It is April first, and Matsuda has been playing pranks all day. And now, it's L's turn.

Matsuda has an awesome idea for L's prank. It might not be the best thing ever, but it isn't the worst, either. It's just an average plan, one that L will (hopefully) surely never actually fall for in a million years.

"Ryuzaki," Matsuda says, solemnly, with a straight face, "I'm Kira. I kill by telling a death god who needs to die."

With a tired slowness, L turns around.

"I see."

Before Matsuda even has a chance to say "oops", L has whipped out a pair of handcuffs, stood up, and slapped the cuffs on Matsuda's wrist.

"You're under arrest," L informs, sounding as though he honestly believes he has just caught Kira.

"Wait, Ryuzaki!" Matsuda tries, "I was just kidding! It was a joke! April fools, right? Ha ha...?..."

"You will probably be executed sometime within the week," L says, ignoring him. "I already have permission to do so from forty three other countries, including Japan."

"Wait, Ryuzaki!" Matsuda cries, desperately.

L snaps his fingers. "Watari, you know what to do."

Before Matsuda knows it, Watari has approached him, proceeding to put his hand on the pressure point on Matsuda's neck, and everything goes to black.

When Matsuda wakes up, he can feel the coldness of the cell floor. The bars are the first things he sees.

He is in a jail cell, and he is wearing the orange suit that the criminals wear.

But, this isn't right! He isn't a criminal! He was just having some fun!

"Ryuzaki, you're making a mistake!" Matsuda insists. "I'm innocent! I'm not Kira!"

Now Matsuda knows how Light feels.

"I'm sorry, Matsuda-san," L's voice from the intercom says, "you've given me the confession I was looking for."

Like a girl, Matsuda starts to cry. "It wasn't me!" he sobs. "I swear!"

L emerges in front of the cell. Matsuda sniffs and wipes at his face. "I'm sorry," Matsuda says. "Please let me go."

L smirks. "April fools, Matsuda-san."


"That was my April Fools joke, Matsuda. Ha. Ha." His laugh doesn't sound very genuine.

Matsuda doesn't know what to say, but he does know that he is never going to try that again.

Thanks goes to Stormygio for plotting this with me.

Anyway, yeah. Just a small fic. Hope you enjoyed, and please review!

~Ratt Kazamata, 7/30/2012