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Chapter one: A jinxed encounter. The S-plan begins.

Naruto woke up with a yawn, but his sleepy expression was soon replaced with a grin when he remembered that today was Team Assignment, he brushed his teeth and put on his orange jumpsuit while making a note to get some better clothes later on

He ran out the door and made a dash for the Academy until a newspaper flew into his face making him slow down so he could remove it from his face, when he pulled it off he read the front page that said "MBI monopilzes Shinobi sales; Shinobi gear now cheaper and better than ever!"

He scoffed and tossed the paper into a trash can and continued towards the Academy while thinking 'MBI, that names been appearing a lot lately; ever since that company appeared from almost nowhere they've been monopolizing a lot of things such as grocery stores, clothing, last month it was various small-time construction companies and now Shinobi gear. Hmm, there's something about them that screams suspicion; I'd talk to Ji-chan about it, but there's no solid reason to suspect MBI, and Ji-chan can't have Anbu investigate them just because of a feeling.'

By the time his train of thought was finished he found himself outside his former classroom, he sighed and pulled out some earplugs, preparing for one of the banes of his existence: Sakura.

When he opened the door and stepped inside he heard the muffled scream "NARUTO-BAKA, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" he pulled one earplug out and said "My test was unfairly rigged by Mizuki-teme, so Iruka-sensei let me retake the exam."

The pink banshee was about to scream but was interrupted by an eraser that was thrown at her head, which landed dead center (A/N Of course it is a hard target to miss, I could hit it with a BB gun 100 yards away, and trust me I'm a good shot.)

Sakura turned and noticed that her attacker was the soft spoken and shy Hinata who had an unusually confidant face, which shocked everyone that knew her. The female Hyuuga said in a chilly tone "Stop pestering Naruto-kun, or I'll use my Jyuuken (Gentle Fist) to render you unable to have children." (A/N Yes Hinata is very OC, deal with it. AND NO FLAMING!)

The fan-girl gulped and decided not to argue with that, while Naruto had a very confused face and asked "Uhh, what the hell brought on the change Hinata-san?" she turned to him with a genuinely sweet smile and said with a slightly cheerful tone "I reawakened." He tilted his head in further confusion but decided to save this mystery for later, when Iruka came in.

He smiled and said "Congrats to everyone that graduated, remember to get along with your teammates and listen to your sensei's; now without further ado, team assignments." The blue-eyed blonde tuned out most of the teams because he knew they wouldn't last three months in their career as a Shinobi/Kunoichi, until he heard the scarred Chunin say "Team 7 is: Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno [Fan-girl scream], and Naruto Uzumaki."

The blonde teen banged his head against the table mumbling that the gods must hate him, while the pink fan-girl had a frustrated face, but she just shrugged because she got paired with 'her beloved Sasuke-kun' and then started saying things like how true love was meant to be, making everyone except a certain Emo sweat-drop.

Iruka sighed and continued "Team 8 is: Hinata Hyuuga, Shino Aburame, Kiba Inuzuka and Akamaru." Hinata had a down-cast look for not being paired with the blonde, Shino was well Shino, Kiba just shrugged and was grateful he wasn't paired with the Emo prick and/or pink banshee, and Akamaru yipped happily at not being forgotten.

The scarred teacher then finished saying "Team 9 is still active, so Team 10 is: Ino Yamanaka, Chouji Akamichi, and Shikamaru Nara." Ino also had a down-cast look for not being paired with the current apple of her eye, Chouji was eating his chips, and Shikamaru was dead asleep.

A few hours later the blonde woke up from a nap and noticed a man with silver hair enter the room with a lazy expression, he looked at the three remaining Genin and said "My first impression is this: Emo looks like he has the moon up his ass, pinkie looks more annoying than well… anything I've ever seen, and sleepy, hmm, I'm not sure about him yet; anyway meet me on the roof in five minutes."

Without a word the whiskered teen got up and walked up the steps where the masked guy was waiting, followed by Sasuke and Sakura. They sat on the steps in front of the masked Jonin who said "Well, now that we're all here, how about we introduce ourselves?"

The blue-eyed teen rubbed his left eye a bit and said with a lazy tone "Names Naruto Uzumaki, the alleged 'Dead-last'. My likes are ramen, cute girls, and Konoha. My dislikes are Emo's, fan-girls, and hypocrites. My hobbies are training, trying different kinds of ramen and taking naps. My dreams are to be Hokage and find a cute girlfriend. How about you?"

The masked man smirked and said "Cute girls? We're going to get along just fine; anyway, I'm Kakashi Hatake. I have many likes, and a few dislikes that include yours Naruto. As for hobbies, I have a lot of them. Unfortunately when it comes to dreams, I haven't thought of one yet. Your turn gloom and doom."

The black-haired boy scoffed and said with a slightly arrogant tone "My name is Sasuke Uchiha, be sure to remember it. My sole like is power, and I dislike everything else. My hobbies are training and finding more ways to get power. The word 'dream' means nothing to me, because it's only a word people use when they want something that's forever out of their reach, what I have is an ambition, and that's to kill a certain someone. That's all."

The masked Jonin and blonde had blank faces, while the pink-haired girl had hearts in her eyes and was visibly drooling. Kakashi cleared his throat to get her attention and said "And you are?" she grinned cheekily and said "My name is Sakura Haruno. My like is Sasuke-kun. My hobby is finding ways to get Sasuke-kun to notice me, and I HATE Naruto-baka."

The silver-haired Jonin sighed and thought 'Great, just perfect. I've got a fan-girl, an emo asshole and a somewhat lazy blonde. Naruto I like best.' He sighed again and said "Meet me at training ground 7 tomorrow at 12:00 pm, sharp and don't eat breakfast, Ja ne." he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

The whiskered teen got up and before he could take one step to the stairs the banshee shouted "DON'T EVEN THINK OF ASKING ME FOR A DATE!" Naruto grimaced and said in a lazy and slightly disgusted voice "No one in their right mind would take you on a date, now leave me alone." She glared at him and said "Really? Well no one would even, consider you for a date. In fact, if you're ever going to get a girlfriend, she'll have to fall from the sky."

The blonde teen just ignored her and walked towards the stairs so he can get some proper clothes and go home. After about two hours of shopping he finally found some decent clothes, fortunately for him, all the stores MBI owned didn't overcharge or sell shitty food and equipment. He was wearing his new clothes which was a black cloak with gold flames licking the bottom, black combat boots, a black leather belt with a silver swirl buckle, and he bought a black katana (A/N the katana looks like Zangetsu's bankai form without the chain.) that was strapped horizontally behind his back.

He smirked at being able to afford the katana and decided to head home until he heard someone above him shout "LOOK OUT BELOW!" he looked up and [WHAM]. He tried to grab what was on top of him and noticed that his hand was touching something soft yet firm, when he looked up he found a young woman with brown hair and eyes looking at him with anime tears saying "I'm sorry for crashing into you, I lost my footing when I jumped off that building."

She pointed at a ten story building making the whiskered teen think 'No way, not even a Shinobi can jump that high and fall down here without any injuries, you'd be lucky to only get broken bones.' He looked at her and blushed at her cute face and blushed even further when he realized his hand was on one of her large E-cup breasts. (Kid: BOOOBS! I mean hi. And that everyone, would've been the first thing out of Jirayia's mouth.)

He pulled back and said "I'm sorry for touching your breast like that." She just smiled and said with a sweet voice "It's fine, it was my fault in the first place." He sighed in relief at not having to face a woman's divine wrath. Then he noticed that she had a look of shock on her face and turned around spotting a woman with a scythe, he was about to say something until the brown-haired girl grabbed his hand and took off like a shot.

A few minutes later she stopped in an alley and said while panting for breath "That [pant] was close." She looked down and noticed the blonde teen she was holding onto looked half-dead, she screamed and started shaking him frantically shouting "WAKE UP!" repeatedly. When she stopped, the whiskered teen had swirls in his eyes while saying dizzily "Please stop, can't see straight. World is spinning so fast."

She gently sat him on the ground and waited for him to get his bearings, when he came to he got up and said "What was that all about?" the brown-eyed girl said "That girl was trying to take me to her Ashikabi against my will." He tilted his head and said "Ashikabi? What are you talking about?"

She answered "I'm a Sekirei, and I must find the special person who is meant to be my Ashikabi." He was still confused by this and decided to deal with this later when his head stopped hurting, he sighed and said "My name is Naruto Uzumaki, what's yours?"

She smiled and said "My name is Musubi, Sekirei no. 88" he nodded and was about to ask her if she wanted to come home with him if she had nowhere to go, but she suddenly collapsed making him panic a bit until she said "Soooo huuuungry." He sweat-dropped and picked her up bridal style and carry her to Ichiraku ramen.

He sat her down on one of the stools and waited for Teuchi to show up but in his place was the owner's daughter Ayame, she smiled sweetly at the blonde and said "Hey Naruto-kun! The usual?" he nodded and said in a cheerful tone "You got it, and could you get some ramen for Musubi-san here?" the waitress turned her head slightly and noticed the unconscious girl, a bit of jealousy was etched on the waitress' face, but she nodded and started making the ramen.

While she worked she asked "Hey Naruto-kun, who is that girl?" he answered saying "She's Musubi, I'm helping her out." The waitress nodded with a smirk on her face, but then her face went into shock when she saw a mark on the back of the unconscious girl's neck, making Ayame rub the back of her own neck subconsciously.

She started cooking again and presented the ramen to the blonde and brown-haired girl.


A man dressed all in white grinned manically and asked his assistant "Have the strays been reawakened?" A woman with an eye-patch nodded and said "Yes, no. 104 the 'ice-pick' Seikirei and no. 106 the 'Sekirei of the mind' were reawakened yesterday, the only one left is no. 13, but she will be difficult to capture given her current occupation." The man adjusted his glasses and said "That's okay, just use the emergency recall that we used for any stays that are out of our reach and bring her here."

The woman nodded and left while the spectacled man chuckled and said "Now the new legend begins."

With Naruto.

Naruto sighed in satisfaction at the meal and was impressed that Musubi had an appetite that could put an Akamichi to shame, and according to Chouji, if anyone can out-eat an Akamichi then he/she must have a pure soul.

He reached for his wallet but was stopped when he heard "On the house." He gave a quizzical look at the brown-haired waitress, but shrugged and said "Let's go, Musubi-san." She nodded and followed him to his apartment.

After a few minutes they entered the apartment, and the energetic girl said "Wow, this is a nice apartment, you keep it so clean." He nodded and said "Yeah, I'd hate to look like a bum, so I clean the place on a regular basis." She nodded with a smile while the whiskered teen looked inside the fridge and said in a slightly irritated tone "Fridge is empty. You stay here while I get some food, if you're attacked run to the Hokage tower and tell the Hokage that you are a friend of mine and that you need help."

She nodded and asked "Is it okay if I take a shower?" he nodded, making her nod in return and start undressing which caused the whiskered teen to shout "DON'T STRIP IN FRONT OF PEOPLE, THEY'LL THINK YOU'RE A PERVERT!" (Kid: why you gotta ruin my fun, Naruto?) she face-planted and said while rubbing her head "I'm sorry, modesty is always a challenge for me." He sighed and said "At least strip when you're in the bathroom, and don't walk around in public without clothes."

She nodded and entered the bathroom, while he left. After about an hour of shopping he left the store and decided to take a short-cut through a nearby park, after a few minutes he saw a woman with light brown hair, sitting on a bench with what appeared to be a lab coat over her shoulders, he approached her and said "Hey lady, you shouldn't be here by yourself."

She just said in a flat tone "I have nowhere to go, I'm broken." He tilted his head in confusion and noticed a mark on the woman's forehead, it was the same one he saw when Musubi was stripping, making him say "You're a Seikirei." She nodded and said in the same flat tone "A broken one, but a Sekirei nonetheless."

Naruto asked her "What do you mean 'broken'?" she answered "I can never be winged by my Ashikabi, and because of that I'm broken, nobody wants me, and nobody cares for me, making me the equivalent of an outcast." He sighed and said with a soothing voice "Believe me when I say I understand what it's like to be an outcast, and if you really are 'broken' then I'll fix you and make it so you can find your Ashikabi."

She looked up at him with a hint of hope while a warm feeling flowed inside her chest making her think 'This feeling… am I reacting to him?' she then asked with a bit of hope in her voice "Will you be my Ashikabi?" he scratched his head and said "Sure, but let's do this 'winging' someplace more private." She gave a small smile and nodded.

After a few minutes they arrived at his apartment which didn't appeared to have been attacked, when they entered Musubi was on the couch watching some TV, when she heard the door shut she saw the blonde come in with another woman, a woman with a Seikirei mark. This made her ask "Naruto-san, who's that?" the blonde rubbed the back of his head and said "Good question, I forgot to ask." He turned to the 'broken' Seikirei and said "My names Naruto Uzumaki, and that's Musubi. What's yours?" she bowed respectfully and said "Akitsu, Seikirei no. 7" he nodded and then heard the more energetic girl ask "Why is she here anyway?"

The blonde replied "I found her in the park all alone, so I decided to bring her here and 'wing' her." Musubi's eyes widened and said with puppy dog eyes "That is the most romantic thing I've ever heard." A question mark appeared over his head, while she continued "A young man helping a complete stranger who is outcasted and believes she has no hope for a future."

The blonde scratched his head and asked "How'd you figure that she was an outcast?" the brown-eyed girl answered "The mark is on her head, which means she is a 'broken' Sekirei; it makes me feel so sorry for her… Okay, I've decided to make Naruto-san my Ashikabi too! Because your kindness to others including myself has made me react to you!"

The blue-eyed teen scratched his head and asked "React?" Akitsu answered "When an Ashikabi's personality rubs off on a Sekirei, she reacts to him which means they are compatible, for example if you show nothing but kindness to them like with me and Musubi-san, then we will react, but this isn't entirely applicable to all Seikirei because some react more to different personalities that suit them ."

He nodded and asked "How do I wing you?" he was glomped by the brown-haired girl and found his lips touching hers, after a few seconds he felt his chakra drain a bit from him and then a bright flash of light came from the energetic Ashikabi, and then what appeared to be wings formed behind her and then they faded into oblivion.

He blinked a few times realized that 'winging' required a kiss, he smirked a little and turned to the other woman and kissed her, the mark on her forehead glowed a bit but then faded, the blonde noticed that some chakra was taken from him whenever he kisses the women, so he allowed more of his chakra to flow into her, making the mark shatter and then another bright flash of light appeared, making ice blue wings appear behind Akitsu.

The no. 7 Sekirei smiled warmly and said "Thank you Naruto-sama, I promise to serve you without fail." The whiskered teen said "You're not my servant and you don't have to call me Sama." The quiet woman replied "You don't know? When a Sekirei is winged by his/her Ashikabi, the Sekirei become their Ashikabi's servants, whatever you ask we do. It's that simple."

"YOU TELL ME THIS NOW? I WANTED TO HELP YOU, NOT MAKE YOU MY SERVANT'S!" he shouted at the top of his lungs, the more energetic girl said "But you did help us, one of the worst things to happen to us is being unable to find our Ashikabi, so please don't be angry Naruto-sama." He sighed and nodded saying "Okay, let's go to bed, because I have to go to a team meeting."

The two women had confused looks so he said "I'm a Shinobi." The two had looks of realization and nodded, Musubi asked "Can we go with you?" he nodded and then found both his arms inside the girl's generous busts and was dragged to the bedroom where the two laid on his sides with him in the middle, he just shrugged and started grinning and whispered to himself "This might not be so bad, and Sakura was right, a girlfriend did fall from the sky."

The next morning he woke up with a yawn and found that he was the only one in the bedroom, when he looked at the clock it read 10:38 am. He sighed when he noticed the time and said "Damnit, I slept in." he got up and entered the living room where the two Sekirei were waiting, Akitsu only had a towel around her waist, which didn't really cover a lot and her breasts looked like they could fall out at any moment, while Musubi was in the kitchen.

They greeted him, and he waved at them in a friendly manner saying "That smells good, what is it?" the energetic girl happily replied "It's curry, I hope you like it Naruto-sama." He smiled at the chipper girl and then turned to the more reserved woman who was putting on some of his clothes, due to her lack of them. He made a note to go clothing shopping with them. After a few minutes Musubi brought three plates of curry that looked like three servings in each one.

The three of them said "Ittadkimatsu." And ate their food, after a few minutes the blonde sighed in satisfaction and looked at the clock, it read 11:05 am. Akitsu turned on the TV making a man dressed in white appear on the screen who said "Hello no. 7 I'm surprised that you have been winged, but I'm happy for you nevertheless." She nodded and said "Hello professor."

Naruto and Musubi entered the room with the latter saying "Hello professor." And then the white-clad man replied "Hello no. 88, I'm surprised that both of you were winged at the same time." The blonde teen asked with irritation in his voice "Who the hell are you?" the spectacled man answered with a grin "I'm glad you asked, my name is Minaka Hiroto the head of MBI, and you are a most fortunate Ashikabi ,to wing a single digit like Akitsu is an accomplishment in and of itself."

The blonde had a skeptical look and asked "So what do you want?" Minaka adjusted his glasses and said with a grin "A good question, but not the right one. The better question would be 'Why have I contacted you?', at any rate, I have called you to tell you that you are now part of a battle royale that spans across all of Konohagakure, maybe over the Elemental nations. The objective is to wing any Sekirei that react to you, and then pit them in fights against other Ashikabi and their Sekirei. The last one standing wins a marvelous prize: Money, fame, glory and many other things beyond your wildest dreams. So fight well and hard, so that you may ascend, and one more thing don't reveal anything about this or your luck will turn terrible."

Then the screen went blank and was replaced by a weather forecast. Naruto gulped at the hidden threat and decided not to push his luck, he smirked and said "I don't like the fact you have to fight against other Sekirei, but we are a part of this whether we like it or not, so our only option is to win." They nodded without hesitation and said in unison "We won't fail you Naruto-sama." He smiled and asked "Want to come with me?"

They nodded and followed him to training ground 7 where Sasuke and Sakura were waiting, the Emo was brooding like normal and when Sakura looked at the two women she shouted "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? DON'T EVEN THINK OF ASKING SASUKE-KUN FOR A DATE!" the blonde just said "Ignore her." They nodded and sat down next to him, the reserved woman asked "Naruto-sama, would you like to lay your head on my lap?"

He nodded and did so, making Musubi fume while Akitsu held up the victory sign. This made the banshee say "Is that some kind of trick to make Sasuke-kun jealous?" the quiet woman gave a curt 'No' and gently rubbed the blonde scalp in a caring manner, while the other Sekirei just shrugged and grabbed a leaf and started using it to play a soft tune, causing the blonde to fall asleep even faster, until he was woken up by something that sounded like "WHY THE HELL ARE YOU FAWNING OVER NARUTO-BAKA AND NOT SASUKE-KUN?" the brown-eyed girl said "Because he's not our Ashikabi."

This made the avenger and fan-girl raise an eyebrow, while Akitsu whispered "Be quiet you fool, if we reveal anything Naruto-sama could get in trouble." The brown-eyed girl nodded swiftly, and silently apologized, while Sasuke asked "What's an Ashikabi?" the grey-eyed woman (A/N I'm assuming that's Akitsu's eye color.) said "Not your concern, Uke-chan."

The green-eyed banshee shouted "SASUKE-KUN IS NOT GAY!" the blonde gave her the finger and tried to sleep again, until "Well this is going to be interesting." They turned and spotted Kakashi with an orange book in hand "YOU'RE LATE!" the pink banshee shouted.

Kakashi rubbed his head sheepishly and said "Sorry, strange things have been happening around the village, such as inexplicable fights occurring in parts of Konoha, however the combatants seem to disappear without a trace." The blonde raised an eyebrow and thought 'Could the fighting be part of this battle royale? If so then we could be attacked at almost any time.'

The grey-eyed woman looked at the book and asked "Can I borrow that?" the silver-haired Jonin smirked and said "Sure, I've got spares." He handed her the orange book and when she read some of it she blushed and turned redder than a cherry, she pocketed the book and mumbled something about using it for 'future reference.'

The masked Jonin asked "And who are you two?" the still blushing woman said "Akitsu, and my companion is Musubi, and we are Naruto-sama's servants." The masked pervert and avenger raised their eyebrows while the banshee still thought it was a ploy to steal 'her Sasuke-kun'

The masked Jonin said with an eye-smile "Well if that's the case, feel free to participate in the test." They nodded while the banshee asked "What test?" he answered saying in a calm tone "The Academy test was meant to find any candidates, this is the real test to see if you really and truly have what it takes to be Genin. Now then, your objective is to get these bells from me."

He held up two silver bells, making Naruto say "Two bells and three of us, five if you include Musubi-chan and Akitsu-chan, so one of us is going back to the academy." The silver-haired pervert nodded and said "Correct, but Musubi-san and Akitsu-san count as don't count because they are your for lack of a better term assistants, they can sit this out if they want."

They shook their heads and Kakashi nodded he pulled out a clock and said "You have three hours to get the bells from me, we start now." When he turned on the clock, Sasuke and Sakura leapt for the woods, while Musubi charged at the masked Jonin, he shrugged and went into a loose stance, which proved to be a mistake when she punched him, causing him to going flying across the field and into a boulder, knocking him unconscious. In the trees the Emo avenger and banshee were in shock at how strong the young woman was.

The emo was thinking 'How the f***ing hell does she have that power? I'll have to make her give to me.' Elsewhere the pink-haired girl thought 'How is she so strong? Maybe I can get her to teach me how to be that strong so I can impress Sasuke-kun.'

Naruto shouted "HOLY SHIT!" the energetic girl glomped the whiskered teen and said in a happy voice "Did I do a good job Naruto-sama?" he nodded while the more reserved woman retrieved the bells, when she brought them to the blonde he asked "How the hell did you do that?"

The brown-eyed girl answered "All Sekirei have their own special abilities, and mine is that I'm super strong." The grey-eyed woman said "And I can manipulate ice." The whiskered teen was in awe and shouted "AWESOME! MUSUBI-CHAN WE SHOULD TRAIN TOGETHER AND BECOME EVEN STRONGER, THAT INCLUDES YOU AKITSU-CHAN!"

They nodded while Sasuke and Sakura appeared and were about to ask the chipper girl about her strength, when the masked Jonin appeared saying "I did not expect that, but congrats on getting the bells anyway. Now who gets to keep them?" the blonde looked at the bells in his hand and then had an epiphany

He smirked and said "So that's the final question? Who gets the bells? That's what you were aiming for from the start, if we worked together and gotten the bells we would have to fight each other for them. If I keep one then I have to give the other to either Sasuke-teme (bastard) or Sakura-ama (bitch), but if I give both of the bells to them then I'll be sent back to the academy which is something I don't want to do. So my answer is that nobody get's a bell."

He tossed them to the chipper girl who caught the bells and then crushed them in her hand, causing the gay avenger and banshee to jaw-drop and then the former shouted "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING DOPE NOW NONE OF US WILL PASS!" the blonde grinned and said "I'd rather drag you two down with me then let you get ahead of me." (A/N [clap] [clap] Bravo!) (Kid: Damn straight!)

The masked Jonin sighed and said "I've got to say you figured out the test pretty well, so I'm going to pass you, so meet me at the Mission assignment office tomorrow at 10:00 am, and yes I'll be on time, because I don't want to mess with Musubi-san and her punches, now excuse me while I go to the hospital, I think I have a concussion."

He disappeared in a swirl of leaves. Sasuke was about to demand power from the two women but they were already gone along with the blonde.

The next day the newly formed Team 7 entered the mission assignment office where Hiruzen Sarutobi various scrolls, when he looked up he saw Team 7, but wasn't really surprised due to knowing that Naruto was both clever and strong in his own right, but what caught his attention were the two women that were all over his surrogate grandson, one had a somewhat sleepy-like expression while the other one had a happy and chipper demeanor. He took a puff from his pipe and asked "Greetings to you Team 7, and who are you two?" the chipper woman answered with a warm smile"We are Naruto-sama's servant's and friends."

The old man choked on his pipe a little while the blue-eyed jinchuuriki was laughing hysterically at the old man's reaction. Hiruzen cleared his throat and said while his eyes fixated on the chipper woman's large bust "Well, uhh, congrats to passing and… uhh, I mean your first mission will… beaD-rank!" he said hurriedly at the end and tossed a scroll at the masked Cyclops who caught it, while the Team left making the aged Hokage to sigh in relief and think 'If they stayed any longer then I would've died of bloodloss, hopefully I'll be more prepared next time.'

With Team 7.

Naruto sighed because the mission was dog walking, nothing special. Kakashi was reading his smut-filled book while giggling perversely, Sasuke had a look of irritation, Sakura was fawning over the emo (again), Musubi looked like the only one who was enjoying herself, and Akitsu looked like she didn't really care.

When they were finished they turned in the mission report while the blonde asked "Hey Ji-chan, why the hell are we doing D-ranks? I mean aren't Shinobi supposed to be soldiers? Because it seems like a waste to use up military resources to do chores that civilians could easily do if they got off their lazy asses, and the academies' curriculum sucks; flower arranging? Seriously? I think I'd rather learn how to dress and clean a wound than learn what flowers would go best with which season."

The blonde's rant rendered the aged Hokage speechless, even Iruka who would've given a lecture of some kind knew that the blonde had a good point. Hiruzen had a serious face and thought 'Hmm, he's got a good point on both counts. I think it's time to rely on quality rather than quantity, and he's right about the D-ranks too, dog walking and painting fences don't really count as 'missions' and it's a waste of the Shinobi's time.'

The old man sighed and said "I agree with you; I'll have to rectify those two issues, you're now dismissed.

A few weeks later, Team 7 was going to try and get a C-rank mission, fortunately for the blonde Ashikabi no one has attempted to attack him and he hasn't heard of any strange fights throughout the village making him think that it was currently the calm before the storm.

Musubi was happy and chipper as ever and would often ask if she could be the 'boss' Sekirei, which would make her the dominant one over any others he might have. Akitsu was still somewhat reserved but was coming out of her shell and was speaking a lot more however she still had a fear of being 'scrapped' or abandoned, which was the another one of the worst things that could happen to a Sekirei.

Naruto had gotten stronger and faster thanks to training with his Sekirei, and they also grew stronger with him. He smiled at the fact that despite the fact they were with him for such a short time, they loved him deeply, he later learned that their bonds had grown very strong, and that his mood effected theirs, if he was happy so were they, if he was depressed they would be as well, and so on.

He grimaced when he heard the banshee mumble something about 'cow-tited whores' and them stealing 'her precious Sasuke-kun'. He sighed at her antics and sighed again at the Emo who often glared at the blonde and at the girls.

The blonde decided to deal with this later, while he listened to his surrogate grandfather say "Your C-rank is simple, you have to investigate the strange over-growth in the nearby park and eliminate it at it's source." They all nodded and were about to leave until the aged Hokage said "Naruto-kun this letter was sent here for you, it was sent by an M.H, mean anything to you?"

The blonde made a thinking pose and thought 'M.H? Hmm, Minaka Hiroto, what are you up to?' the blonde nodded and took the letter it read 'The green girl is waiting for you. First one to wing her wins.' The blonde raised an eyebrow and had a puzzled look on his face, he pocketed the letter, and then Sasuke said in an arrogant tone "Hey dope, what was on that?"

The blonde's only response was to give the finger while walked towards the overgrown park; according to the news the plants in the park inexplicably grew to enormous heights, some people thought that a certain demon was at work while others thought that this was a sign from the Shodaime from beyond the grave.

When Team 7 arrived they were in awe at how large the trees had gotten, the grey-eyed woman tapped her Ashikabi's shoulder and whispered "Naruto-sama, I think this is the work of Kusano Sekirei no. 108. She might be appear to be an eight year old girl but her power over plant-life is unrivaled."

The blonde was surprised and then he realized the meaning behind the letter and said "Hey Kakashi-sensei, how about we split in two teams? Me, Akitsu-chan and Musubi-chan will check out the inside while you check the outside."

Kakashi made a thinking pose and nodded and then Sakura shouted "STOP TRYING TO SHOW OFF BAKA!" she was about to hit him on the head, but her hand was caught by Musubi who had a visage of a bear behind her and said in a chilly voice "Don't even try."

This caused the banshee to shut up, when the chipper girl turned her partner and Ashikabi were gone making her shout "NOOOO! THEY LEFT ME BEHIND! WAIT FOR ME!" she took off at the speed sound leaving a large cloud of dust in her wake.

With Naruto and Akitsu

The grey-eyed woman asked "Was it okay to leave her there?" the blonde smirked and replied "Don't worry she'll catch up, besides if what you say is true we can't let anyone get their hands on her." She nodded and then heard what sounded like a stampede heading their way, when they turned it was Musubi with a childish expression on her face, she said "You're so mean! How could you leave me behind?"

The blonde rubbed the back of his head sheepishly and answered "I knew you'd catch up, now come on. We can't let anyone get this Kusano girl." They both nodded and after a few minutes heard what sounded like a little girl crying, the blonde looked inside a hollow tree and saw a little girl with bright blonde hair dressed in a white dress, she looked at the blue-eyed teen with her big green eyes and said in a small voice "Are you my Onii-chan? (Big brother)"

He smiled warmly at her and said "If you want me to be, now let's get you out of there, a tree is no place for a little girl to sleep." She nodded took his hand and climbed out from she looked at the two older women and asked "Are you my Onee-chan's? (Big sisters.)" they nodded and then Musubi grabbed the younger girl squealing "YOU ARE SO CUTE! NARUTO-SAMA CAN WE KEEP HER?" he nodded and said "Sure, but remember she's a person, not a pet. We'll wing her when we get back home." They nodded and Kusano giggled happily until they heard "So that's the green girl? Well if she's the one then Mikogami-sama will be pleased to collect her."

They looked up and spotted a woman with a scythe, the brown-haired girl shouted "AHH, IT'S THE FREAK WITH THE SCYTHE FETISH!" the woman had a tic-mark on her head and shouted "I'LL KILL YOU BITCH!" her approach was blocked by some ice and then was kicked in the face by Akitsu who had a serious face saying "I will not allow you to take her, your fight is with me, I am Akitsu Sekirei no. 7."

The scythe wielding woman spit some blood and said with irritation in her voice "Yome, Sekirei no. 43." The formerly scraped Sekirei nodded and charged at the scythe user, who slashed the air apart, the gey-eyed woman jumped and avoided the strike thinking 'I have to settle this quickly, after all we can't have the other's digging their noses in our business.'

She avoided another attack from the scythe and chanted "By my ice of the contract, my Ashikabi's perils will be frozen." When she finished her chant a wave of frozen wind blasted Yome through several trees, and her mark disappeared.

Naruto gave the Ice user a thumbs up making her smile then they left the over-grown park their 'team' was waiting for them, Kakashi had a curious face while Sasuke and Sakura had looks of frustration, the third one screeched "NARUTO-BAKA WHAT WERE THAT EXPLOSION AND WHO'S THIS BRAT?" the little Sekirei looked scared by two of the three newcomers and Musubi made it worse by saying "Be careful Ku-chan, the one with the black hair is a gay guy, and the pink one is an Oni Baba." (A/N. An Oni Baba is a japanese witch that often consumes children.)

The blonde girl screamed loudly and unknowingly made blades of grass shoot off the ground in the form of tentacles that snatched up the gay Uchiha and Banshee, the tentacles kept their limbs in place, but it became even worse when the tentacles started stripping the two victims, Sasuke was the first and when his pants came off the pink banshee got a clear view of his junk, which was less that average, in other words less than one inch.

The banshee had hearts in her eyes while Kakashi said "Damn that's small. No homo." The chipper girl tilted her head and asked "No homo?" her Ashikabi answered "Sensei said something gay, so when a guy says something gay he has to say 'no homo' otherwise he's gay." She nodded in understanding while the more reserved woman just watched silently.

"NOOO! NOT ME!" a scream was heard above them and then a pair of bloomers landed on Naruto's face when he took them off he saw that Sakura had a seven inch boner from seeing Sasgay naked. The blonde teen shouted "I KNEW SAKURA WAS AN OKAMA! (Cross-dresser)" the ice using Sekirei then said in a neutral tone "Not entirely, she also has a vagina." On closer inspection they noticed that she did have BOTH a penis and a vagina, making the masked Jonin and blonde shout "SHE WAS A FUTANARI?" (A/N. A futanari is a person with both male and female gentiles.) (Kid: CALLED IT! Everybody owe me money!)

Passerby's saw the scene, some of them laughed hysterically, others were saying the demon cursed the two victims and others just watched with shocked faces. Hiruzen appeared on the scene when he heard an explosion and came to investigate and instead found the scene before him, he wasn't sure whether to laugh at the fact that the council's 'precious Uchiha' would be unable to ever have children or to just watch and see how this would develop, instead he decided to find out what happened.

He walked up to them and asked "What happened?" he was given the story that Naruto and his servants investigated the inside of the overgrown park, but left out the fight with the other Sekirei, and then told him that the little girl they found inside became scared when she saw the banshee and avenger and then when she screamed the grass became like it is now.

The old man rubbed his chin and thought 'Could this girl be a Senju? No probably not her features aren't right and not even the Shodaime could make grass do this.' He smiled warmly at her in a grandfatherly way and asked "It's Kusano right? Could you please make the plants stop this?"

She nodded and closed her eyes in concentration, after a few seconds the two were lowered down along with their clothes, they got dressed quickly and glared at the young girl scaring her again, she was picked up by the quiet woman who rubbed her back a bit saying that she wouldn't let them hurt her.

The whiskered teen walked up to the aged Hokage and asked "Hey Ji-chan, Mind if I take care of Ku-chan? She doesn't have any parents, and I wouldn't want her to go to the orphanage." The old man nodded because he didn't trust the orphanage that was run by the Civilian council and knew that if this girl had a powerful bloodline they would want her to be used as breeding stock the second she's able to bear children.

The pink banshee shouted "NARUTO-BAKA, DON'T EVEN THINK OF TAKING THAT GIRL YOU PEDO!" the blonde shouted back angrily "DO I LOOK LIKE A DAMN PEDOPHILE? AND BESIDES THERE'S ONLY A FOUR YEAR DIFFERENCE, BUT I WON'T DO ANYTHING TILL SHE'S OLDER, FUTA-AMA!" she was about to shout back but was karate chopped by the always happy and energetic Sekirei, without another word the blonde and his Sekirei went back to his apartment.

The little girl jumped up and down impatiently and then planted her lips on the older blonde's making forest green wings appear behind her, he felt a bit disgusted for kissing a little girl, but quickly shrugged it off and then he found that she was holding onto his leg and saying something about being his wife when she's older, making him sweat-drop

After that they had dinner which was another large serving of curry and they went to bed with Naruto's arms sandwhiched between Musubi's and Akitsu's large busts and Kusano sleeping behind Musubi. The whiskered blonde grinned widely and thought before falling asleep 'Life is going to be interesting.'

End Chapter One.

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