I Lose Everything



The Doctor looked down at the console forlornly. He had lost so much over the years. His family, his planet. Every single companion had left him one way or another. He had parted with Amy and Rory a long time ago. Even Clara was gone.

And now he had just said goodbye to River. He wasn't sure if he'd ever see her again, what with their messed up timelines, but as far as he was concerned, he had just sent her to her death.

He remembered the words he had spoken so long ago to Rose. 'I have to go on. Alone. That's the curse of the Time Lords.' It had never felt more true than this moment. All he had left was the TARDIS… and she was dying.

He could feel how weak she was. The glow of her central column was dull and faded. When they travelled, she would shake even more than usual and make noises so loud it was almost deafening. She was staring to close in on her self, not having the energy to keep so many rooms open. At the moment, the only rooms left were the library, the kitchen, his room, a spare room - perhaps for one last companion, if there ever was one - and the console room.

He had lost everything he loved. Everyone was gone and the universe was so cold and unkind. It was almost past his saving now. Not that he could do much good anyway. All he ever did was destroy. It was what he had always been.

The destroyer of worlds, of lives, of realities, of love, of innocence…

Once the TARDIS died - and it would not be much longer now - he would have nothing worth living for left… What kind of existence was that?


He looked down at the monitor. He tried to avoid the image of what it was like outside. Cardiff was in ruins. It was not something he wanted to see. It wasn't something he would have looked at anyway. The place held far too many memories for him, some good, some bad… all painful.

But the one thing he did see on the screen was the energy levels. He had opened up the TARDIS engines so she could absorb the rift energy, but it was taking much longer than it ever used to. Those power levels showed she was only half full, and he had been here half an hour. She was older, at the end of her days, and not only was it was taking much longer for her to absorb the energy, she needed even more of it than usual. And all just so that she could stay with him that little bit longer.

'It's sad when it's over,' the TARDIS had said to him once. It really, really, would be.

He was so engrossed and worried by the data that he failed to see a blonde woman sprinting across the plass towards him as she talked into a comm device. He did notice, however, when the door suddenly burst open and she stepped in.

The Doctor stared up at her in absolute shock. It was impossible. It couldn't be… he'd thought he was never going to see her again. How could she be here?

The blonde woman smiled up at him with that same cheeky, familiar grin.

"Hello, Dad."




Hello! So just a very short beginning. I wanted it to sort of go like the moment he first met her and I always loved how she said that line and it cut to the start up. So I'm going to be mean and leave you here for a little bit. I also wanted to make it sort of sound like it was Rose up until the "Hello, Dad."

And yeah, I know that it sounds really sad and depressing. Well my friends, it's only going to get… worse. Yup, things are going to go right down hill! And then it's suddenly going to shoot right back to the top. Hey, this is a 10 / Rose story after all. We'll get there, just you see.