Me: Okay, people-I don't own Digimon in any way, shape or form! (sighs) Am I glad is back up!

Takato: You said it! The rest of us thought you were gonna go haywire without anything to do for an entire week.

Me: And just who would "the rest of you" be? (raises eyebrow)

Takato: (sweatdrops; laughs timidly) and Guilmon?

Terriermon: Can't cover it up with that, 'cause Guilmon's eating some bread in the next room.

Takato: Terriermon!? And where's Henry, anyway?

Rika: Einstein said he had something to do concerning Jeri-don't ask what; I only know what they tell me.

Me: (rolls eyes) Uh-huh. Whatever. Before I have to pummel my muse over here-

Rika: And before I have to seriously hurt him for even thinking about hurting Takato-

Me: -here's the event you've been waiting for: Takato and Rika's wedding!!

Terriermon: (cheers) It's about time!

Takato: (passes out; lands safely on a couch)

Rika: Takato! (eyes me with an evil glare) You weren't supposed to mention that to him!

Me: And when could I-during the time he's supposed to be waiting for you at the end of the aisle?!

Rika: Hmm, let's see...YES!!

Terriermon: Momentai-at least he knows now.

Me: (groans) And I thought life got easier as you grew older.

Terriermon: Nope-it just gets harder and harder.

Me: You weren't supposed to agree with me! And, this story is dedicated to Erika, otherwise known as "The Digimon Queen." The first half of this story is-mainly-in Takato's POV-

Rika: (scoffs) Excuse me?! I'm known as the Digimon Queen, so if anyone deserves credit for this story, it should be me!

Me: (sighs) Let's not get into possessiveness now, please!

Digimon Tamers: A Rukato Wedding

Prologue-The Tamers' Future

"I promise Guilmon...We'll be together again soon." -Takato Matsuki, "Such Sweet Sorrow"

Takato's POV:

It's been seven years-at the most-since the Tamers-that would consist of myself, my fiancee, Rika Nonaka, Henry Wong, Jeri Katou, Kazu Shiota, Kenta Kitagawa, Ryo Akiyama, Henry's sister Susie and Ai and Mako, along with our Digimon-naming them would take up too much time-

Rika's POV:

Gogglehead! (Whap!)

Takato's POV:

Ow! Sorry, Rika. Anyway, along with our Digimon-Guilmon, Renamon, Terriermon, Leomon, Guardromon, MarineAngemon, Cyberdramon, Lopmon, Impmon and Calumon-who helps out whenever he can and doesn't really have a Tamer-it's been seven years since we've defeated the D-Reaper, as well as Dracula, the legendary vampire, but that was during the summer, so that really doesn't count. We've all grown up in our own ways, but in some ways, we haven't changed a bit! For one thing, almost all of us have graduated high school-the ones who haven't are still in junior high, like Susie, Ai and Mako-and are now even considering college. Well, not Rika and I, 'cause college was the last thing on our minds. What was bothering us was the simple fact that this was the year we were finally going to get married! The only problem is that marriage isn't as cut-and-dried as it normally is on TV. Getting married is even a big step, and I'll show you why that is...

Takato Matsuki sighed heavily as he, along with his Digimon partner Guilmon, left the place they'd called home for quite a long time to find another place-somewhere in Shinjuku that wouldn't cost that much-to live. Guilmon was even more sadder than Takato was, and their reasons for being sad were entirely different. Whereas Takato was sad that he was leaving his parents, Guilmon was sad that there wouldn't be anymore free Guilmon bread-or free bread at all!

"Trust me, Guilmon-moving out of Mom and Dad's the week before the wedding is the right thing to do-you'll see."

"Are you sure, Takato? Couldn't we just spend one more week at home?"

"Mom warned us-well, actually, Mom warned Rika and me, but it's the same thing-that during the week before we'd set the wedding that we would both have to move into our own place! And since Rika and I both have Digimon to look after, we'll have to find a place to hide you. Truthfully, hiding Renamon isn't a problem-it's you we'd have the problem of hiding. Ever since the city destroyed your shed-and our only way to and from the Digital World-it's been complicated enough keeping you at home!"

Takato had grown up and had learned from his experiences as a Tamer. His brown hair was still the same, but Rika kept warning him that eventually, he would have to cut it. His response?

"I'll cut my hair when you keep your hair down for more than one day!"

Naturally, he'd received a bruise on his arm for even suggesting that, but Takato, for some strange reason no one knows why, considered that bruise a love tap. It showed him that no matter how much she had changed that the Digimon Queen still hadn't changed much. He even had on his famous yellow rimmed/blue glass-tinted goggles, which still adorned the top of his head. The only time in which he didn't have them on-so far-was on his graduation day. Minutes after they'd drove off-to Takato, it felt like five to ten minutes-the two of them had finally reached their destination.

"Welcome home, Guilmon."

"Welcome home, Takatomon."

"Henry, on a personal note, you have waaaaaaaaay too much stuff for a simple dorm room!"

"Well, Terriermon, I'd guess we'd just have to throw some stuff out."

"Guess so. Heeeeeeeey! You aren't thinking what I think you're thinking, are you?"

Henry Wong couldn't keep the bouts of laughter from escaping his mouth as he and his Digimon partner Terriermon were transferring his stuff from his father's car to his new dorm room where he had made the foolish assumption-that was Terriermon's opinion-of rooming with Kazu, Kenta and Ryo while they were in college. They wouldn't have any problems hiding their Digimon-with the exception of Guardromon-because of a few reasons: In Henry's case, Terriermon could still be carried around as a plush toy. As for Kenta, MarineAngemon could easily fit in either one of his pockets. And as for Ryo, Cyberdramon could just deDigivolve into Monodramon, who could then hide under the bed.

"I still don't understand why Kazu has to have Guardromon in the dorm room! Why couldn't he just pretend to be a soda machine down the hall?"

"Terriermon! Because then other students would try to actually put some money in him and get something to drink."

"In that case, we'd be loaded!"

Henry sighed deeply as he and Terriermon finally returned to say goodbye-for the moment-to his father and Susie, as well as her partner Lopmon. He'd already said his goodbyes to his other siblings and mother earlier in the day, so it wouldn't be that harder on him later.

"Remember son-we love you, and if you ever need anything, our number's on your speed dial."

"'Speed dial?' How'd I get...? Terriermon!"

Henry couldn't avoid laughing along with the others even for a moment. It hadn't really registered to him that he would have to leave the sanctity of home until the day he had graduated alongside the others. They had all gone to the same high school, had been forced-again, in Rika's case-to wear uniforms, and had taken on every evil imaginable that could conjure its way to the Real World-and they'd still been able to keep up with their schoolwork.

"I'll miss you, Tewwiermon." Susie smiled gently while hugging the little Rookie Digimon as tight as possible. True, the youngest member of the Wong family could pronounce her r's correctly now, but every now and then, she just loved to mispronounce his name for old time's sake.

"Momentai, Susie. It's not like Henry and I are gonna be gone forever. We'll come back during Christmas, during New Year's, during birthday's..."

"Okay, Terriermon, okay." Henry grinned while picking up his partner with one hand and putting him onto his shoulder before hugging his sister.

"Watch out for her, Lopmon." Henry advised, struggling to keep his emotions hidden.

"With my very life, Henry. I'll make sure she's safe." Lopmon replied calmly, perched opposite of Terriermon on Susie's shoulder.

"This isn't goodbye, Henry. Just...until next time." Janyu said as the three of them got back inside the car. Henry nodded in agreement and waved as the car suddenly departed. Once it was out of sight, Henry finally allowed his tears to be released.

"Goodbye, Dad...Susie."

"Ruff! Hiya, Henry. Was that your father?"

Despite his tears, Henry's smile broadened as he turned to see his girlfriend, Jeri Katou who was beside her restored Digimon partner Leomon. She was going to the same college as Henry and the others, but unlike the others, she had to stay at the ladies' dorm. Hiding Leomon, she had said, wouldn't be a problem. If anything arose, he could, like Cyberdramon, deDigivolve to his Rookie form of Elecmon and hide under Jeri's bed. And like everyone else, she hadn't changed too much from her youth since she used that sock puppet of hers every now and then.

"I was wondering when you would get here. I needed Leomon's help with the rest of my stuff. And, yeah, that was my dad. He brought Susie along, too."

"Then let's get to work!"

"Hey, Gogglehead! So, how do you like it?"

Takato could only gape in utter surprise as he and Guilmon exited his car-colored red, naturally-to see the Nonaka household-as well as Rika, Renamon and Calumon waiting for them!

"But-How did you-When did you-How could you-?"

"Just think of it as a wedding present. My Grandma always said I would get the house when I got married, and since my Mom wanted to live further in town, there you are! Now we won't have to worry about hiding Dinoboy in some rented apartment."

Like Takato, Rika Nonaka hadn't changed that much. She still wore her hair up into a ponytail, but only on certain occasions would she have it down, which weren't that many. Obviously, her body had gone through some changes, but Takato hadn't minded those at all! Unfortunately, that meant that he would have to keep himself from thinking some thoughts he hadn't meant to think in the first place and whenever Rika was around, his mind occasionally tended to run amok.

"Again I repeat, how do you like it?" Rika was tapping her foot, pretending to be impatient with Takato, but secretly enjoying his face changing color and turning as red as her hair whenever he would look at her.

" look great, as usual-I mean the house looks great! What I meant was, um..." Takato's blush became even redder as he finally broke his gaze away from Rika and bowed his head in preparation. "Go ahead-hit me."

Takato winced in worry and anticipation but what he received was a gentle hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Stupid Gogglehead! Now, come on. Let's get you settled in-"

At that second, Guilmon's eyes dilated and went completely viral as Renamon crouched down, prepared for anything out of the ordinary. Calumon gasped in surprise as he ran up to Rika's leg and hid behind it.

"Guilmon? What's wrong, boy?"

"Renamon, what is it?"

Since they'd both been asked at the same time, Guilmon answered right off the bat.

"It's a Digimon...but I thought all the portals to the Digital World were closed."

"Apparently, some Digimon can still breach through the Digital Plane and arrive here."

Rika was now getting impatient for one reason-this Digimon had purposely chosen to appear at this particular time! True, the Digimon probably didn't even know what was going on, but that still didn't mean it had to be here.

"One last time, Gogglehead?" Rika pulled out her shades and quickly placed them over her eyes.

"One last time." Takato grinned as he pulled his goggles over his eyes and, with Rika, Guilmon, Renamon and Calumon, raced off toward the approaching fog bank.

"Personally, we could've taken my car and driven down here." Takato grumbled five minutes later as he, Rika and the Digimon finally arrived in the midst of the fog bank, patiently awaiting the arrival of the Digimon.

"But then it wouldn't be like it was in the old days, would it, Takato?" Rika retorted, pulling out a Modify card and preparing to swipe it.

Takato blushed lightly and chose not to respond as he pulled out a Modify card of his own.

"Hey! Fancy running into you guys here."

Takato, Rika and the Digimon turned to see Henry and Terriermon entering into the fog, the former with his own shades over his eyes; the latter hanging onto his partner's shoulder.

"We had to wait on you." Rika noted cynically, the grin still on her face.

"Sorry. Had to move my things into the dorm room, you know?"

Conversation was abruptly cut off as the wild Digimon suddenly laughed loudly while revealing himself through the fog bank!

"Whoa! Kurisarimon-a Champion Digimon whose type I can't really identify. His Data Crusher attack is pretty unstoppable!"

The Tamers cried out as Kurisarimon used his arms to launch himself from the fog and onto a nearby building! Takato pulled his Digivice down and prepared to swipe the Modify card.

"One last time, guys." Takato advised, a determined look on his face.

"One last time." Rika and Henry chorused calmly, determined looks on their own faces.


"Digimodify!" Takato, Rika and Henry chorused. "Digivolution, activate!"


"Guilmon Digivolve to...GROWLMON!!!"

"Renamon Digivolve to...KYUBIMON!!!"

"Terriermon Digivolve to...GARGOMON!!!"

"Yay! Go, guys-take that creepy Digimon down!" Calumon cheered as Growlmon, Kyubimon and Gargomon raced forward, their partners watching the battle begin with anxious looks on their faces.

"Okay, you creepy spider wanna-be-let's see you handle this! PyroBlaster!!"

The Champion Digimon grunted as he absorbed the attack without much damage, then prepared to fire his own attack but was caught off guard by Kyubimon.

"Dragon Wheel!!"

WHAM!! Kurisarimon grunted in frustration as Kyubimon forced him to drop to the ground, where Gargomon was waiting for him, his Gatling arms cocked and prepped.

"Talk about efficient teamwork, huh, Spidey? Gargo Lasers!!"

BLAM!! The Champion Digimon roared in pain as Gargomon's attack punctured through his protective plating and sent him to the ground in a heap! Growlmon, Kyubimon and Gargomon approached the fallen Champion, prepared to watch his downfall.

"That was almost too easy." Rika whispered from a few meters behind the Digimon, Takato and Henry nodding in agreement.

"Usually, Champion Digimon wouldn't allow themselves to be beaten like that..." Takato began, but was cut off as a bright light focused their attention to where their Digimon were at.

"...unless they were planning a surprise attack on their adversaries! GET OUT OF THERE!!" Henry demanded worriedly, but by then, the evolved Digimon sprang upward, knocking all three Digimon down and reappearing on top of the building!

"Like things weren't bad enough already! Infermon, an Ultimate Digimon, whose type is still unknown. His Network Grenade and Spider Shooter attacks are unpredictable."

Rika grunted while refocusing her attention back towards Infermon, who was readily watching the three Champion Digimon.

"In all honesty, this would be my spider wanna-be suit."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah-put a sock in it! Bunny Pummel!!"

Infermon started laughing again as he nimbly dodged Gargomon's attack, but not without leaping to the next building and striking the Champion Digimon hard, sending him to the ground and causing Henry some pain!

"That's it! Growlmon, take this pasty-faced movie rip-off Digimon down!" Takato growled angrily while pulling out another Modify card.


"Digimodify!" Takato demanded at that second. "Hyper Wing, activate!"

The Virus-type Digimon roared as a number of wings appeared on his back as he took flight, powering up for his main attack.


Infermon roared in surprise as he felt the impact of Growlmon's attack. Like before, it felt as if he was being hit by an Ultimate Digimon! He barely managed to dodge the Champion Digimon before preparing his own attack.

"Spider Shooter!!"

"Ahhhhhh!!!" Takato screamed in agony as he felt that attack strike Growlmon and send him back down to the ground! Almost as if they'd synchronized it, Rika groaned as she dropped to her knees, feeling Takato's pain like it was her own.

"Come on, guys. We can't let our Digimon down...not now!" Henry gasped as the three of them were barely able to regain their footing, pulling up some Modify cards and concentrating until they became Blue cards.


"Digimodify!" Takato, Rika and Henry chorused once again. "Matrix Digivolution, activate!"

Grinning, Infermon knew what was coming, and had been advised to stop it at all costs. "Not so fast!!"

"Growlmon Matrix Digivolve to...WARGROWLMON!!!"

As Growlmon changed into his Ultimate form, Infermon launched himself high up into the air with practiced ease.

"Kyubimon Matrix Digivolve to...TAOMON!!!"

When Kyubimon changed into her Ultimate form, Infermon prepared to fire his attack from afar.

"Gargomon Matrix Digivolve to...RAPIDMON!!!"

The instant Gargomon changed into his Ultimate form, Infermon yelled out, "Spider Shooter!!" and fired his attack repeatedly, striking the Digimon at various points on their bodies!

"Ahhhhhh!!!" Takato screamed loudly as WarGrowlmon was hit first, Tamer and Digimon flung back to the ground like rag dolls! Rika cried out as not only did she feel the intensity of the first attack, but felt Taomon's injuries as well, forcing the two of them down to where Takato and WarGrowlmon were. Henry yelled out once Rapidmon was hit, the two of them toppling over to the ground, the three Digimon completely covered by smoke. Infermon laughed loudly as he prepared to skitter off.

"Jeri...we need you. Hear me, and help us!" Henry thought sadly as the smoke cleared to reveal Guilmon, Renamon and Terriermon, the three Digimon forced to deDigivolve back to their Rookie forms.

"Guilmon, speak to me!" Takato pleaded as he managed to get back on his feet, noticing Calumon trying to help Rika up and figured he would have to help him out.

"He caught us off guard, Takatomon..."

"" Rika gasped in pain as both Calumon and Takato helped her back up.

"He used his our most vulnerable time..."

"Like in that Digimon movie, right, Henry?"

"That's right, Terriermon." Henry nodded while getting back up and making his way over to where his partner was at.

"And obey my Master's wishes and annihilate you Tamers!!"

"Not today, you foul inhuman Digimon! FIST OF THE BEAST KING!!!" Leomon roared as he leaped forward and struck Infermon where he stood, sending him back down to the ground!

"Jeri! Boy, are we glad to see you." Takato admitted as Henry made his way over to her and hugged her gently.

"Thank Henry. Leomon, are you ready?"

With a nod from her partner, Jeri concentrated and the Modify card she held became a Blue card at that moment.


"Digimodify!" Jeri yelled out while swiping the card with ease. "Matrix Digivolution, activate!"

Matrix Digivolution!

"Leomon Matrix Digivolve to...GRAPLEOMON!!!"

The Tamers' attention was now focused toward the Ultimate Digimon in place of Leomon, who resembled a cyborg with a golden mane. Takato pulled out his Digivice and scanned him once again, like he'd done with Leomon and SaberLeomon long ago.

"If Leomon can't get the job done, just call in his Ultimate form GrapLeomon! His King of Fists and Cyclone Kick attacks truly get the point across!"

"Let's see how you like being on the receiving end! Cyclone Kick!!"

Infermon howled in pain as GrapLeomon's attack struck him across the face, sending him back down to the ground.

"Raaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!! King of Fists!!" GrapLeomon jumped back up to the sky, then as he came back down, simply thrust his arms forward and aimed his fists directly at Infermon's chest.

WHAM!!! Within seconds, the full impact of the attack sank deeply inside Infermon's chest and the Ultimate Digimon was deleted instantly, GrapLeomon absorbing his data a moment later.

"What? We can't let this Digimon get reborn, if Digimon get reborn at all back in the Digital World." Jeri insisted as Henry eyed his girlfriend with a look of astonishment.

"Good point."

Takato stood there, being supported by Rika and Guilmon, and helping Renamon support Rika, watching the skies above.

"Takato? What is it?"

Out of the corner of his eye, Takato knew his fiancee was eyeing him with a look of concern in her violet eyes, so he voiced his caution.

"Something tells me that this wasn't just a random Digimon. I have a feeling that this isn't over with yet...not by a long shot."

"Young fool, you have no idea how right you are! That Digimon was just a tip of the iceberg, and he wasn't the one you, your beloved or your friends should be wary of! When I regain what I seek, I shall not only obtain my revenge, but what I've desired ever since I laid eyes onto your pitiful world...!"

This guy sounds painfully familiar, but I can't place where I've last seen him at. Whatever he wants must be pretty bad if the Tamers were caught off guard by just one Digimon. Find out what happens next time on Digimon: Digital Monsters!