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Chapter Four – Friends Again

On her way to school the next morning Ichigo spotted Grimmjow. As much as she wanted to run up and talk to the other teen, past encounters have her resisting the urge. After all, she'd rather not be told off again. The girl sighed heavily. Unfortunately for her, the sound caused the blunet's head to turn. Cyan eyes widened upon seeing the orangette.

Grimmjow stopped walking long enough for her to catch up. Amber eyes studied the other curiously. This was a turn of events. Normally he would've just ignored her and kept walking. What changed?

"Um," Ichigo started her voice relatively quiet. "Thank you. I mean for helping Yuzu yesterday. You didn't have to."

"No problem," Grimmjow muttered under his breath as he shifted the school bag slung over his shoulder.

Silence ensued the pair once more. What more could she say? Well she did punch him the previous day. Perhaps that was the reason for the awkward air between them. "Sorry I punched you," she blurted out.

Cyan orbs widened momentarily before returning to normal. "Yeah, sorry I hit you back."

Silence fell between them yet again, however it was short lived. As a car drove by Ichigo and Grimmjow spoke in unison.

"You still hit hard."

Stopping, the pair glanced at each other before bursting into loud laughter, both clutching their abdomens as well. The two continue laughing for a few moments before it dies down, each facing the other. A warm smile trickled onto Ichigo's porcelain face, Grimmjow unable to resist smiling in response to hers; his heart skipping a beat. Shaking it off, Grimmjow opens his mouth to speak, but stops as he hears footsteps approaching them.

"Grimmjow!" a rather happy looking Szayel calls out as he hurries toward his boyfriend. Without a word he pulls the blunet into a passionate kiss.

Feeling awkward Ichigo turns away. "I'll see you at school," she promised before hurrying off.

Once the girl is far enough away, Szayel releases his hold on Grimmjow's lips. The blunet missed the slight smirk on his lover's lips as they part. "What's gotten into you?" he questions the pink haired teen. "You don't normally do girly stuff like that."

"I just felt like showing you my affection," Szayel replied as he turned around and began the trek toward the high school. Golden eyes glared darkly at the diminishing figure of the orange haired girl, a dark plan forming in his mind should she come between him and his boyfriend.

"Hey man d'ya hear?" Nnoitra questioned his partner in crime as he before the blunet's desk.

"Hear what?" Grimmjow shot back as he collected the plastic bag from his desk containing his lunch.

"Matsumoto's throwin' a party," the raven haired teen replied. "Anybody who's anybody is goin'. How 'bout ya?"

Grimmjow opens his mouth to speak, but is unable to get a word out before they're interrupted by the busty goddess of the class. "Will Ulquiorra be there?" Orihime questioned, her grey eyes sparkling in delight.

"Yeah, I reckon that emo-fag will be there," Nnoitra responded.

The auburn girl glared lightly at the foul mouthed teen. "Don't call him that. He's just not good at properly expressing his feelings."

"Say what ya want," he shot back. With a huff, Orihime hurried off. After all, she had girls to inform about the party. Nnoitra shakes his head at the retreating girl before turning his attention back to his best friend. "So ya wanna come wit me Grimm?"

"Going to have pass on that offer Nnoi," the blunet replied. "You know I don't care much for parties."

"Worth a shot anyway."

With his lunch in tow, Grimmjow headed toward the roof top where he normally ate his lunch. Sitting down on the side away from the door, so he wouldn't be spotted by any passing teachers, Grimmjow tore open his packaged sandwiches and dove right in. They weren't the best thing in the world, but when you didn't exactly know how to cook and couldn't afford much, they were the best you could get. The blunet isn't up there for long before he hears the door open. Golden eyes peeked around the corner at him, smiling deviously.

"Whaddya want Szayel?" he questioned around a mouthful of his sandwich.

"By now you've no doubt heard about Matsumoto's party," the pink haired teen answered as he sat down next to his beau.

"Yeah." Grimmjow swallowed the food in his mouth before taking a swig of the juice from his juice box. "What of it?"

"It sounds like it'd be quite a bit of fun."

Cyan orbs blinked a couple times as the implications sunk in. "You know how I feel about parties."

"Exactly, which is why I'll be by to pick you at six this Friday."

Grimmjow gives a heavy sigh before smiling softly at the other. "You're lucky we're dating otherwise I probably would have punched you in the face." Szayel smirked at this, allowing the blunet to kiss him chastely. "Alright. I see you at six then."

"You should go Ichigo-chan!" Orihime pressed, leaning forward towards the girl. "Practically everyone will be there. You might meet some cute boy there, you never know."

"Inoue's right," Ishida chimed in. "Not to mention you'll be looked down on like the biggest loser in the school."

Ichigo chuckled lightly at this. The pair had been trying to convince her to go to the party for the majority of their lunch period. Only Byakuya and Renji remained silent on the matter. "I don't care about any of that. I don't really like parties much anyway."

"Won't you come with me?" Orihime questioned. "I don't want to go by myself."

"Inoue I thought you said you were going with Ulquiorra," the orangette accused. She didn't exactly appreciate the guilt trip she was getting, even if it was minor.

"I am, but we're meeting there," she replied. "I just don't want to-"

A sudden shadow cast over Ichigo, causing a blush to be brought forth on both Ishida's and Orihime's face. This caused the teen to glance over her shoulder. Amber eyes met with stunning violet irises. Turning a bit more to get a better look, Ichigo absorbed the wonderful male frame before her. Dark ebony locks framed a porcelain strong face. He was a bit taller than her, but had nicely corded muscles visible even underneath the school uniform.

"Kurosaki Ichigo?" he questioned the girl.

"Yes," the orangette hesitantly responded.

"My, you look even more stunning up close," he replied. This brought forth a light blush to the slightly tanned cheeks of the teen. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kuchiki Rukia, Byakuya's younger brother." Violet eyes glanced over to his sister and girlfriend.

The two seemed to exchange a silent conversation before the small group of girls stood and walked away. Once they were gone, Rukia moved over to sit next to Ichigo. Dazzling violet continued to stare endlessly at the orangette making the girl a little uncomfortable.

"Um is there something you want?" she questioned, her discomfort a tad obvious in her voice.

"Surely a beauty such as yourself is taken. It's such a shame I don't even stand a chance." Rukia reached forward and gently grabbed Ichigo's hand, placing a chaste kiss on the back of her hand before returning to stare into her amber orbs.

"N-no," Ichigo stuttered in reply. "I don't have a boyfriend or anything."

"Really?" He seemed genuinely surprised. "It must be my lucky day then."

The teen swallowed hard at this. "Why is that?" she managed to get out barely above a whisper.

Rukia reached out and tucked a few strands of silky orange locks behind Ichigo's ear. "There's a party this Friday at Matsumoto's house and I was hoping I could convince you to go with me."

"With you?" He nodded. "Like a date?" Another nod followed by a deep inhale from Ichigo. "I-I don't know…"

"I assure you, it will be the most fun you've ever had. Especially since you'll be with me." He gave the girl a soft seductive smile.

There was a long pause as Ichigo seemed to kick the idea around in her mind. "Ah… mmm…" She finally mumbles giving her consent to the invite.

"Wonderful," Rukia's smile seemed to brighten even more. "I'll pick you up around eight then."

Leaning forward, he placed a kiss on the girl's cheek before standing and walking away; leaving a blushing Ichigo behind. It wasn't long before Orihime returned, kneeling in front of the distant girl.

"So what did he want?" the auburn teen blurted out excitedly.

"He uh," Ichigo fumbled over her words for a moment before collecting herself with a deep calming breath. "He asked me to go to the party with him this weekend."

"And!?" Orihime pressed. Rukia was only the hottest straight guy in the school. Ichigo would have to be an idiot for passing up an opportunity such as this one. "Please tell you accepted it."

"I did," the orangette replied, her voice small as her blush returned.

Orihime embraced her tightly before releasing her and smiling brightly at her. "You have to tell me all about it at school on Monday!" Ichigo gave a nod just as the school bell signaling the end of lunch sounded.

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