"Why the hell did I leave the decision to genin's" were the thoughts of one Kakashi Hatake Jonin sensei of Team 7 as he battle's Zabuza Momochi on a thick mist covered bridge. He glanced behind him to see Sauske and Naruto trapped in a dome of ice mirrors.

Zabuza smirked under his bandages and said "Your genin are going to die Kakashi and theres nothing you can do about it."

Inside dome….

Naruto looked in awe at the senbon needle ridden Sauske after he shoved Naruto out of the way.

Naruto said "Sauske why?"

Sauske smirked and said "My body, moved on its own."

As Sauske fell down the hunter-nin said "Was this your first time watching a comrade die. Don't worry you'll join him shortly."

Naruto with an angry tone said "Shut up."

Naruto's chakra skyrocketed causing a red chakra tornado to surround him and shooting into the sky breaking the top mirror.

With Kakashi and Zabuza….

Both turned to the dome when they felt the burst of chakra.

Kakashi thought "Did the seal weaken."

Zabuza said "What the hell is that?"

Kakashi withdrew a scroll, opened it, and smeared his blood on it and said "I'm going to have to end this now."

Kakashi went through four hand seals, slammed the scroll into the ground and said "Kuchiyose: Doton: Tsuiga no Jutsu (Summoning: Earth Release: Tracking Fang Technique)." After a few moments eight dogs burst from the ground and sank their teeth into Zabuza, immobilizing him.

Kakashi said "Get ready Zabuza; you're about to see my original technique."

With Naruto….

After seeing his senbon having no effect on Naruto, he got ready to move to a new mirror only to widen his eyes before Naruto's chakra covered fist broke the mirror and smashed into his face breaking his mask and sending him skidding across the bridge until he was stopped by the rail.

Naruto lifted Haku up and after seeing his face the chakra receded and said "Why Haku?"

Haku looked into his eyes and said "Because I must protect my precious person."

Before they could continue the sound of chirping birds filled the air. They looked to the other end of the bridge to see Zabuza held in place and Kakashi with a large amount of blue lightening natured chakra around his right hand. Haku whispered "Sorry" to Naruto before sinking into an ice mirror. Haku appeared a moment later between Kakashi and Zabuza and received Kkashi's lightning covered fist in his chest. Kakashi jumped back while pulling his hand out of Haku's chest. The sound of clapping rang through the air as the mist started to clear and revealed a short man in a black business suit, holding a cane and wearing sunglasses.

The short man said "Well it seems the Demon of the Mist is nothing but a weakling. It's a good thing I never intended to pay you."

Zabuza growled as the dogs disappeared and said "You double crossing midget bastard. I guess we aren't enemies anymore Kakashi."

Kakashi nodded and said "Now we just have to kill these guys."

Gato said "Kill everyone on the bridge and then go have fun with the townspeople."

Naruto growled and said "You bastard; people aren't your playthings."

Gato laughed and said "The weak are devoured by the strong. It's the rule of the world."

Naruto clenched his fist and said "I won't let you."

Naruto subconsciously molded what was left of the Kyubi's chakra along with his and focused it at Gato and his thugs. His anger augmented by the Kyubi's chakra caused a black cloud to form over the thugs and the wind picked up causing the thug's loose cloths to flutter. The shinobi and Tazuna looked in awe as a couple dozen lightning bolts started to rain upon Gato and thugs. Once over ¾ of the group were dead including Gato and Naruto fell face down unconscious.

One of the thugs said "They killed our meal ticket. Let's get them."

Before they could charge an arrow landed in front of them and when they looked behind the shinobi they saw the villagers holding various weapons and farm equipment and Inari standing in front of them with a crossbow in hand.

Inari yelled "Leave our village alone."

Zabuza removed the bandages from his mouth and said "Hey Kakashi, toss me a kunai."

Kakashi tossed a kunai to Zabuza who caught it in his mouth and Kakashi pulled out two for him to use. After a few moments the thugs spun around and ran away, causing the villagers to cheer loudly.

1 week later…

Tazuna along with the villagers stood waving at the retreating Konoha Shinobi.

Inari looked at Tazuna and said "What are we gonna call the bridge Jiji?"

Tazuna smiled and said "The Super Tazuna Bridge."

Tsunami smiled and said "How about the Great Naruto Bridge?"

Tazuna said "That sounds like a fine name."

2 days later Hokages office…

Kakashi and Team 7 stood in front of the 3rd Hokage awaiting his comments after the debriefing.

Hiruzen said "Congratulations on completing your first A-ranked mission. However that was very irresponsible of you Kakashi to not only leave it up to your genin to make the decision to continue the mission, but also not requesting back up. Now Team 7 you are dismissed except for Naruto."

Sauske scowled and said "Whatever you have to say can be said to me."

Hiruzen scowled and said "I am not the civilian council, I am the Hokage. I don't care that you are the last Uchia in the village I am you leader and when I give you an order you will follow it or be suspended from shinobi duties. Do I make myself clear?"

Before Sauske could make the situation any worse Kakashi said "He understands Hokage-sama, we'll be leaving now."

Once they left Hiruzen said "From the report you made you first kill on the mission. As well as using the Kyubi's chakra. How does it make you feel?"

After a few moments of thought Naruto said "I didn't like using the furball's chakra because I lost control of my anger. For the killing those bandits; I know if I did't they would have destroy and hurt the villagers, but I didn't like doing it."

Hiruzen nodded and said "Killing is an unfortunate byproduct of the shinobi's job, but as long as you don't revel in killing, then you are still human. It's when you start not caring about the act of killing then you become a monster."

Naruto looked at Hiruzen and said "This mission showed me I'm not that good of a shinobi. Do you know how to help me get better?"

Hiruzen nodded and said "I can point you in the right direction to getting better, but it will be up to you to actually follow it. Now before we get to that I have a piece of chakra paper here to find out your elemental affinities."

After Hiruzen handed Naruto the paper he said "What do I do with it Jjij?"

Hiruzen said "Focus your chakra into it. If it gets cut in half then you have wind, if it burns you have fire, if it turns to dirt you have earth, it becomes damp you have water, and if it crumples then you have lightning."

Naruto focused his chakra and both Hiruzen and Naruto were shocked at the result; because the paper shredded into several small pieces. Half of the pieces became super damp and the other half rolled into small balls, but what happened next caused Hiruzen to smirk as the pieces spun into a tornado with a small black cloud over it.

Naruto looked at Hiruzen and said "What does that mean?"

Hiruzen smirked and said "Not only do you have a very strong affinity for Wind, Water and Lightning, but you also awakened a kekki genkai."

After a few moments Naruto started doing a victory dance and said "That's right I'm awesome."

After a few moments Hiruzen calmed Naruto down and handed him a couple of scrolls and said "The scrolls I gave you is scrolls that came with your mother from her clan"

Naruto looked with wide eyes and said "If I have a clan then why was I alone?"

Hiruzen sighed and said "Because as far as we know you are the last Uzumaki. You clan and village were destroyed during the end of the second shinobi war. Your mother was sent to us a few months before they were destroyed; Along with a few scrolls from the Uzumaki clan. I don't know what is in them because only someone with Uzumaki blood can open them. To open them just place some blood on the seal and pump some chakra into it."

Naruto had tears in his eyes and said "Can you tell me how my parents are?"

Hiruzen said "I can't tell you how your father is until you are at least Jonin level, because he made a lot of enemies. Your mother's name was Kushina Uzumaki and she was a Jonin level Kunoichi. Now go home and read those scrolls and meet me here in two days at 9am and I'll help you get the things you'll need to become a better shinobi."

Naruto looked at Hiruzen with fire in his eyes and said "Just you wait Jiji, I'll be taking that hat from you yet."

Hiruzen smiled, ruffeled his hair and said "I'm giving your team a week off for completing your first A-rank mission."

Naruto nodded and ran out of the Hokage's office and once he reached home he shut and locked the door and ran to his room. Naruto opened the first scroll and it was a letter from the clan head:

"To the Uzumaki that opened this scroll I offer congratulation in the activation of the Arashi no Kami (Storm God). It allows you to combine wind, water and lightning to create various storms. At the end of this note are two seals; one seal contains the weapon that the first Uzumaki to wield the Arashi no Kami kekki genkai used, and the second has the instructions to use the weapon and a few books on Fūinjutsu. Now go forth and show the world the power of the Uzumaki clan."


Kojero Uzumaki

Clan head

Naruto looked at the base of the note at the three seals; he poured his chakra into the first seal which caused two more small scrolls, and a large hammer to appear. Naruto looked at the hammer in awe. It looked like a short handled sledge hammer; the head of the weapon is a dark grey, it had a 1½ long round leather wrapped handle, and a leather hoop at the end of it. Naruto grasped the handle and tried to lift it. After several tries he remembered that the instructions were in the second seal. After releasing the seal 3 books appeared as well as two small scrolls labeled 1 and 2. The first scroll had only a few lines readable: "To my decedent, the hammer I left is called Mjolnir. To wield the hammer you must pour your chakra into the hammer while holding the handle. Before you do I shall tell you... If able to wield Mjolnir then open the second scroll."

Naruto placed both hands on the handle, started to channel his chakra, and tried to lift it. After several moments a strong whirlwind surrounded him and Mjolnir, after a few moments the head started to glow as Naruto no effortlessly lifted the hammer. After several moments of a victory danceNaruto set the hammer one the floor and opened the second scroll and was disappointed that most of it was unreadable. It read: "Congratulations on being able to wield Mjolnir. However you must still learn chakra control or… It also is nearly indestructible,"


Raiden Uzumaki-Odi

Naruto scowled since he only got a few lines, but what's training without some challenges. Naruto the next few hours going over the few books and only stopped to get dinner at Ichiraku's before going to sleep.


Naruto awoke in a place that wasn't his room. After standing up in the 1ft deep water he realized he was in a sewer and he wasn't wet from the water.

A deep voice said "Come to me."

With nothing better to do Naruto followed the sound of the voice until he reached a large room with golden bars against one wall. Naruto started to walk towards the bars, but stopped when a pair of blood red eyes with slitted pupils appeared behind the bars.

The voice said "We finally meet my jailor."

Naruto looked confused for a few moments before he said "You're the Kyubi."

Kyubi smirked and said "You're not as stupid as you look. I wish to make a deal with you gaki."

Naruto scowled and said "You're the reason my childhood was horrible, why the heel would I make a deal with you?"

Kyubi growled and said "I didn't want to attack your village; I was happy to escape your mother and leave this accursed village. Unfortunately for the both of us a man in an orange spiral mask appeared and ripped me out of your mother and then used the Sharingan to control me. Since you managed to awaken a kekki genkai I thought was gone from this world, you will become strong and since unless you release the seal I'm not going anywhere."

After a few moments Naruto said "What's the deal?"
Kyubi sighed and said "If you promise that once you're strong enough you'll kill the man that caused your suffering; then I'll increase the density of your bones to make them much harder to break, and since I never liked the look of muscle bound people, I'll convert your muscle into pink muscle."

Naruto cocked his head to the side and said "What is pink muscle?"
Kyubi sighed again and said "There are three types of muscle in your body. White muscle is for muscle memory, red muscle is for short bursts of power, and pink muscle is a combination of both. What pink muscle will do is allow you to become very strong because it creates compact wiry muscle and you are able to be fast because you don't have the large muscles to slow you down. With this deal I'll only give you chakra if you absolutely need it. There will be a time when you'll eventually have to learn to control my chakra, but that won't be for a while. If you accept the deal then I'll have the changes done in enough time to meet the Hokage."

After a few minutes of thought Naruto said "I accept and with your help I'll become the greatest ninja ever, Dattebayo!"

Kyubi sweat dropped and said "Crap, not another one."