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With Every Death There is Comfort

Chapter 2

Tory POV

Ben and I had already had our picnic, and spent the rest of the time just talking, and every time that I even started thinking about Ciarra, Ben somehow knew, ending up with him tickling me…How did the guys find out about me being ticklish? But, the day was coming to an end, the sun was setting and we were headed back to the bunker. Once there, we stood awkwardly across from each other, silently.

"Ummm, thanks for taking me out there…I had a great time." I shyly thanked, Ben smiled, then nodded in acknowledgment.

"No problem, I'm glad I could help. Are you feeling better?" he wondered, and I just nodded, as he did earlier. That was when things got embarrassing.

"Where the heck have you guys been? I thought you were sick Tory? And Ben, you disappeared right after school! Did you guys go on a date?" Hi and Shelton's faces turned into devious expressions, while Ben and I turned bright red, or, I turned bright red, Ben was just slightly pink.

"No, Ben was helping me out with something." I defended myself, still blushing horribly. Which didn't make me look good for this semi-lie. Semi, because it wasn't really a date. Some might have considered it that, but I didn't.

"Sure, what the heck could Ben possibly be helping you with?" Of course, we've faced bad guys, genetic experiments, and guns and now Shelton decides to get a spine! But, at that question, a frown came over my face, and I looked down. Ben noticed, and glared fiercely at both the other Virals.

"She doesn't want to talk about it, but if she wants me to tell you, I will." Ben defended, stepping in front of me, then, at the end, looked back towards me to see my answer. Slowly, hesitantly, I nodded, then motioned that I was going home so as to not have to think about it more than I had to, and already was.


I reached home with no incidents, and Clara greeted me at the door, to see how my 'date' went. Why does everyone think there's something going on between Ben and me? It's ridiculous! Not to mention that everyone spreads rumors about me possibly being a skank, but what do you expect people to think when you hang out with three boys and have no girlfriends whatsoever?

"It wasn't a date!" I finally screeched at dinner, after Whitney had shown up, due to news traveling fast around here, and Kit calling her to say that I might not be there for dinner. He'd assumed I was going to Ben's for the rest of the day. Till, say, like midnight. Then Whitney heard that I was back and came over to choke the details of me. She and Clara would get along up until the subject of makeup and style.

"Then why did you get a little dressed up? It had to be a date! You even put on lip gloss! You HATE makeup! Why would you do that unless it was a date?" Clara was super ecstatic about this. I wasn't. And, yes, I may not have mentioned it before, but I did put a miniscule amount of lip gloss on. It wasn't anything too flashy, it was basically Chap Stick.

"Look," I started, "There isn't anything between Ben and I, and we are JUST FRIENDS. He's been helping me get over Ciarra's death, and that's all!" I stood abruptly from the table, and departed towards my room, it was time to get rid of the massive headache they'd all caused, but it gets worse. Jason texted a second after I shut the door.

'Hey, r u there? U nevr answered if u were going to the debutante brunch tomorrow.' Ugh, I don't want to go~ I mentally whined. Would Kit let me skip? The answer is: No. He loves Whitney way more than he loves me. Or that's what it seems like when it comes to stuff like this.

'Ya, I am, but only for a little while.' I replied, deciding that if he asked me out, Ben would suddenly be my date to the damn brunch, I wasn't going down alone. I should probably warn Ben.

'Hey, Jason is most likely going 2 ask me to a brunch thing tomorrow, HELP ME D:' I think that got the message through his head. The next messages arrived simultaneously, one from each of the boys I was texting.

'Do u already have a date?' Now I can honestly say yes, because Ben's text was the best message I'd read in a while.

'Do I have to wear a tux?' Since when did everything he did make me laugh? I guess since now, considering that was his only response to my 'distressing' text.

'Sadly, yes -_-. ' I replied, exhausted already from just knowing that I'd have to explain all this to Whitney and Clara… Grrr, when did my life get so damn frustrating?! By the end of the week, I'd really have migraines.

A slight vibration came from my phone, signaling Ben's message, 'Darn, but at least I won't stand out for once.' Again, I laughed, we had always stood out from everyone else, especially when I wore that pink dress to the first cotillion event, ugh, that brings back nightmares.

'I can't promise that, not with the dresses that Whitney chooses, blargh,' I commented, immediately sending the text. Once again, I dread talking to my old friend and 'mom' about this… They were going to murder me if I didn't give them the juicy, amazing, nonexistent details.

'I'm sure they're not that bad, if Jason's interested in you,' was Ben's next message. Did he have to remind me that Jason was so extremely, annoyingly interested? I'd made it clear before that I wasn't.

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