An Alliance

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Chapter one

Hundreds of years before the once and future king of Albion and his lover was born an old and wise seer spoke of a prophecy

It spoke of the destiny they shared and the battles they would fight, it spoke of their first meeting and of their love but most of all it spoke of the good they would do and how they would rule over all seven kingdoms in peace

The old seer hide away the prophecy in fear of what would happen if evil were to read the good they would do, but as the years passed and days turned into months and months turned into years the old seer soon found himself at the gates of Albion

As years when the prophecy stayed hide never to be found and as the years went the words on the prophecy soon faded away until there was nothing but a blank piece of paper hind somewhere on the isle of the blessed

But not everything stays hidden forever

As the years went past it so came to the time of the prophecy and with the birth of a blond haired blue eyed baby it begins


Uther Pendragon was over the moon the day his son was born, and was even more joyful when his old Friend Gaius was able to save his wife

As the years when he watched his son turn into a great man, and knew that once day he would be a great King

For years now Uther had been trying to make a peace treaty with the Kingdom of Ealdor or as many call it the Kingdom of Magic

But King Balinor believe it all to be a trick, Uther could not blame the man if someone had tried to use a peace treaty to try and kill his son, he too be not want to risk his son for the sake of some treaty

Uther had always noticed that his son was different that if he was ever in mortal danger there some to be some unseen force protecting him from harm

As the prince grow older, he soon came over age and learned something very important about himself, something that was destine


Arthur woke to the sun coming throw his curtains

Arthur rolled over and smiled when he saw Leon's prefect ass getting out of bed

"And where do you think you're going Leon?" Arthur smiled

The knight in question turned to face his prince

"I must get ready for our trip sire" Leon said returning Arthur's smile

Arthur got out of bed flashing Leon as he did so, not many of Arthur's knights have the pleasure of having the prince take them to his bed

"Do you think King Balinor will go for the treaty?" Arthur asked as he walked round the bed to stand naked in front of Leon

"I am unsure sire, he has refused the treaty many time in the past" Leon said looking at his prince

Arthur smirked when he saw lust in Leon eyes

"Come back to bed" Arthur whispered placing his hand on the other man's chest

"But I am not tried" Leon replied smiling

"I didn't say anything about sleeping" Arthur said pushing Leon down onto the bed


Uther waiting outside in the court yard with his wife, Ygraine, for their son so they could wish him luck on his journey to the kingdom of magic

"He seems to be running late" Uther informed his wife

"I'm sure he has just lost track of time love" She smiled

"Or he is lost in the passions of his lover" Uther muttered

Now Uther was as supportive as he could be, but sometimes Arthur's lust for the same sex annoyed the king to no end

He was always late for anything important because he refused to let his lover leave the room

Finally Arthur came round the corner with Sire Leon

"It has seem our son has found someone" Ygraine informed her husband smiling

It was true the prince may not take many to his bed but he also does not let the same person share his bed for more than two night, but sire Leon had been the envy of all the knights for as he had lasted the longest and was still allowed the pleasure of Arthur's naked flesh

"Sorry we're late father, but Leon looked too good to be allowed out" Arthur joked

His mother giggled at how her son tried and succeed to wind up his father

"Yes well next time let Sir Leon leave so you do not anger a king that we wish to make a treaty with" Uther replied

"Of course Father" Arthur said

But they both knew it would happen again


The kingdom of Ealdor was a day ride from Camelot so Arthur thought it would be best if the made camp at night

When all the knights had gone to sleep Leon walked into his princes Tent and smiled when he found Arthur waiting for him


When Arthur and his knight arrived a the Gates of Ealdor they asked to see the king

Balinor was getting tired of Uther Pendragon wanting a treaty between their two kingdoms over the years Balinor had seen many evils, many plans to harm or kill his son and what angered the king more was that it always started with a peace treaty

But Balinor was willing to see if Uther had the same intentions as the others, he knew his son was more that capable of protecting himself

He was after all the most powerful warlock to ever be born and that made Balinor very happy

"My Lord"

Balinor was brought out of his thought by prince Arthur of Camelot

"Awe Prince Arthur, to what do I own this pleasure?" Balinor asked already knowing the answer

"I am here on the hopes that you will sign a peace treaty with Camelot" Arthur spoke

As the prince as Camelot looked around the room , while King Balinor came up with a way of saying No, the young prince's eyes landed on the cloaked figure behind the King

I wonder who that is? Thought Arthur

"Prince Arthur I fear you have come here on fault hope, I have No wish to sign anything today. But please you have had a long journey, please stay the night and leave fresh in the morning" Balinor informed the prince

It was after all a test, to see if they would be so stupid to try and attack his son, if they passed then Balinor will think more on signing a little piece of paper


Arthur was just about to take Leon to bed when the knights of Ealdor came crashing throw the doors

"What is the meaning of this" Arthur yelled as the knight pulled his hands behind his back and shackled them together

"You think you can come into my Kingdom talking about peace and then attack my son" Balinor yelled as the knights forced prince Arthur to his knees

"Take the other to the dungeons" Balinor order

Leon did not know how to help his lover and that scared him

"I don't know what you're talking about I swear" Arthur yelled at the anger king in front of him

But Balinor would not listen instead he throw something at Arthur

"This was pulled off my son's attacker after he had tried to murder my son in his sleep" Balinor hissed

Arthur looked at the object in horror; it was a red cloak, but not any red cloak it was from Camelot, from one of his knights

"No, you don't understand there has been a mistake, we're being set up I swear to you none of my men would do such a thing" Arthur pleaded

Arthur knew there was no way out of this and he worried about what would happen when word got back to his parents in Camelot

"Make sure you place him away from his knights." Balinor order one of the knights holding him down

"I swear you're making a big mistake" Arthur begged

Balinor grabbed Arthur by the chin and forced Arthur to look at him

"I don't listen to prisoner" Balinor hissed

"Take him away" and with that Arthur as pulled up to his feet and dragged off to the waiting dungeons

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