Disclaimer: I do not own the Pretty Little Liars series, characters, or events. They belong to Sara Sheppard.

Setting: After Killer.

Author's Note: Do NOT read if you have not read the Pretty Little Liars series by Sara Sheppard yet because it takes place during Killer.

Welcome Back, A!

Hello, once again my pretties! Apparently someone failed to fill you in that I am once again, alive, well, and still kicking! Of course, what you don't know is who I truly am. Am I Ian? Am I Jason? Am I Wilden? Am I the true Alison? Or, am I a person right under your nose?

All I can tell you girls is to be prepared for complete and total chaos! Might I warn you, these next few days are going to be…well, let's just leave it at hell. Simple as that. It's going to be hell for you with twists and turns. Why, might you ask? Because I'm just that person. Maybe you should know that not everyone is whom they seem, but you may know that already.

Oh, dear, Hanna, I am deeply sorry about your friend, Mona. Little she would have known if I hadn't left my diary behind after my "death". Good try for her, though. You do have to give her credit, she kept you going for a while.

And, Spencer, why do you always have to do the right thing? Haven't you realized that if you hadn't told the truth about the Golden Orchid, your parents might have liked you? I know that Melissa would have still hated you and all, but is it truly worth loosing everyone's trust?

Dear, dear Aria, you are the one I feel for the most. Tell me, was it because of your mother that your father ditched her for the student? Or was it because of you? Either way, I don't see how you can manage to stick around when your about to become an older sister. You realize what that means? You are now a role model. Scary thought, huh?

And, I haven't forgot about you, Emily, have you decided which path you're going to take? Will you choose Isaac or Maya? Either way it's going to be interesting. But, Isaac would be the better choice, after all, your parents would be shocked! Of course, the school is shocked as it is. Too bad it didn't last very long.

Well, ladies, I hate the thought of departing, but I must leave. After all, I have to scout for new topics to stalk you with! Mwah!