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Summary: Bella tries to live a normal life outside of the supernatural world and ends up in Texas where she meets Levi Creole Redlake who she later marries but is there stuff that Levi is hiding from Bella and why is the bite mark that he left on her affecting her the way it is?

Chapter One: Levi's Confession

Bella's POV

It had been 5 years since he had left since Jake decided I wasn't worth his time and since I left Forks and moved to Texas so much has changed for me since then one thing was the fact that I was no longer Isabella Marie Swan but I was now Isabella Marie Redlake the wife of Levion Creole Redlake and the mother of twin boys Levi Jr. and Chaske Joshua Creole Redlake and baby girl Alexzandré Maria Nihau Redlake I could lie and say that my life is perfect but I've come to realize that its not it could be but Levi and his father keep secrets and when I question him about it he becomes a completely different person he hates that I used to hang out with Jake, Quil and Embry and has a bitter view of me being saved by Sam Uley I don't know why. I wouldn't say that Levi is a horrible husband because he's not he's just…sometimes he can be too much he can be too intense and I can even admit that sometimes he scares me.

Levi and I married after only being together 7 months I had become pregnant with the twins after only 2 months of sleeping together he proposed days after finding out that I was pregnant and we married 5 months later on his grandfathers ranch in Austin, Texas.

The first time that Levi ever scared me I was 6 months pregnant and I had just finished talking to my father he kept bringing up Jake this and Jake that and how much Jake missed me which I could give a rats ass about but somehow Levi heard and in his jealous haze he blew up at me claiming that I was goin to leave him for Jake which of course I denied but it was as if he couldn't hear me somehow he got me on all four on our couch and he fucked me as hard as he could without doin damage at least too much damage I couldn't walk straight for a week. I wouldn't call it rape but I wouldn't call it making love either that night he bit me on the neck and its been weird if someone other than Levi touches it I feel uncomfortable my eldest son Levi Jr. touched it and I ended up throwing up all of my food.

I love my husband and my children I do but sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if I had never met him.

"What are you doing?" Joshua asked me.


"You guys are going on another vacation?" Theresa asked me.

"No my father was in a car accident and he needs someone to take care of him his girlfriend doesn't mind but she has to work as well and since I since I am basically a doctor or resident at least plus I sorta miss home we decided to go back for a while anyways."

"Levi your okay with moving to Washington?" Joshua asked here comes their secret conversation.

"Of course he isn't because whatever secrets your hiding has to do with La Push so of course he doesn't want to move there even though my father needs me so he had an option divorce court or move to Washington with me and I guess you can see who he picked."

"Isabella you don't know…" Joshua started but I cut him off.

"Of course I don't know because Levion keeps secrets from me I mean how long are we gonna be married Levion before you start being honest with me?! I am tired of being kept in the dark and having you and your father thinking that I'm gonna do what you want just because you have secrets!" I yelled I tried to be okay with it I did I swear but fuck that.

"I'll let you 2 speak in private Levi call me before you leave." Joshua said him and Theresa leaving.


"No Levion my father was hurt and whether you come with me or not I don't care I am going to La Push whether you like it or not!"


"I am so tired of your petty jealously me and Jake were never anything other than friends so stop if I wanted Jake I would have dated him when we were hanging out before he became an asshole I mean Levi how long will I have to be with you before you trust me?!" I whisper to him softly.

"I do trust you I just I love you so much and I can't lose you." He whispered.

"I've given you 3 kids and my hand in marriage what more can I give you?" I whisper to him.

"I'm sorry."

"I mean are you cheating on me?"


"My mom used to tell me when a man keeps accusing you of cheating it's because they are guilty because they were cheating."

"It's not true I didn't cheat on you."

"Then why can't you trust me and tell me why you don't trust me?!" I snarl at him his eyes widen my body starts shaking he grabs my arm drags me outside and drags me to the little woods behind our house the shaking was getting even more intense then it stops it felt like I had exploded it was real painful but then again it wasn't.



Yeah it's me

What the hell just happened?

I don't know I mean I know but it doesn't make any sense it should have never happened to you there are no vampires around and you don't even have Quileute blood in you.

What shouldn't have happened Levion?

Baby you phased and turned into a wolf. You remember the Quileute Legends? Well they are all true imprinting fighting cold ones turning into horse sized wolves the whole 9 yards we moved so fast because I imprinted on you which basically means we're mates the first time I looked you in your eyes I knew that you were the one for me I know you know about vampires we are made to fight them and kill them and we're fairly large horse sized I can admit your beautiful baby your winter white with red highlights.

So this is what you've been hiding from this? This is how you knew the La Push guys because their wolves just like you?

Just like us but yeah you know how my last name is Redlake?

No your last name is Redlake I didn't know that even though I've been signing my name like that since we got married.

No need to be a smart ass.

He snarled at me stalking up towards me I stepped back growling he stopped then rubbed his head into my neck nuzzling it whimpering.

I'm sorry I didn't mean to growl but what I was saying is Redlake is my mothers maiden name.

I know you've told me hundreds of times.

I have my mothers name but my father does have other children and his other son that's my younger brother well he's a dick he phased like we do and thought that since I was like him and since he lived there longer that he should be Alpha and I should be his beta. He wasn't at all worried about us being brothers I mean it was the first time we had ever met and all he could think about was me being in his pack me being his beta not me being his brother but his beta second in command. To me he was power hungry he didn't want me as a brother he wanted me as his soldier second in fucking command, his lesser. That wasn't someone I wanted to be pack mates with and seeing as I had been phasing longer than him and was older than him no way was I fucking submitting to his punk ass plus my momma raised me to be a gentleman the way he treated his girl he took her for granted and ended up breaking her heart he wasn't someone I wanted to be around I don't want you around him either.


He's not important yet just lets not go there yet okay?

Your not my alpha you're my mate so don't go thinking otherwise or I'd divorce your ass and leave it with the quickness understand?

Of course honey.

For the next 2 hours Levi tries to show me how to phase back after 2 hours I finally phased back.

We talked about everything he called his dad and let him know everything Joshua really didn't want us to go after that but like I said my father comes first so we left we packed up everything and moved back to my hometown back to the supernatural bullshit.

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