Ten Such Men
By AngelQueen

Disclaimer: National Treasure is the property of Disney and Bruckheimer. I make no claim on it and write this purely for entertainment purposes. No copyright infringement intended.

"You're the President of the United States, sir. Whether by innate character, or the oath you took to defend the Constitution, or the weight of history that falls upon you, I believe you to be an honorable man, sir."

It was like listening to words being spoken from another century, back when honor and integrity weren't paper-thin, just waiting for a single photograph or taped conversation to make a liar out of you.

But there was no lie in his eyes. He genuinely believed it.

"Gates, people don't believe that stuff anymore."

The people were jaded now. They expected their representatives to be fallible. At best, they saw them as the lesser of two evils. They were there to do the job, and to hopefully not make too much of a mess in the meantime.

No, the days of men who were larger than life, who were actually worthy of people's faith, were gone, had perhaps been gone since the days of the man who was still called the Father of His Country.

"They want to believe it."

Benjamin Gates was a rare breed of man, to have such conviction, the President thought.

He wished he knew ten such men.

Author's Notes: Inspired by my continued fascination with Bruce Greenwood, and also by the scenes between Ben Gates and The President, which were among my favorites of the entire film.