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Chapter One - You're a What?

Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, officially the most sought after and most popular male at Karakura high, slowly walked down the cherry blossom coated street next to his boyfriend. Even though everyone knew of his sexual preference, that didn't stop the girls in the slightest bit from professing their love. He wasn't quite sure what it was about women that made him feel... repulsed and uneasy, but he figured it didn't matter. He'd known since he was a small boy in elementary school that girls just weren't his cup of tea.

"Grimmjow!" his boyfriend, Szayel shouted attempting to get his attention for the past few minutes. Blue eyes turned to look into golden yellow a bit sheepishly as they continued to walk down the street. He hadn't meant to ignore the teen. Sighing, the pink haired boy repeated himself. "I said you should probably button up your shirt unless you want to get yelled at by Kuchiki-san again."

"Tch," he scoffed. "I still don't even know how she became student body president."

"That's because the teacher's think she's a better role model than you are," Szayel chuckled lightly. "Be thankful they liked you enough to allow you to be class rep."

Grimmjow glared lightly, but it just made the teen's smile deepen. It wasn't long before the two reached the school gates, Szayel running off toward the chemistry lab as he had an experiment that needed tending to. Adjusting the school bag to a more comfortable position over his shoulder, the blunette headed for classroom 3-B. He took one last deep breath of the spring air before entering the stuffy school building. As he stood in front of his shoe locker, he spotted a bright blur of orange in his peripheral. Turning quickly, his gaze fell on a few girls standing around chatting. Nothing seemed to explain the orange blur he saw. Turning his attention back to the process of changing shoes, his thoughts drifted to his first crush.

That bright orange hair. There was just something about it that made Grimmjow want to run his small hands through it. The tangerine locks appeared spiky and disheveled, but it also seemed liked they would feel incredibly soft under his fingers. Of course, being a young boy, rather than run his fingers through the other boy's hair softly and tenderly, he grabbed a fistful and yanked roughly.

The orangette cried out at the sudden painful tug on his hair. "Hey! Cut it out!" he hollered while trying to loosen the tight hold on his hair.

"Oh wow," the blunette mumbled. "It really is soft."

The next thing Grimmjow knew, a fist had been firmly planted against his jaw. He instinctively released the hair as he tumbled backward to land on his backside. Blue eyes gazed into glassy chocolate brown orbs, tears threatening to fall. Grimmjow rubbed his jaw to help relieve the pain a bit. He felt awful. He didn't mean to hurt the other kid; he just wanted to know what his hair felt like. The young boy pulled himself to his feet and bowed his head slightly.

"I'm sorry," he said suddenly. "I didn't mean to hurt you. You can pull my hair if you want."

The other boy tentatively reached a hand out before grabbing a chunk of the bright sky blue hair and tugging. Not too roughly though. The boy gasped a bit as he too realized the blue hair, although chaotic, was incredibly soft as well. When the boy let go, Grimmjow raised his head to stare into his eyes once more. Suddenly, a large grin spread across the blunette's face as he pointed a thumb to his chest.

"My name's Grimmjow. What's yours?"

The other boy seemed to back away a bit and gazed at the ground while tucking his hands behind his back. "Kurosaki," he mumbled softly, Grimmjow barely heard it. "Kurosaki Ichigo." Ah, so he was a shy kid. That's okay. He'd fix that in due time.

"Hey, wanna come over to my house Ichigo?"

They had been seven years old when they met. It wasn't until a year later that Grimmjow realized that he liked the boy more than a friend. Ichigo's mother used to laugh and smile every time he'd profess his love to the boy and vow to marry him when they were older. Ichigo would always blush and call him an idiot. Grimmjow smiled fondly at those memories as he headed to his classroom, shoes successfully changed. As he entered the noisy room, he was quickly greeted by his best friend and partner in crime, Nnoitra. The freakishly tall raven haired teen had entered his life in junior high. He was the only one that didn't seem to be bothered by Grimmjow's sexual preference.

"We're getting a transfer student today," Nnoitra smirked as he followed Grimmjow to his seat.

"Oh really?" The blunette wasn't the least bit interested. However, being class rep meant he would have to give the poor sap a tour of the school. He really hadn't doing those.

"From what I've heard-"

He was cut off by a busty auburn haired girl hurrying over to the pair. "Jaegerjaques-san," the girl fidgeted nervously.

Grimmjow pulled a few books out of his bag, not once looking up at the girl. "What is it Inoue?"

"I was wondering if you'd be alright doing the cleaning by yourself today. My boss asked me if I could work after school today and-"

"Don't worry about it," the blunette replied quickly. He'd much rather take twice as long to clean after school than be stuck cleaning with the 'Goddess of Karakura High'. At least, that's what all the boy's referred to her as anyway. "Just bring me some curry bread tomorrow as payment."

Orihime smiled brightly and nodded before wondering back over to her friends. Nnoitra opened his mouth to speak again, but stopped as he saw Grimmjow's gaze shift to look out the window right beside his desk. He obviously wasn't in the mood to talk anymore. His friend had probably got into another argument with his drunken father that morning before school. It happened more often than not. Nnoitra sighed as he slunk back to his desk on the other side of the room.

It wasn't long before the bell rang signaling the start of homeroom. A woman with long vibrant purple hair entered the room, a large yawn spreading across her face and she slapped her notebook on the pedestal at the front of the room.

"Let's all be nice to sensei and shut it," the golden eyed woman snapped.

"Aw, hung over again sensei?" Nnoitra teased and was quickly rewarded with an eraser to the face.

The room erupted into quiet chuckles and snickers as the tall senior wiped the chalk dust from his face. Yoruichi glared darkly at the students causing them to fall silent. She quickly took attendance before turning around to write a name on the blackboard behind her. Setting the chalk down, she slapped her hands a couple times to rid them of the chalk dust.

"You can come in now dear!"

Grimmjow had been staring contently out the window until he heard the door slide open and a blur of orange caught his full attention. Standing at the front of the classroom was a very curvaceous female student. Grimmjow started his inspection at her legs. Very long and slender. She'd be great for the track team. Moving up he paused only for a second on her breasts. C cups at least. His gaze caught on her long vibrant orange hair that reached down to touch the hem of her skirt. Eyes widened as they connected with beautiful large amber irises.

It couldn't be! But her hair and those eyes... He'd never forget them.

"Hello," she bowed slightly as she spoke, "My name is-"

"Ichigo?" the blunette cried out in surprise as he jumped to his feet causing his chair to collide loudly with the floor.

The girl blinked a few times before a smile consumed her slender face. "Grimmjow!"

Yoruichi smirked at the outburst. "Ah so you two know each other?"

"Mmm," the orangette nodded as she looked away, seemingly out of embarrassment. "We used to go to school together when we were kids."

"I don't understand!" Grimmjow shouted. Before he could continue, a piece of chalk collided with his forehead.

"Shut up and sit down!" Yoruichi ordered. "Can't you see you're making her uncomfortable?" Grumbling, Grimmjow grabbed his chair to right it before he flopped onto the hard wood. He rested his chin on the palm of his hand as he glared at the purple haired demon teacher. Golden eyes turned to look at the new student softly. "Now, if you would continue with your introduction."

"My name is Kurosaki Ichigo," she started a bit uneasily, but grew in confidence with each word. "I used to live here in Karakura until my mother passed. My family moved to Tokyo and I attended an all-girls school. We recently moved back here after my father was offered a job at the hospital."

A feline grin creeped onto the teacher's face. "Oh," she cooed. "So this is your first time in a co-ed school since you were a child." Ichigo nodded. Yoruichi turned to examine the room for any empty seats. "You can sit next to Inoue."

Ichigo quickly obliged and hurried over to the busty auburn girl, the two seemingly hitting off a friendship rather quickly and easily. Grimmjow scoffed. Women with similar breast sizes probably bonded well together. That aside, the blunette was incredibly confused. The Ichigo he knew was a boy. A cute adorable happy little momma's boy. How could that cute pudgy cheeked boy turn into a well-endowed vixen? Blue eyes shifted to stare out the window once more. He would just have to wait until he could get her alone to figure it out.

The bell rang indicating it was time for lunch break. Ichigo barely grabbed her bento, made with love by her younger sister Yuzu, before she found herself being roughly dragged out of the room by Orihime. A few moments later, the two stopped in front of a large tree with a few other girls sitting under its shade. At least Ichigo wouldn't have to worry about making friends.

"This is Ichigo-chan," Orihime chirped as poked the orangette.

The two sat in the small semi-circle of females, the girls going around introducing themselves. The raven haired girl with white hair clips and gray eyes was Byakuya, the student body president. She gave this aura of rich noble girl, which turned out to be true. Byakuya's family was rather wealthy as her mother was a well-known fashion designer. The raven haired girl next to Byakuya was Uryuu. She was a master seamstress as well as a genius. Apparently Uryuu had the highest marks out of the entire school and wasn't about to let that change. On the other side of Byakuya sat a fairly flat-chested, scowling red head. Her name was Renji and she didn't seem to like Ichigo at first, if only because of her larger bust size. Renji was captain of the track team and apparently Byakuya's girlfriend.

"So Ichigo," Renji started as she stuffed one of her sandwiches in her mouth. "Have you thought about joining any clubs?"

"Well, I used to run for the track team at my old school," she replied before stuffing a mouthful of rice in her mouth.

"Oh ho?" the red head moaned as she took another bite of her food. "How bout after school you show me what ya got?"

"Sure. I'm not doing anything after school." Just as she was taking a bite of her rolled egg, a shadow loomed over her. All eyes darted above her, light blushes appearing on Orihime's and Uryuu's faces. Swallowing the lump in her throat, amber eyes turned to look behind her only to see a sea of blue. "Grimmjow?" she questioned a bit perturbed.

"Can I talk to you for a second?" His deep voice penetrated deep into her soul as the faintest of blushes rose on her cheeks.

"Uh, sure." Standing, she looked to the girls for support before following the tall, ripped blunette.

Ichigo had been completely surprised to see the boy on her first day of school. Upon seeing his bright blue hair, memories of the few years they spent together surfaced instantly. She had been so relieved to see a familiar face amongst the crowd of strangers in her childhood town. She hoped that they could still be friends after all this time. Ichigo wondered briefly what he'd been up to for the past eight years as they finally came to a stop across the school yard by the large fountain.

"What happened?" Grimmjow questioned a bit exasperated.

Amber eyes blinked curiously at him. "What do you mean?"

"Back in Elementary school you were definitely a boy! You even used 'boku'!"

Really, that's what this was all about? Ichigo rubbed the back of her neck a bit nervously. "Yeah, I was kind of a tom-boy growing up."

"I don't believe it!" Grimmjow growled as he leaned in to get a closer look at her face. "This has to be a joke or something!" There was no way all this time his first crush was a girl. It was just impossible. "I bet these are fake!"

His hands flew up to grab Ichigo's breasts and give them a firm squeeze. Both their faces turned beet red as Grimmjow confirmed that they were indeed real. Before he could step back and apologize, a strong fist collided with his jaw knocking him roughly to the ground. Grimmjow sat up and rubbed his jaw furiously in an attempt to ebb the pain. Blue eyes glared at the orangette who was still flushed a deep red from the act, her arms wrapped around her chest protectively.

"You pervert!" she shouted. "If you touch me again, I will do more than just knock you on your ass!"

Huffing, Ichigo stormed off back to the groups of girls to finish her lunch. Grimmjow stood and watched her storm off silently. He couldn't deny reality anymore. Not only was Ichigo indeed a woman, but it was the same Ichigo he met when he was a child. That right hook was proof of that. His first crush had actually been on a girl and not a boy as he first thought. Did this mean that he wasn't really gay? Was he just seeking out relationships that reminded him of Ichigo to replace her while she was gone? Shoving his hands into his pockets, he stomped off. No, of course not. Nothing had changed, he still liked men.

Ichigo was a girl and Grimmjow didn't like girls. He had nothing to worry about. It's not like he'd suddenly fall for her just because he crushed on her when they were kids.

Ichigo began to shovel food quickly into her mouth as the group of girls stared on in shock having seen the whole ordeal near the fountain. As soon as her bento was empty, she set to wrapping the empty container back in the white handkerchief, grumbling quietly to herself the whole time. Orihime was the first to gain the courage to speak about the incident.

"Are you alright Ichigo-chan?" she questioned.

"Just peachy," the orangette lightly snapped.

Silence fell over the group as everyone finished their lunches. Renji was the next one who dared to speak. "So why did he grab your boobs?"

Ichigo growled as her cheeks turned a faint pink. "He was checking to see if they were real."

"Why would he do that?" Uryuu chimed in.

"It's a long story."

Byakuya checked the watch on her wrist before stating, "We've got time."

Sighing, Ichigo relented and did her best to explain the misunderstanding. "My father always wanted a son, but after my younger sisters were born, he found out my mother couldn't have any more children. I'm not sure why, but I decided to take it upon myself to give him the son he could never have. I started dressing and acting like a boy."

"Acting?" Orihime's big gray eyes blinked in confusion.

"I would pick fights and refer to myself using 'boku'." The girl 'oh'ed and allowed Ichigo to continue with her story. "I met Grimmjow shortly after that and we became friends." She paused momentarily to smile at the fond memories. "After my mother died, my father thought it would be best if I attended an all-girls school so that I could become the woman she always dreamed I would be."

"That still doesn't explain why he groped ya," Renji blurted out while scratching the back of her head.

"You idiot!" Uryuu snapped as she slapped the red head. "Grimmjow obviously grew up thinking that Ichigo was male! He was probably shocked and in denial."

"Oi!" the track captain growled as she rubbed her head where the raven haired girl had struck. "Why would he be in denial about it?"

All eyes slowly turned to Ichigo causing her amber eyes to widen slightly before she looked away from the piercing stares. "He had a crush on me back then. He uh... He used to tell me he was going to marry me when we were older."

A hush fell over the group for a moment before Renji exploded with laughter. "Are you kidding me?"

Ichigo fixed the red head with a heated glare. "What's so funny about that?"

"Oh just only the fact that the school's most popular gay had a crush on a girl." Her laughter continued until she received a firm elbow to her ribs from her girlfriend. Russet eyes gazed into gray before shifting back to a rather surprised Ichigo.

"He's... gay?" she questioned slowly.

"As gay as a circular rainbow," Uryuu answered. "I heard he's been rejecting girls since junior high."

Their conversation was brought to a halt as the bell rang. Ichigo barely had the time to gather her bento as Orihime grabbed her wrist and happily drug her back to the classroom. Shortly after class started, Ichigo turned to look slightly behind her, catching Grimmjow's gaze. His eyes widened as a light blush dusted his cheeks. The blunette quickly averted her intense accusing glare to stare out the window.

"Kurosaki-san," the soft-spoken teacher called. "Would you please read where we left off?" The orangette jumped to her feet as she held the history book open, trying to figure out where they could possibly be. "Is there a problem?"

Ichigo flushed a bit from embarrassment. "I er... Uh..."

"I hope you'll pay attention from now on."

"Yes Ukitake-sensei." Bowing her head in shame, she slowly slumped back into her seat, ignoring the chuckles from her classmates.

Grimmjow opened the classroom windows as he began to beat the chalk dust out of the erasers. Sighing, his eyes lazily danced over the scenery outside. He stopped and blinked curiously as he spotted a head of bright orange over by the track field. He watched intently as she seemed to tighten her pony tail before she crouched down. As much as he hated to admit it, she still looked good in a t-shirt and shorts. Grimmjow didn't even realize he had stopped cleaning the erasers as her backside was thrust into the air for a moment before she took off running, her hair flailing out behind her.

As he had first assumed earlier that day, she was indeed fit for track. She cleared one lap around the track fairly quickly. As she passed the start line, he saw the red headed chick that was the captain as well as their homeroom teacher, Yoruichi. Why was she out there? That's right; she was the track and field coach. Grimmjow continued to watch Ichigo run, unaware of the figure sneaking up behind him. Suddenly, there was a wet sensation against the back of his neck. Grimmjow started, dropping one of the erasers in the process.

"Never thought I'd be able to sneak up on you," a familiar voice chuckled.

Grimmjow grumbled as he rubbed the wet spot on his neck. "You made me drop it Szayel. I have half a mind to make you run down there and get it."

The pink haired teen merely ignored him and moved to look out the window to see what had caught his boyfriend's interest. "She is quite beautiful isn't she?"

"I guess," the blunette mumbled.

"There's a rumor going around that you two used to be friends."

"Yeah, what of it?"

"And that you used to have a crush on her," Szayel smirked as he turned to face the taller teen. Grimmjow sputtered as his face flushed, trying to come up with something to say, but failing miserably. "I thought you were born to be with men. To think, your first crush was on a girl."

"She acted like a boy back then!" the blunette yelled, a bit angry at the teasing. "I always called her one and no one ever corrected me. Not even her family."

Szayel ignored him and wrapped his arms around his neck affectionately. "All that matters is that you're mine now."

Grimmjow pressed his lips softly against his boyfriend's pale lips in a quick kiss. "Now either help me clean or get out."

"Or what?" Szayel was rewarded with another kiss and a firm squeeze of his backside.

"Whoa!" Renji cried out as she rushed over to a panting Ichigo. "You have the second fastest time in the school's history!"

"Really?" she panted. The red head nodded enthusiastically. "Who's the fastest?"

"That would be me," the purple haired teacher bragged. "Set it back when I used to go to school here."

Renji leaned in to whisper into Ichigo's ear. "Sensei is wicked fast. They used to call her the Flash Goddess."

"The track team meets for practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays," Yoruichi said, breaking up their private chat. "I expect to see you ready to prove yourself to the team tomorrow."

Ichigo nodded and thanked her and Renji before rushing back to the locker room to change back into her uniform. After changing, she grabbed her bag, not noticing that it was open. The contents immediately spilled all over the floor. Cursing softly, she quickly set to picking up the items and placing them back in her bag. She stopped as her hand fell onto a familiar picture of herself and Grimmjow from a few months before her mother died. Amber eyes stared blankly at the image as her mind drifted back to the last time she saw the blunette.

The slowly setting sun cast a lovely orange glow over the park where a few kids still ran around, playing happily. "Sorry about your mom," Grimmjow said as he sat on the swing next to her. Ichigo didn't speak and just continued to look at the dirt beneath her small feet. The woman had fallen ill a few months prior and ended up passing away the week before. "She was the closest thing to a mother I ever had."

"I'm moving," she mumbled.

Blue eyes turned to look at her a bit surprised. "Where to?" Ichigo just shook her head. "Will you come back?"

It was then Grimmjow realized that she was crying softly. She obviously didn't want to leave Karakura, but she couldn't exactly stay away from her family forever. Standing, he pulled the young girl into a tight hug causing her tears to become much more audible. "I don't want to go! First I lost Mom and now I'm losing you! I'll be all alone!"

"No you won't!" The crying stopped as large amber eyes looked up into ocean blue orbs. "I'll always be there for you Ichigo! I may not be able to go with you, but I'll be right here the whole time." The blunette placed his hand on her chest over her heart. "I'll always cheer you up when you're sad; be your punching bag when you're angry; comfort you when you're scared... I'll protect you Ichigo! I won't let anything or anyone hurt you ever again!"

Ichigo pulled herself away from the boy as she wiped her tears away. "You mean it?"

"I promise," Grimmjow said as he entangled his pinky with hers. Before she could pull away, the boy cupped her cheek and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

That had been her first and only kiss. As much as she wanted to believe it was purely because of the fact that she had attended an all-girls school for most of her life, deep down she knew it was because she was saving herself for the little boy she had grown close to. Stuffing the picture back into her bag, she exited the locker room and headed for the school gates in order to go home.

Time changes people, she knew that better than anyone else. Although she still held onto the childish dream of being with Grimmjow, it was the Grimmjow of the past she wanted. Not this huge perverted jerk. His sexual preference didn t help matters either. That was probably her fault. Maybe if she'd acted like a girl back then, he would have waited for her. Or at least be straight. Sighing, she passed by the gates she would eventually grow to hate.

A/N: I really wanted to do something different with this fic. I mean, I do love gender benders, but there's a lot of recurring themes with most GrimmIchi fics. Usually one of them is coping with falling for a guy. I understand that, I do, but after a while, it gets redundant. So I randomly thought up this baby. I guess it's the same, but since he'll be coping with falling for a girl, it doesn't count. XD

For those who don't know, 'boku' is the way young males refer to themselves. Sometimes girls do, but from what I've seen they're either tsundere's, children, or tom-boys. It helps sell the whole gender confusion if you ask me.

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