A/N: This is not my best. I threw it together at last minute because I didn't plan on doing a Thanksgiving note, but I decided I should try one. Please don't judge this one. I'm not too proud of it.

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Pretty Little Liars

Characters: Ali/Aria/Spencer/Hanna/Emily

Pilgrims and Indians

Hello, my Pretties. In 1621, the pilgrims and Indians—ahem, Native Americans—gathered for the first Thanksgiving. The only difference is they didn't have to worry about me. Ah, but girls, no need to worry. I didn't forget to check up on you.

Aria's at home, pining over Ezra as her family gathers. Have no fear, Ar, at least now you have Noel to keep you company during the holidays. Too bad you ditched him for Ezra earlier.

Hanna seems to be happy once again since Mike chose her. Too bad Thanksgiving has a ton of calories. You might need to get those pants out from junior high after all! Just be careful, Han. Mike never said he chose you because you're fat!

Spencer, Spencer. Maybe you should spend Thanksgiving in rehab. While your parents gather for the meal, I envision you sneaking off and popping. Or, are you clean now? I've lost track.

Emily, I'm glad to see you're spending time with your daughter this Thanksgiving. Where, again, did you tell your family you were going so you could miss he meal? Maybe you'll get the wishbone from the turkey this year!

I'll spend Thanksgiving watch you all. The four of you are busy and I need to stay on my toes! Don't worry, though. I'll be sure to have a Thanksgiving of my own!