Me: Welcome! This is a list of Mizore's 340 hiding spots around Yokai academy! Now we have a very trustworthy spy *cough Mizore's mom cough* that has written a list on these hiding locations and when she is hiding in them. Let's begin, shall we? Each chapter I will be doing 10 places.

Tsukune: *whispers* She stalks me?

Me: *sweat-drop* Yes. She is doing so right now.

Tsukune: *runs out of room screaming*

Mizore: Chiiiii...

1) Location one: Desk next to Tsukune.

Exact: 182 degrees to the right once he stares at the clouds. 91 degrees when he is facing forward.

When: During class.

Favored by Mizore: Top 50 places to stalk Tsukune.

Danger rating: (73%) Sometimes seen. Only when says 'chiiiii'.

2) Location two: Behind Tsukune's classroom door.

Exact: 45 degrees. Just enough to stare at Tsukune.

When: Before and after BATHROOM BREAKS ONLY.

Favored by Mizore: top 300. Not really. If gone too long, someone might think that she fell in the toilet.

Danger rating: (1%) Has never been caught.

3) Location three: Window Tsukune looks out during class.

Exact: 38 degrees below Tsukune OR 79 degrees above.

When: Only if Kurumu is out of class because she can not fly.

Favored by Mizore: eh. Rarely used.

Danger rating- (99%) Tsukune is always looking out the window. The one percent is when he is talking to Moka.

4) Location four: In trash can at lunch time.

Exact: 195 degrees across from Tsukune.

When: At lunch.

Favored by Mizore: Not really. She hates smelly things.

Danger rating: (26%) A low danger rating but trash is often dropped from above.

5) Location 5: Behind THIRD tree during free time and whenever Tsukune is fighting outside.


When: If Tsukune *cough Moka cough* is fighting monsters. Also when Tsukune is sleeping in his dorm.

Favored by Mizore: TOP TEN! She is usually at this spot not only because it's great for hiding, but the tree also gives good shade during the summer.

Danger rating: (13%) Rarely spotted but the tree is starting to ware down. Wonders why.

6) Location 6: Underneath ninth cobblestone in town.

Exact: Um...I guess right underneath the ninth cobblestone in town.

When: If Tsukune is shopping for groceries in town.

Favored by Mizore: Top 220 places. Not likely she will be there.

Danger rating: (86%) Always stepped on so remember to KEEP FINGERS UNDER THE COBBLESTONE.

7) Location 7: Under Tsukune's bed.

Exact: Under Tsukune's bed.

When: Whenever Tsukune is sleeping or doing homework.

Favored by Mizore: Top 30 places. Hides there often, but never on Saturday's.

Danger rating: (10%) Tsukune is afraid of bed monster's so he doesn't look under the bed. Very safe.

8) Location 8: In Tsukune's closet

Exact: Leave a small crack in the closet for peeking. Be sure that it isn't noticeable because Tsukune is afraid of monsters in his room. That's weird.

When: If Tsukune has time to sleep or you can't make the monthly sum for the apartment you rented.

Favored by Mizore: Top 10 places! Very comfortable and sometimes Tsukune stores snacks inside. Yum!

Danger rating: (19%) It's okay as long as you don't make noises.

9) Location 9: Behind Tsukune himself

Exact: Anywhere he is not looking that is AT MOST two feet away.

When: Only if Tsukune is walking to school or to the grocery store.

Favored by Mizore: Top 100 places. Other girls are usually around.

Danger rating: (87%) It is okay if he is alone because he is oblivious to most things, but ONLY WHEN HE IS ALONE.

10) Location 10: In front of Tsukune w/ Sunglasses

Exact: Anywhere within sight of Tsukune, and DON'T HAVE TO HIDE! (Only eyes)

When: Preferably when he goes to the beach, pool, or when he has his shirt off

Favored by Mizore: Top 25 places! The best past is she can stare at Tsukune as long as she wants without him noticing! LIKE A BOSS!

Danger rating: (34%) NEVER TAKE OFF THE GLASSES.

Me: Hope you enjoyed the list, and had at least a laugh out of it!

Tsukune: *runs back* Is she gone?

Me: I don't know

*Mizore walks in with sunglasses*

Mizore: Tsukune-kun lets go to the beach!

Tsukune: NEVER! *Runs away*

Mizore: ...chhhiiiiii...