(Hey Guys, this is a LONG chapter I'm doing so It's split in two alright? This first part's in 3'rd Person. The next is in 1'st.)

Better Left Forgotten Part 1

Chapter 3

A young teen leant his hand on a girl's sleeve. Tears rolled down her rosy cheeks and onto their hands. Her knees were weak and it seemed at any moment they would collapse in on her. Her left eye was bruised too, and blood was slowly, very slowly, dripping down out of it.

"It's going to be alright now, Please, just calm down"

In front of the two lay four decomposing bodies littered with stab marks, corpses if you may. They had been friends of the girl, and what had happened to them, the boy did not know. But what he did know, was that this girl was in utter pain at their losses.

He hugged her. Thought they had not ever known each other, this boy knew somehow, that it would help.

"Do you need anything? Any water, or food?" It was true, he had a lot of nutrients which he carried around with him, back when his class had been participating in the charm, he had a date for a hiking trip with his family. For one reason or another, his family made him carry the essentials instead. Though he had doubted the idea in the first place, he owed his life to them, he would've been long past hunger had there been none at all.

The girl didn't respond, perhaps her sobbing was too loud? He reached down into his backpack to find a granny smith apple, his mother's favourite, and tugged it out. Leaning onto the slender legs of the girl he offered it in front of her face. Her head perked up a bit; just enough for her weepy eyes to make contact with his. They were creamy cobalt blue in colour, almost… dreamy as if you could fall into them and lie in its warm blanketing from the horrors of this environment.

They reminded him of his friends' eyes and their smiling faces, he would never see them again…

The girl now leant her hand out towards his, and felt the apple as if to assure it was real, she lowered her head once again to the flooring and nabbed the apple from him, deliberately bringing it to her face to bite into it. He zipped back up his backpack and rose from the floorboards, reaching out his hand towards hers. Soon after she looked up to hesitantly reach out hers too, apple in tow with her other hand.

The boy was surprised by how quickly he had made her recover, though he was still young, without a job, and in a hellish endeavour, he felt a sense of accomplishment inside himself, he reassured her with a gentle smile as she wobbled on her limp legs. By the looks of it she had been alone there for hours, mourning her friends' losses. It showed the true extent of how this school could wrap itself around you in seconds.

Her legs were long, longer than her torso even, and most of which was covered by a modest looking blouse hanging down just past her hips, her straight hair and bangs were swept to the left and onto her shoulders, though it was a tad unkempt, and her legs were cloaked by slightly tight jeans, fashioning a belt just above where the blouse ended. It really was a shame her face was so badly bruised. The boy couldn't help but ask-

"What's your name?"

She remained silent, though she continued to munch on the apple, apparently she was hungry.

"If you were going to be travelling with me and we ever got into a bad situation, I mean- how would I warn you without a name?" The boy trying hard to come up with excuses: hiding his attraction to the mistress.

With no answer from the girl, it was obvious he was getting nowhere and sighed.

"What's your name?" The girl retorted back softly, a hint of fear in her voice. It was obvious the boy was surprised by the sudden come-back from the once-weeping girl.

"Y-you want to know my name?" The girl simply nodded. "My name's Rikushuu. Nouitsu. Errrr- Rikushuu Nouitsu."

"I like it." The girl smiled as a few tears swept down her face.

"Thanks… So, what's your name?" Nouitsu, anxious to know, focused all his thoughts on the girl alone.

" It's-" She stopped mid-sentence. Nouitsu began to get worried "It's?" There was no reply; a blank stare grew on the girl's face, growing as Nouitsu's anxiousness did as well. Nouitsu asked again. "It's?..." Once again there was no reply. Nouitsu was concerned, and now worried too. "H-Hello, uhh- Girl? Are you-are you there?!" For a fourth time there was no reply, then the girl began to sob, weep, and then cry. It was clear something was not right.

"A-Are You OKAY?! HEL-"He was interrupted."I-I don't know! I DON'T KNOW!"The girl blurted out and latched onto Nouitsu's shoulders as if she saw her friends die all over again. Nouitsu couldn't help but stumble back a bit, he felt the atmosphere around them getting heavier. What could he do? In annoyance he took hold of the girl sobbing on his favourite hiking shirt and looked her straight in the eyes. "What don't you know?" It was a little while until she began to calm down and speak again. "I-I don't know… my name. I don't know it, Rikushuu, why? WHY DON'T I KNOW?!"

Taken aback by the sudden statement, Nouitsu tried to remain calm for the sake of the girl. "You mean you don't remember? You don't remember your name?"

"N-No. It's like, I never had one in the first place! I can't remember. AT ALL!"

By now Nouitsu wasn't feeling too good and wanted to get to the bottom of this issue right away. "Look, I don't know why you don't remember, alright? But how about we- uhhh give you a name?" True, he knew it wasn't the best answer but he really had no idea what to do.

"A-a name?" The girl pondered. "What would you name me?" Her hiccupping and cries for help slowly fading. Nouitsu thought hard of a perfect name for her. "How about- mmm …" He couldn't think of anything, what would be a good name for her? Then it hit him. "How about uh- How about Yuu? You know, as in "Friend"?"

"Yuu?" She looked to be much more relaxed by now. "Y-Yeah… Yuu! Do you like it?" Nouitsu's choice was a bit out of sorts but it managed to do.

"Well, I don't know anything else. I guess it's… okay?"

Nouitsu felt a bit uneasy "Okay wasn't reaaaaally what I was going for. But I guess we can do with it for now…" Yuu simply nodded in agreement.

A pause of silence endured, but not a pleasant one. Nouitsu simply watched as Yuu chewed nervously on the apple he had given her. The halls were eerie, and it seemed like forever before he mustered up the courage to speak again.

"Yuu, do you feel the air getting… heavier?" It was odd to him that Yuu seemed to not notice.

"N-no…" Her voice still weak from ever since they met. The general atmosphere of the area didn't feel so comfortable. He even caught Yuu looking back from time to time at her friends' dead bodies, and her endure through what seemed like a million emotions. Enough was Enough!

"Yuu…" She looked at me, fear still lingering in her face. "I think we should leave…" She simply nodded as always, and began to walk on over into the shadows past me. I gathered up my belongings into my backpack and slipped it over my shoulders, pursuing her path.

The ground beneath him seemed to always be swaying from left to right, as if it were to break at any moment, creating creaking and cracking sounds as his feet lift up into the air and back down. Yuu could be seen just ahead, her hair shining even in the dim light of the halls. Nouitsu couldn't help but wonder if she had a boyfriend.

"Hey Yuu? I was just wondering, where are you from?" Nouitsu was growing bored of the constant terrors in the school and wanted to actually get to know someone instead, it had been ages since he had any heart-felt conversations with his friends, far too long. He needed some sort of motivation, anything to keep him going.

"Tokyo… The big city. I'm from Shiroi-Hana HighSchool…"

"You're from Tokyo… I've always wondered. How is it there? Is it as busy as everyone says?

"Yes… It's quite busy. Much busier than you think, but the festivals there are enormous, I had a lot of fun with my friends once when we-… we went there…" She found herself trying to gulp down her sorrow and resist the tears, it didn't last long. Yuu soon found herself balling her eyes out yet again.

Nouitsu leant in to comfort her, placing his hand on her left shoulder, he hadn't realized it before, but now he did, Yuu was covered in blood, and it was still drying even. He had to know, what happened to her friends, it was the only way she would continue, and him too.

"I'm sorry Yuu, but… what happened to your friends?"

Yuu rose up gently to tell the story but, nothing came out, that same blank face from before drew upon her face again. Nouitsu was well past worried by now, and he knew the reason.

She had forgotten…

"This-this Isn't good. Why doesn't Yuu remember anything?" Reassuring himself of his thoughts, he turned to Yuu who was blatantly not doing well. What was he to do? Leave her here to die? Certainly not. This time however it was Yuu who spoke first: "Rikushuu-kun, what happened… to your friends?"

Yuu shocked Nouitsu with her words; he knew he had to obey her question…

"If that's what you want to know… I'll oblige…" Nouitsu breathed deeply and swallowed in air. He didn't want to remember…not again… but it was for Yuu's sake.

"My friends and I were travelling the corridors in search of our classmates. We as a class did the charm under another classmate's orders and ended up here as consequence. We couldn't find anyone we knew, just corpses in all which ways and directions. But anyways we-we decided to take a break and rest a bit. I was the first to fall asleep and awoke some time later… You'd guess it, my friends were gone and I was left alone. I panicked and rushed up to find them. There were no clues to where they went and I rushed up the stairs to the third floor to-to find them all lying there in front of me… and-and-AND stab marks left their bodies lying open and their guts were split open and-and-and- and-AND!" Nouitsu found himself bawling there like a baby, he was trembling, hyper-ventilating, and couldn't get over the fact that his friends were dead, he wondered if any of his other classmates were still alive here and if he'd ever see them again, he was in a fuzz over what to do and couldn't contain himself anymore.

Yuu was left distraught and so she embraced him as he had to her. The hall was filled with misery, and just as the school so desired.