The Kitsune and the Amazon
Naruto x Wonder Woman

Author's Note

First of the ten stories of this pairing I have in mind.

Story Start

Naruto and Diana found themselves at an empty booth. As Diana quietly ate her meal, she stole glances out the meal, finding herself thinking about Themsycira. Though those nostalgia thoughts were interrupted when Naruto suddenly spoke up.

"Combat type."

She looked up, confused by the sudden outburst. "Excuse me?"

"I was thinking what kind of Kunoichi you would be. You're far too powerful to have your talents waste on stealth and I'm more then sure you wouldn't tolerate being a seduction type and I don't know how Amazons deal with illusions so I settled on combat type."

"I may not know about these shinobi designations of yours, but from what I am hearing so far and from what I have seen you would feel the role of combat type warrior."

Naruto cracked a smile, " what are you trying to say? I don't have the looks to be a seducer?" he teased.

"You are indeed handsome." she agreed but then added, "...but as of yet you have not displayed any charm that would have me qualify you as a seducer."

Naruto chuckled, "I think that might be the most educated version of telling me that I need a better game." he responded only to see her look of confusion. "Its something I picked up on the streets. You spend some more time in urban settings and you pick up some things. Trust me, if it wasn't for my Shadow Clones I wouldn't have learned half the stuff I do now."

"Those Shadow Clones, those are your copies that explode in smoke right?" she asked as Naruto nodded.

"Yeah, the experience they gain knowledge wise transfers back to me. I could read hundreds of books in a day or use them for reconnaissance. Its a very useful ability." Naruto explained as he went into a bit more detailed in the mechanics.

"That sounds useful."

Naruto took a drink of his Coke. "You know, I've never been known as the best listener, but if you want to talk to me about what this situation that you led us to meeting I'm willing to listen."

"I...highly doubt you're interested in hearing about my problems."

A cheeky grin formed on Naruto's face. "Well I wouldn't have asked if I didn't. So far I can grasp its relationship based. Which I find it difficult to grasp seeing as you're a remarkably nice person."

"My experiences with relationships is below the norm. True I am a Diplomat, but between that and fighting crime I hardly have an identity outside of those two things."

"What about your home? Don't you have an identity separate from your career or being a superhero?"

She stared out the window and sighed, "I can't. I was banished."

"That, kind of sucks." he remarked as he finished the rest of his drink. "I'm going to take a shot in the dark and guess its one of your team mates."

Diana just shrugged. "It doesn't even matter now. He's made it clear he's not interested and your words convinced me I should be looking for someone who is."

"Who knows, I mean literally, since I don't know who it is. Then again, you don't have much experience in dating right? Maybe it was his way of letting you down gently, I can only speculate. Hell, I don't know, general consensus seems to be as a guy I have no clue about women."

She was surprised to find herself laughing. "Even with my short time being here, I've come to notice that that ideal is one of the ones prominently reinforced."

"You should really see more of the world and meet people. You'd be surprise of what you'll learn." he said as he decided to change up the conversation a bit. "So what's it like, being from an island of Amazons? With all the advances of this world, its kind of hard to imagine people missing it."

"It is difficult to place into words. Even amongst the Amazons there is no one like me." she said as a knowing sigh escaped Naruto's lips.

"I know the feeling. I'm the only Shinobi of my world here. I have no family or allies, no one of a similar culture I can relate to. Its the feeling of being an Outsider even when it seems like you've found like someone to relate to. I mean, at least you have the members of your team right?"

"Enough to work as a team. Perhaps even to consider them friends of a sort. That's where it ends."

"I'm sorry to hear, I'd offer teamwork advice, but considering one of my team mates tried to kill me multiple times, I don't think I'm an expert on that." he explained Diana's eyes opened in alarm. "Its a story for another day. Maybe I'll tell you sometime, but those memories are kind of personal for me to go into depth to right now." after a few moments Naruto remembered something. "Wait a minute, the inhabitants of your island is just women right?"

"Indeed, my sisters. Other Amazons."

"Amazons" he mused. "You say sisters... what about males?"

"None. That's forbidden."

"None at all? Well...I mean, what about the Gods?"

"The male Gods make appearances sometimes. The men who are forbidden to set step on to our island are of the mortal kind."

"So, how do you keep the lines...going?" he wasn't sure how to ask this question. Though if what he read are through, the gods of that particular culture didn't mind having sex with mortals, going far as to often raping them which included shape shifted forms of bulls of fruit flies.

"Our people are immortal so procreation hasn't been a needed for over Millenniums. "

"Wow, so it isn't forbidden for you to, you know, have relations with a man? I don't have to worry about Zeus or something striking me down with a Lightning Bolt or something do I?"

Diana couldn't help but smile. Naruto's light heartedness was a refreshing change to what she had been experiencing the last few months. "No, I'm sure if that was the case that would have happened by now."

"Cheeky." Naruto murmured under his breath. "Would I be out of line if I were to ask you to join me for dinner tomorrow night?"

Diana couldn't help but be surprised by Naruto's forwardness. True, she wasn't ignorant to people's attraction to her, but those who were bold were also rather crude in their interest's so this wasn't something she was used to. "I may not be available, a mission could occur at anytime."

Naruto promptly took out a pen and paper and began writing down some information. "My contact information and address. Whenever you find the time contact me and I would enjoy getting to know you."

"I'll keep that in mind. I don't know when I can meet you again for dinner, but maybe next Friday we can meet again for lunch? That'll give us some time to come up with questions and to come up with some boundaries to set about what we feel is inappropriate."

Naruto smiled,"Well when you need me, I'll be a call away." with that the two of them departed, until the next time they would meet.