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Pretty Little Liars



Setting: End of Stunning.

My Next Move

Ah, girls, that was a shocking ending, no? Looks like I'm not Gayle, considering, well, considering she's dead. Mwah! I have to keep myself amused, and you girls on your tows, somehow, right? Ah, well, le'ts review.

Em, it turned out your little baby was alright, after all. Well, at least for now! I guess you finally got to meet her, too. Now, what are you going to do about Isaac?

Hanna, guess playing dirty did win you the boy! Well, I suppose watching me helps, too! Only, how long will this relationship last? And, what about playing nice with Kate? All good things come to an end, honey. Trust me, I should know.

Spence, blackmail? I didn't think that you had it in you! Turns out lose boy was a good match after all! Now, you just hae to deal with bitchy Harper and her minions. Think that you've had enough training to deal?

And, lastly, Aria. You and lover boy kissed and made up for now. At least, until Tabitha's father gets you locked up in jail for murder! How's that going along? Eating your insides out yet?

Alright, girls, you go plan your next move. Just remember I'm a step ahead of you, so really I need to go plan my next move!