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Rating: T for some language later on

What Happened To Us?
Chapter 1

She was there for the wedding. She was there for the birth of their daughter. She was there to comfort her when her wife died. But it was all bittersweet. Every time she felt herself getting too close, she pushed away again. It was a constant repeat of her junior year of high school… of their junior year of high school.

To be honest with herself, she didn't understand why she put herself through such a torment. There would be weeks, or sometimes even months without them talking. Or in the most recent ordeal… two years. Then a feeling of loneliness would overcome her and she'd find herself right back in the same situation. But she's been fighting it off for two years now. Keeping herself occupied with non-stop work was doing nothing for her mental state.

"How's your newest film going Michiru?"

A voice interrupted her thoughts as she exited the studio in search of her car. It was something she'd grown used to over the past six years. Getting into acting wasn't something she completely thought through when she first started. Over the years, she thought she'd be able to move past her first love. To move past the only love she'd ever had. But, as time passed, she had never felt more alone. She was surrounded by people on a daily basis, people that she considered her friends. To Michiru, it felt as though she was screaming at the top of her lungs in a crowded room and nobody even turned their head.

"Are you dating anybody?"

It was another familiar question. One she couldn't answer. No matter how much she wanted to tell people she was, she couldn't lie. To say it wasn't in her nature to lie was, in fact, a lie. She lied every day of her life. According to her publicist, being 'gay' would hurt her career. It was bittersweet, just as everything else in Michiru's life had been. She had to hide, even though she didn't want to. She had to pretend to be something she wasn't just to keep her career going. A career that left her more alone than she had ever been before.

All the thoughts gave her chronic headaches. One of the many things in which she was prescribed medication for.

No… she wasn't an addict. No matter what the tabloids said about her. She wasn't addicted to pain kills, or anti-depressants, or anything else the paparazzi made up. Her headaches came from stress. Stress came from work. While working, she thought. She thought about being alone. And she was always alone, which caused her stress and gave her more time to think. It was a never ending circle.

Throwing on her famous smile she waved politely to the people bombarding her with questions. Her publicist, on many occasions, told her to never answer their questions because of the way everything was misconstrued. Shortly after her first film was released, Ichirou spent weeks curbing the rumors of Michiru 'announcing she was gay.' Michiru tried to stop him from doing so, because she didn't care. He only pushed the fact that it would hurt her. That if she wanted to make anything of herself in the movie business, she couldn't announce that she was gay.

Ichirou accepted it that she was, he even did his best to cover up any stories that surfaced of any flings Michiru went through. But he also pushed into her mind that in the public eye, it was wrong.

On many occasions, Michiru attempted to date men. Just to be 'normal.' She'd been out with several nice guys, but she never thought of them as anything more than a friend. Thankfully they'd all felt the same and never pushed her into anything.

Once she was safely tucked away in her car, she pulled her cell phone out of her purse to scan it for any new messages. There were three, all of which were from Ichirou, her publicist. She rarely had any messages from any of the people she thought of as 'friends.' Those only came when something was needed of her. She was used to it.

Ichirou: Hey, need you to call me soon. Got a new prospect for you to look over.

Ichirou: Know you're still on set, but calling me's important.

Ichirou: Set you up an interview for next Friday. Call me back, I'll give you the details.

She'd call him later that evening. After she got home and finished her routine of unwinding. With one more wave to the people surrounding her she started the engine to her car and pulled out of her parking space. After unwinding and getting her food, her nightly routine usually involved a brief phone call to Ichirou.

Michiru was in a rut. And she had absolutely no idea how to fix it…

… or did she…

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