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Chapter Five: Like a man possessed

Emmett's POV

I hunted in Canada for a couple of days before running back to Alaska Rose was sitting on the porch when I reached their home she got up and ran to me and hugged me.

"Don't ever leave me again." She whispered into my chest.


We walk into the house Alice zips over to me and hugs me for someone small she is very strong.

"Hi Emmett." She squeals.

"Hey pixie guys." Me and Rose go sit on the couch as Alice goes to sit with Jasper everyone comes to the living room and sits down.

"So what happened when you went against my wishes and returned to Forks?" Edward sneered Rosalie hissed at him.

"Shut the fuck up Edward no one cares that your feelings are hurt." Alice said.

"How was Paul?" Jasper said.

"I don't know I didn't see him but I did run into Bella on my first day there she was in the grocery store."

"What were you doing in the grocery store?" Esme asked bewildered probably.

"I don't know I was just walking around town and just ended up there."


"So how was Bells?" Alice asked.

"She was good really good my little sister is a hottie." I exclaimed with a smile on my face.

"You will not talk about my Bella in such a way." Edward sneered.

"Unless you named your hand Bella which would be so fucking weird and not to mention wrong and probably something that you would totally do you sick little fuck plus little Bella isn't so little anymore and she's moved on you'd never believe just how either."

The girls were on the edge of their seats until Rosalie hit me on the back of the head.

"Bella's married to someone else." I whispered with a calculated smirk on my face. "But that's not all Edward she's got kids a life that no longer has room for you."

"Liar." I thought about when I met the little boy that looked like a mixture of Bella and Charlie he was a handsome little devil. Edward sneered.

"Ah you've caught on to what I was thinking as well that kids tan all natural must make him Native what was Bella's best friend?" I sneered.

Edward went on a rampage destroying half of the house before Laurent and Jasper detained him.

"So Bella had a child?" Rosalie asked.

"No not a child Bella had 3 children, 2 boys twins and a little girl Levion is the oldest then Chaske then Alexzandré her baby girl she's a proud momma too and a doctor."

"A doctor you say?" Carlisle asked.

"Yeah she said her friend lost her nephew but she was able to save his sister and it made her want to be a doctor well surgeon whatever."

"Anything else?" Alice asked.

"Other than the fact that I am moving back to Forks? No."

"We need to vote on this." Carlisle said.

"No there's no voting its not your choice Carlisle I am going back to Forks whether you like it or not and I'm taking Alice and Rose with. Alice because she understands and she misses her friend and Rose cause well I'm not Edward I can't live without her." The last part was hissed at Edward.

"Emmett's right Carlisle it is time we go back I am tired of pretending that we all are fine cause we are not." Esme said.


"Do I not get a say in this?" Edward hissed.

"Obviously you can stay here Edward but everyone else had made their decision." Esme said darkly.

"But before you do anything get to cleaning up my house and then use that black card of yours to get my house fixed you understand me little boy?" Tanya hissed at him.

And that was that we were on our way back to Forks.

8 days later

We arrive in Forks finally I can't to see Bells the wolves are helping us move when we hear fighting the wolves phase and we all run toward the fighting turns out its 2 other wolves.

The white one and red highlights looked to be winning against the gray and red one.

The wolves phase back putting on their clothes.

"New wolves?" Carlisle asked.

"Kinda they aren't apart of our pack." Sam said.

"Who's pack do they come from?" Jasper asked.

"They are their own pack their mated to each other."

"2 males?" Edward snorted in disgust.

"No the white one is female and the other is male he's the Alpha in a way."

The 2 wolves look our way the white one is growling and snarling she starts stalking towards us.

"Wow she's uh still pissed at you guys." Embry said.

"How does she know us?"

She's standing in front of me looking down at me her left ear twitches she turns her face away from me looking at Alice then Esme then Rosalie then Jasper then Carlisle then lastly Edward and she snorts.

She phases back to human and standing before me is a very naked Isabella Swan.

"Bella!" Alice runs at her and hugs her Bella hugs her back.

"It's nice to see you too Alice but I'm naked and you feel like dry ice on my hot skin." Alice blinks then moves back.

"Sorry." The other wolf who had phased back brought Bella a shirt he reminded me of Levi.

"So this is the husband huh Bella?"

"This is him Levion Redlake Sr."

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