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What Happened To Us?
Chapter 15

"I still can't believe I let Makoto, of all people, take Yuki costume shopping." Haruka chuckled. She could only imagine the type of costume her best friend would talk her daughter into getting.

Michiru laughed softly along with Haruka. She allowed her fingers to drag up the blonde's arm while she cooked lunch for the two of them. It had been a few days since the dinner at Michiru's house. They'd yet to talk about that night and what it all meant to their still blooming relationship.

"Didn't Yuki want Makoto to take her?" Haruka nodded. "I remember something about mama picking out boring costumes." The starlet teased.

"I do not pick out boring costumes. Last year, she was a frog."

Michiru quickly covered her mouth to hold in her laughter. "That is kind of boring."

The blonde wasn't very thrilled about Michiru's words. "I am not boring." She knew that Michiru was joking with her. It warmed her heart some, knowing that Michiru was already back to joking around with her. Yet at the same time, she felt irritated.

"I never said you were boring, just your choice of outfit." She reached up to place her hand against the blonde's cheek. A small smile graced her lips moments before capturing those of the taller woman's with her own.

It was like the many they'd already shared. Full of emotion. Full of love. Full of many unspoken promises. Haruka blindly reached out to turn the stove off before wrapping her arms around Michiru's waist. "We need to talk about this." She whispered against Michiru's lips before kissing her again.

They did. They needed to figure out where they stood on everything. Were they dating? Were they girlfriends? Everything would eventually come to the surface and be figured out.

"We will… I'm all yours tonight. You invited me to stay. I'm assuming that offer still stands." She brushed some stray blonde hair behind the taller woman's ear.

"Of course it does. You're always welcome here." The statement came out so effortlessly. Just two months ago, Haruka wouldn't have dreamt of ever opening herself up to Michiru again like that.

Michiru found herself pressed against the counter. The edge of it dug into her lower back but she didn't care. All she could focus on was the massaging lips on her own. She would have been perfectly content sharing kisses with the blonde all day long.

"Mama, look at my cos-" The girl stopped talking once she entered the kitchen. A smile came to her face when she spotted Michiru. "Hi Michiru… Were you two kissing?"

They pulled away from one another quickly, a blush covering both of their faces. "Why don't you show me your costume honey?" Haruka tried to change the topic. She walked closer to her daughter while Michiru turned the stove back on to continue cooking lunch.

"I promise it's nothing bad Haruka." Makoto entered the kitchen moments after Yuki did. Her eyes raked over Michiru before she sat at the table. The star hadn't been there when she picked up Yuki earlier. She did know Haruka was talking to their once dear friend again, but she wasn't exactly sure how she felt about the entire thing. "Hello Michiru."

Haruka threw her friend a warning look when she heard the tone of her voice. "Hello Makoto." Michiru smiled softly at the brunette. She wanted to say more, but she also knew how Makoto felt about her since she vanished two years ago. Instead of starting any kind of fight, she simply turned back to the stove.

"You seriously got a Sailor V outfit?" Haruka held up the very realistic replica to get a good look at it. "You're wearing leggings with this skirt. It's way too short for you."

"But mama, it won't look right!" The girl tried to protest, but after a very pointed look from her mother, she relented. After a few moments of silence, and Haruka starting to get everybody a drink, Yuki decided to talk again. "So why were you two kissing? Is Michiru gonna be my new mommy? You haven't kissed anybody like that since mommy."

All three adults in the room froze. Haruka nearly spit out her soda. Makoto's eyes darted between the young girl and the aqua haired starlet. Michiru was the only one who suddenly felt like she couldn't breathe. It was something the woman had dreamt of, but never expected it to be brought up. Especially so soon. Her first instinct? To run and never look back. It scared Michiru that she still felt the overwhelming need to flee.

Haruka sensed Michiru's discomfort from Yuki's question. She chose, instead of answering everything in the kitchen, to pull her daughter into the living room. "Michiru and I haven't even talked about anything yet Yuki." She sat on the sofa that way she was eye level with her daughter.

"But don't people kiss when they love each other?"

Haruka felt blood rush to her face. Yuki definitely was blunt about the things she said. "Sometimes, yes. But sometimes they need time to figure things out."

"Do you love Michiru?"

Honesty… Haruka told herself. Being honest with Yuki is something she'd always promised herself and the girl. "I did… a long time ago."

The girl wrapped her arms around her mother's neck. "You should love her, I love her."

Haruka chuckled at her daughter. "I wish it was that easy honey, but I'll definitely keep that in mind."

Michiru had been tense the entire evening – Yuki's words playing over and over in her mind. She had only recently accepted herself, but could she see herself as Yuki's new mother? The idea both frightened and excited her all at once.

"I'm sorry for what Yuki said earlier." Haruka finally brought it up once they were in her bedroom for the evening.

Michiru relaxed on the blonde's bed, simply watching her as she shut off the overhead light in favor of a bedside lamp. "She's just a child, she probably doesn't fully understand what she was asking."

Haruka kicked off her slippers before sliding under the blankets on her bed. A smile crept to her face when Michiru instantly curled into her side. There were moments when everything still felt like a dream to her. She took a moment to savor the contact before she spoke again. "I saw your reaction Michi. I saw the fearful stance you took."

"I'm still so scared…" She whispered.

"If anyone should be scared, it should be me. Considering out past and everything…" Haruka's arms instinctively tightened around the smaller woman's frame when she felt her tense up. "I didn't mean it like that Michi." And she didn't, she was past the point where she was spiteful toward Michiru. She no longer felt hatred for the past… there was just a small amount of uneasiness left. There was always that chance that Michiru would run again. Yet, there was also a chance that she'd stay. That they'd slowly but surely make up for their lost time… that was the chance that Haruka latched on to.

"Where do we stand Haruka?" Michiru spoke after a moment of silence. She even pushed herself up onto her elbows so she could look directly into the blonde's eyes.

"Where do you want us to stand?" Haruka shot back, drawing a small bit of laughter out of Michiru. "I… I want to be able to call you my girlfriend again."

A warm, comforting sensation washed through Michiru's body. "I would love to be your girlfriend. But… you have to be patient with me. I'm not ready to go public about anything. I just… I can't handle that yet. I know rumors are already flying around about us, but I'm not ready to confirm them yet. So… I just don't comment on them. To the media, that's the same as confirming them."

Haruka gently grabbed the back of the star's head and pulled her down for a kiss. "You ramble a lot when you're nervous." She captured Michiru's lips yet again for a long, gentle kiss.

"I can't help it. I just… I don't want to lose you because I'm so scared." Michiru felt her lip start to tremble some. She couldn't let her emotions show. She hated the feeling of being weak.

The blonde reached out to turn off her lamp. She quietly turned onto her side so she was facing the smaller woman. She smiled some as her fingers started to run through long aqua hair. Not a word was spoken, but nothing was needed. When they were younger, most of their time was actually spent curled up together in silence. They simply enjoyed the company of the other.

There was still so much to talk about, but neither were in a rush. Everything would come out over time.

Michiru looked deep into Haruka's eyes before pressing her lips to the blonde's. There were three words stuck on the tip of her tongue. She wanted so desperately to say them to Haruka. But it was too soon. It didn't matter that she never stopped loving her, but saying it was likely to drive Haruka away. That was the last thing she wanted. The last thing she needed. So, instead of ruining everything, she just remained quiet and savored the warmth and comfort that only Haruka could offer to her.

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