twig snap, and that's when I see it, about 20 feet from me, standing in the middle of two trees, trying to be hidden… A wolf.

I'm not dumb when it comes to animals; I've seen wolves like this on T.V. It's a sort of smaller type of wolf, and its coat is a brown, grey and rust combination. Its ears and tail are highlighted in black, along with its legs. Staring at me intently, it licks its lips slightly. Call me uneducated, but I swear they won't attack unless they are in packs, or really hungry. I keep my body in a statue and wait for it to make a move. But it stays in a still stance too, and I don't know what to do.

Another noise makes the wolf turn its head, and that's when I run. I run, fast, in the direction I came from. I don't know if it's chasing me, and I don't turn around to find out. I just keep running, and running. Finally, I make it right back to our 'camp'. I come to a stop in front of everyone sitting around the sticks that are prepared for a fire later tonight. They all just stare at me with wide eyes.

I lean over and put my hands on my knees and fight to catch my breath. I've never ran so long and fast in my life, and my lungs are fighting me. I must look like a fish out of water, the way I'm breathing right now. Frank walks over to me and pats me on the back, "What the hell happened to you girl?" he asks.

And then, I talk for the first time in two days, "A wolf." I say through hard breathing. Austin's face almost lights up, and it must be because I talked; since it can't be about the wolves, since everyone else's face has turned into panic mode.

"What?" Frank asks.

"I was in the woods, looking for any sign of water, and there was a wolf, staring right at me." I say.

"What did it look like?" Franks asks.

"It wasn't too big, and it was like grey, brown and rust color all in one, with black on its legs, tails and ears." I say all in one breathe, and now I'm gasping for more.

Everyone's just staring at me, surprised at how I'm talking now I assume.

"That sounds like a Mexican grey wolf. But none of them should be around, they captured them and are keeping them in facilities, since they eat so much deer and such." Frank says.

"Are they dangerous?" Sammy asks.

"All wolves are dangerous in a pack, if they are hungry. But they can't be Mexican grey." He says.

"It was just one, and it didn't run after me, I thought I was right, that they only attack in packs." I say.

Frank nods, "Yes, but if there's one out there, there is defiantly a pack." He says.

"Great; Wolves, rattlesnakes, anything else?" Caroline asks.

"I'm sure there is plenty more out there, we're only in the middle of nowhere in the freaking forest." I say rudely to her and walk away, into the plane. I hear her murmur, "I liked her better when she didn't talk." as I opened the sheet to let myself in.

I go to my spot that I sleep and sit there, and try to calm down. We can't ever go off alone, and especially at night now. There are so many dangers out there. Wolves and rattlesnakes are probably not even half of the dangerous animals out there. So what, we lived a plane crash, now we have to live through this. How long will we be here? How long until all of us start to starve to death and go crazy?

I hear someone walk into the plane, and it's Thomas. He walks over and sits down on Austin's bed and looks at me, "Are you okay Ally?" He asks, actually sincere. I've actually never had any issues with Thomas, we just never have talked.

"As good as this whole situation will let me be." I say.

"Well, at least you're talking again." He says with a smile.

"Not everyone agrees with that statement." I say.

"Who doesn't, Caroline?" He asks, "No one cares what she thinks." He says with a laugh and I can't help the giggle that escapes me.

"Doesn't everyone care?" I ask him.

"Not me or most of us, maybe just Austin." He says. I cringe when he says that. I don't want to think of Austin Moon caring about Caroline.

"The whole school cares about her. She's the most popular girl in our grade." I say.

This makes Thomas laugh again, "Nah, she's just a totally bitch and everyone's afraid of her." He says, "Plus, we're not in school anymore, so I'd like to see her try to make us bow down to her."

"I suppose. Do you really think Austin cares about her?" I ask him.

He raises an eyebrow, "Why? Do you care about him?" he asks me.

I shake my head, "Me, no. I'm just the loser, he's the golden boy." I say.

"I think he may care about Caroline, but it seems like he cares about you more." He says.

I just look at him, "I don't think so…" I say.

"He asked for the seat next to you on the plane." He says as he gets up, "Asked Frank for his spot too." And with that, he's gone. I sit here, dumbfounded at the words Thomas just said.