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Hello ;-)

I've decided to write a Jori story, since I love them so much.

It's based on the episode Tori and Jade's Playdate. I've given it a slight twist because if you could let Jori 'get it on', it should definitely be in this scene. I don't know how long this story is gonna get but probably about 2 or so chapters. I don't know yet, maybe more. Oh and English is not my first language, so I'm sorry for any mistakes or misunderstandings.

Warning: This story involves scenes of adult content as well as of homosexual nature. If you get offended don't read. And with that 'adult content and homosexual nature' I just mean graphic sex between two very pretty ladies ;-)

Disclaimer: I don't own Victorious, I don't own Tori, I don't own Jade, I don't own Nozu and I don't own any of the other characters. Let's just say.. I don't own anything. So, don't sue me.

Oh and the first part of the story is basically totally taken from the actual show, I don't really own credit for most of that. Later it's my own imagination though, so yeah, I do own credit for that ;-)

Ok, on with the show ;-)


''All right! Now let's talk about the new play I'm directing.'' Sikowitz said mysteriously.

''Do I get to star in it?'' Jade asked looking bored.

''Uhh, I think it's my time to star in one of Sikowitz's plays.'' Andre said frustrated.

''What are you talking about?'' Jade snapped.

The whole class started to argue about who should star in Sikowitz's play. Everyone wanted a part in it, since Sikowitz's plays were mostly fun to play in and it helped with your acting experience.

''You see? Everytime I cast a new play you all get your panties in a pretzel.'' Sikowitz said accusingly making the whole class quiet again. ''So this time, you people will choose your own roles.'' He grabbed a carton and walked towards Andre.

''Andre, pick a role.'' He said when he held the carton full of pieces of paper out to Andre. Andre gabbed a paper and read out the role he picked.

''Tommy, a ten-year old identical twin brother of Carter.'' He read. Sikowitz nodded and brought the carton over to Beck.

''Beck! Pick a role.''

''Carter, ten-year old identical twin brother of Tommy.'' Beck read. He then leaned towards Andre. ''I guess we're twins.'' He stated amusingly.

Andre huffed. ''That momma's got some explaining to do.'' The whole class laughed at Andre's and Beck's non apparent similarity. Sikowitz then walked towards Jade.

''Jade, pick a role.''

Jade reluctantly grabbed a piece of paper. ''Nancy, loving wife of astronaut Walter Swain.''

Sikowitz then brought the carton over to Tori.

''Astronaut Walter Swain.. husband of... Nancy.'' Tori said reluctantly. Everyone looked shock.

''I'm supposed to play her wife?'' Jade exclaimed angrily at Sikowitz.

Tori quickly folded her paper and went to put it back in the carton. ''I'll just pick another card!'' She said trying to grab another paper but Sikowitz was faster and held the carton out of her reach.

''No! My box has spoken.'' He exclaimed and he walked away setting the box pack down.

The class got dismissed and a very angry Jade and a slightly afraid Tori left for their next class.

Later in the day Tori and Jade ran into eachother in the hallways at Hollywood Arts.

Jade looked annoyed and huffed.

''I don't wanna be your wife in the play.'' She said heatedly.

Tori sighed. ''Well, I don't wanna be your husband in the play.'' She stated putting her hand on her waist, glaring at Jade.

''Oooh.'' Jade said mockingly and walked away feeling annoyed with the irritating Latina. Tori watched her go.

''Oooh..'' She repeated Jade frustratingly, before walking away as well.

The next week at rehearsals they were all rehearsing for the play Sikowitz had written. The play was about an astronaut Walter (played by Tori), his wife Nancy (played by Jade) and their twin sons Tommy and Carter (played by Andre and Beck). The father Walter suffered from Narcolepsy, a chronic sleeping disorder characterized by excessive sleepiness and sleep attacks at inappropriate times.

At first there was a scene between Andre, Beck and Jade. Then Tori came in and she had to fall asleep against Jade. When Tori put her head against Jade's chest she felt weirdly content. She had never stood this close to Jade and the raven haired girl was surprisingly soft and warm. She also felt the swell of Jade's ample breasts and she strangely felt a blush forming on her cheeks. After a while Jade pushed her away feeling uncomfortable with the close proximity between them.

After a while of acting Sikowitz became frustrated and shouted cut.

''Beck, Andre, take five.'' He ordered which left Jade and Tori with a slightly angry Sikowitz.

''You girls are ruining this play.'' He said accusingly at the girls.

''Why?'' Tori asked surprised.

''This is our fifth rehearsal. And you two aren't getting any better at playing a believable husband and wife.'' He glared at them. ''You girls meet me for dinner at Nozu, tonight 7pm.'' He said concluding.

''But, I don't wanna..'' Tori started to object but was cut off by Sikowitz.

''Nozu!'' And he walked away.

That evening at Nozu, Tori was already there when Sikowitz arrived. Soon Jade arrived as well.

''Ok I'm here, why?'' Jade said in her usual annoyed tone.

''Because you two need to learn to play a husband and wife.. believably.'' He stated.

''What does that have to do with Sushi?'' Tori asked feeling confused, as she always did when Sikowitz was around.

''To prepare for your roles, you two must date.'' He said in his usual amused tone. Both Tori and Jade looked at him in confusion. ''So have fun.'' He said and he stood up from his chair.

''With what?'' Tori asked.

''Your date.''

''What date?''

''This one.'' Sikowitz said as he pointed at both of them. ''It begins now at, 7.12 pm. You two will stay here, eat, drink, chat and giggle until the restaurant closes, at midnight.''

''Forget it, I'm leaving!'' Jade exclaimed and stood up from her chair.

''Yep, me too.'' Tori said and stood up as well.

Sikowitz stepped in front of them. ''Ahh! If either of you leaves before midnight, you both get an F for this semester.''

''Sikowiiitz.'' Tori whined.

''It's fine! He's not gonna know when we leave.'' Jade said smartly.

''Oh yes, he's gonna!'' Sikowitz said. ''I have two spies watching you, Sinjin and Berf.'' He said pointing at the two boys who were both watching them from a distance. ''Happy dating.'' He said before turning around and walking away. Tori and Jade looked at eachother apprehensively before sighing and sitting back down.

''Excuse me?'' Tori asked a waiter. ''My date and I were wondering if you have a flight of stairs we could throw ourselves down.'' She asked sarcastically.

After they had ordered some food they sat in an awkward silence.

''Worst night ever.'' Jade stated.

''Oh, you think I'm having fun on this date? Cause I'm not!'' Tori asked angrily.

''Then let's not talk!'' Jade said heatedly.

''Fine!'' Tori said.

''You know? There's no good reason you and I shouldn't be able to sit here together and have a conversation.'' Tori said lividly.

''I have a good reason.'' Jade said.

''Which is?''

''I don't like you!'' Jade said furiously.

''Really? You can't think of one thing that you like about me?'' Tori said sceptically.

Jade thought for a moment. ''I like when you're sad.''

Tori sighed. ''Okay, try again. Reach deep down into your twisted bitter soul and see if you can find anything nice to say about me.'' Tori challenged her. Jade rolled her eyes and seemed to think about that for a minute.

''Uhh, okay. Your singing.. isn't.. awful.'' Jade said hesitantly.

Tori nodded ''Thanks so much.'' She said sarcastically.

''Now let's hear you say something nice about me.'' Jade said eagerly.

''Sure. Uhh, I admire how you're never afraid to say what you think.'' She said.

''That's stupid.'' Jade said angrily.

''See?'' She said making her point clear. Jade rolled her eyes and sighed.

''Now your turn again.'' Tori said getting into the whole 'conversation'.

''Uhh, I guess, some people might say that, from certain angles.. you're pretty.'' Jade said cautiously.

Tori smiled feeling pleased. ''You could say I'm pretty.'' Jade said irately.

''You are pretty.'' Tori said. Jade looked surprised at the sweet tone in which Tori made that comment. Tori just shrugged and smiled shyly.

An uncomfortable silence fell over them again and they went back to eating. Then two guys came towards them. One standing next to Tori, the other next to Jade.

''Uh oh! Babe sandwich!'' One of the guys said comically. The other laughed and they both leaned against them pushing them together.

Jade huffed. ''And this might actually get worse.'' She said while still being squashed between the guy and Tori.

''Guys? We really wanna hang out.. alone.'' Tori said plainly pointing between her and Jade.

''We are alone.'' One guy said. ''Just the four of us.'' The other said. They made some weird dorky hand bump.

''Oh My God.'' Jade and Tori said at the same time.

''So? Doctor Chad, how does the patient look?'' One guy asked the other.

''Wow! Looks like she has the Chad infection.'' The other stated idiotically. ''Wow! Ain't NO cure for the Chad infection!'' The other said just as stupidly. ''Guess who's stuck with me?'' The guy, Chad said. Jade and Tori both groaned.

After a while of stupid pick up lines from both the guys Tori had had enough.

''Guys! We really want to be alone.'' Tori said giving Jade a wink indicating she should play along. Jade just looked at her confused. Tori decided to be bolder and put her hand on Jade's knee giving it a squeeze. Jade then fully understood and gave Tori a loving smile.

''Yes guys, we're sorry but we're actually on a date.''

The guy , Chad raised his eyebrows before huffing. ''Yeah sure, as if we've never heard that one before.'' Both the guys laughed when thinking about how many girls had pretended to be lesbian when they had tried to hit on them. Jade sighed defeated. But Tori really wanted to get rid of the two assholes.

''Oh guys it's not an excuse. We really bat for the other team.'' She said before giving Jade's knee another squeeze. Both the guys didn't seem convinced and Tori tried to think of a plan to get rid of them. She actually thought of something but was trying to figure out in her mind what would be worse; a furious Jade and probably getting stabbed with a pair of scissors or the two very annoying jerks for at least another 3 hours. When the two made another stupid fist bump she had decided.

She leaned towards Jade and put her hand in Jade's neck preventing her from backing away. She then softly pushed her lips against Jade's.