The Kitsune and the Amazon
Naruto x Wonder Woman

Author's Note

First of the ten stories of this pairing I have in mind.

Story Start

"Save it. I've heard it all. I'm tired of your games." She had made a fool of herself. What had possessed her to be so bold? What possessed her to kiss him and reveal her feelings? But then he had told her those words, the same excuse.

"Diana... it's complicated."

She remember her anger flaring like the flames of a phoenix. She had taken off, she had to get far away. That was how she found herself here, on Silver City's Bridge. Silver City was a rather large west coast city that held a similar population to Metropolis or Central City. The city made its rather large capital thanks to the vast amount of rare resources that were found on the land about two centuries ago; as a result the city made a lot of money through trade, acquiring rare art and other ventures.

''A penny for your thoughts?'' a voice asked, causing the raven haired Amazon to turned around. It was Uzumaki Naruto, or at least the clone of the real Uzumaki Naruto. Not too long ago he was an enemy, his mind under control of a Lord of Chaos who wanted to use the young man as a conduit to resurrect an ancient beast. ''Wonder Woman, what brings you here?''

''Just thought I'd go for a fly.'' she replied, hoping he'd buy her lie. Right now she wasn't in the mood to converse with anyone and would rather be alone with her thoughts. Though Naruto didn't seem to be buying it.

''Its not my business, but I personally know holding things back and lying to yourself doesn't help. I mean...I can...sense your emotions or however it goes. I'm not sure of the specifics myself. Whatever that magic bastard did to me altered my abilities so...'' he trailed off. ''I'm sorry, I'm just rambling.''

She sighed, feeling suddenly tired. "It's fine. I just needed some fresh air." she paused, she decided to ask something. Diana was not a person who used the art of deception, unless it was in battle. She was an honest and direct person. ''I have a question and its rather personal. I understand if you don't want to answer, but...''

The blond nodded. ''Yeah, I get it. We don't know each other too well so no worries about running into each other and having to deal with the awkwardness. Go for it.''

''Do most men forgo a relationship with a woman out of fear that they would get hurt?'' she asked as Naruto paused and scratched his cheek.

''Hhm, I think that happens quite a lot. I mean if its your average woman its kind of understandable. Like Superman and that reporter woman. In the six months I've been here that woman has gotten into more scraps than bowls of ramen I can eat in a week.'' he finished as he looked up at the woman who was giving him a confused look. ''Uugh, never mind.''

''But what if the woman wasn't normal? What if she was perfectly capable of handling herself and didn't need to be saved?'' Diana found it rather difficult to keep the annoyance and bitterness out of her voice.

''Well, yeah that's totally different,'' he remarked, scratching his cheek with his one finger. ''I mean if the woman had your power, I think the criminals would be the ones running away. Because when you think about it, it definitely suits the whole shoe on the other foot metaphor.''

''Exactly.'' Finally, someone got it. She was starting to get sick and tired of being given the run around.

''That woman or those women just need to find them a guy who isn't afraid of opening up and trusts them.'' Hey, he was pretty good at this advice stuff. ''And if you're on the same team its even better.'' He was more or less basing it off his own experiences with Sakura and Hinata. 'Well, the real Naruto's experiences.' the copy thought, a bit bitter. He knew the Shinobi Nations already had a Naruto and even if a portal could be opened there, he was not going to live in the shadow of his other-self; despite keeping the name Naruto because it was a totally kick ass name. This Naruto had been the past few months living life, looking into things, and trying to find his own path and identity.

''And what if that person thinks that being teammates makes it complicated?''

''That's their experience,'' Naruto remarked with a shrug. ''Its choices and stuff you know. Simply what you decide, etc., etc.'' Naruto noticed the frown forming on the woman's face. He began putting the pieces together. Despite Naruto's history, he wasn't an idiot, just a bit impulsive and impatient at times, but when given time to stop and think about things he could prove remarkably sharp when it came to people's emotions and such. ''I'm beginning to think we're not just talking about women in general. Wonder Woman-sa...'' he paused, correcting himself. ''Miss Wonder Woman there's this saying that the people in this world use. There's plenty fish in the sea, I really don't know what it means, it just applies to relationship. So I guess you should try and find another fish?'' he stumbled over the analogy and inwardly groaned.

''You're right.'' she responded, the negativity washing off her face. ''I am Princess Diana of the Amazons and I deserve better!''

''You're a Princess?'' Naruto asked in awe. ''That's so cool. I've saved a Princess, a few times. So what's it like flying? Is it really true that...'' he was cut off by the sound of his growling stomach. Naruto placed his hand over it and sheepishly grinned as his face redden. ''I sort of skipped lunch.''

''I, I know this sandwich shop. Thank of it as my way of saying thanks.''

Naruto was about to kindly rebuff her offer when his stomach growled again. He already gave his last five dollars to an orphan teen on the street and he still lacked a job; not having access to all his official papers and legal documents yet. ''Alright,'' Naruto replied with a kind grin. ''Sure, why not.''