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Chapter five: Tragedy and Scorn.

It had been two weeks since the 'incident' with Matsu, and things settled down for the most part, however between going to team exercises, missions, and dealing Matsu's 'advances' Naruto was being run ragged and understandably became increasingly grumpy.

His other Sekirei did their best to calm him down, but the #2 Sekirei undid everything, making the blonde Ashikabi increasingly frustrated. Right now they were all sitting at the table eating lunch made by the landlady Miya and her new assistant Chef Ayame, the former had been sporting an almost permanent blush for some reason.

The red-haired Sekirei Matsu grinned mischievously because she had just made a plan in her mind, it consisted of spilling a cup of wine on his clothes then following him to the bathroom and then seducing him, GENIUS! Luckily he was sitting directly across from her so she flipped the cup forward, causing the liquid contents to spill on her Ashikabi.

Naruto's hair shadowed his eyes as the perverted Sekirei said "Oh no, Naruto-sama! You'll have to take a bath to get the wine off of you." Miya knew that the pervert was up to usual antics and wanted nothing more than to break her in half for attempting to seduce her Ashi… err, tenant.

"Stop it." Whispered the blonde teen, everyone perked their ears up and listened as he continued "Stop this Matsu." The redhead grinned cheekily and said in an 'innocent' tone "Stop what? I know you want to…" she was interrupted by her Ashikabi shouted "NO! YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I WANT! I AM SICK AND TIRED OF THIS! I AM TIRED OF YOU PRACTICALLY FORCING YOURSELF ON ME! IF YOU DON'T STOP I'LL… I'll…"

"You'll what Naruto-sama? Are you going to 'punish' me like the bad girl I am?" she asked with a perverted grin, her question proved to be the breaking as the blonde boy said in a demonic voice "I'll disown you as my Sekirei." The entire room froze there were various gasps of shock from most of the girls. Homura sat quietly in the corner thinking that Matsu had brought this on herself.

Musubi and Akitsu couldn't believe that their Ashikabi would ever say that. Kusano wasn't sure whether to cry, or just hide under the table until everything cooled off. Ayame, Toyotama, and Haku wanted to beat the shit out of Matsu for making their Ashikabi so distressed. Tsukiumi was wondering if she could drown her perverted sister and make it look like an accident. Hikari and Hibiki, being the newest weren't sure what to think, but for the small time they knew their Ashikabi he seemed like a good person.

Uzume and Miya knew that the #2 Sekirei's perverseness would get her in trouble one day. The redheaded Sekirei jaw hanged open as she stuttered "Y-y-you wouldn't dare! You're bluffing!" the blonde teen shook his head slowly replying "I'm not bluffing, if you don't quit these annoying advances I'll disown you and ask Miya-chan to kick you out."

The violet-haired woman nodded saying "I concur, as a Sekirei it is your duty to make your Ashikabi happy, not make him miserable. The bond between a Sekirei and his/her Ashikabi is sacred, it's… it's… it like pledging your very heart and soul to the one you love. I may never have felt it, but I at least understand it. You, Matsu disregard this bond and believe that your Ashikabi is nothing more than someone to sate you carnal desires. For those reasons, and for Naruto-sam… I mean kun's sanity I WILL evict you if he desires."

The redhead adjusted your glasses and spoke nervously "O-o-okay, heh, heh, not a bad joke. You can stop it now." The landlady shook her head saying with a small hint of venom "There is no joke Matsu. Consider yourself evicted until further notice."

The redhead's glasses suddenly cracked, she began crying as she said "You… you can't do this to me. YOU KNOW MBI IS OUT TO KILL ME! IF YOU EVICT ME THEN THAT'LL BE THE SAME AS MURDERING ME BY YOUR OWN HANDS!" she shouted at the end.

The landlady dispassionately said "I don't care; you're no longer welcome here. If you leave Konoha, you might have a chance." Matsu's nails dug into her palms making them bleed as she said with pure rage "You bitch… doesn't our friendship mean anything to you?"

She was slapped in the face by Naruto himself, she placed a hand on her stinging cheek as she asked in a pained voice "N-Naruto-sama? Why? Why did you hit me?" the blonde's pupils changed to slits as he said "You called Miya-chan a bitch. She didn't deserve that."

As she got up her Ashikabi said in a somber tone "Matsu… you are no longer my Sekirei." The now disowned Sekirei's eyes widened in horror as the mark on the back of her neck turned black, she cried as she choked out "You can't do this. This is nothing but cruelty."

The #6 Sekirei had enough and said "Matsu, you heard them. Now leave." The redhead looked around hoping there was at least someone who wanted to help, but everyone turned away from her, she put a hand to her mouth as she left to her room to gather her belongings.

The blonde sighed and said "I need some time alone, I'm going for a walk." The Sekirei nodded as he left the Inn. The landlady also excused herself to her room, when she closed the door she turned to the shrine of her husband saying "Take-kun, there's no question he's my Ashikabi. I want to be there for him, but I feel as though that would be betraying you. Plus I don't want to lose someone else that I love. Please, Kami-sama give me a solution, and please keep Matsu safe from harm."


Outside the Maizon Izumo Inn was the Disciplinary squad, who listened in on everything going on, Haihane said "Seems like there's some trouble brewing amongst these people. And that fugitive Matsu has been kicked out. Should we pursue her?"

The leader, Karasuba held her hand up and said in a disinterested voice "Not yet." The Black Sekirei grinned evilly as she overheard Miya's prayer and thought 'So that brat is Miya's Ashikabi? Heh, finally this is what I need to finally beat her.'

The #4 Sekirei turned to her triple digit coworkers and said coldly "Haihane, Benitsubasa. I've got a job for you two." The two triple digit Sekirei raised their eyebrows asking in unison "What is it?" the nodachi user grinned and answered "Kidnap that blonde boy."

The pink-haired girl asked "But, didn't Minaka tell us just to observe and report?" the Black Sekirei grinned evilly as she slightly drew her blade asking "Are you going to disobey me?" the two triple digits shook their heads no and left to fetch their quarry.

With Naruto.

Naruto was walking along the road without any particular destination until he saw a young girl with blonde hair with an orange tint to it, sitting in a wheelchair while feeding some ducks in a pond at the park. For some reason, he walked up to her and said "Hey there." She looked up and smiled replying "Hello. It's nice to meet you. My name is Chiho."

He smiled back saying "Naruto Uzumaki. What're you doing out here by yourself?" she replied "I'm not by myself. My parents have gone to get some food for the picnic." He nodded in understanding saying "That's nice. To have parents and do things with them. I never had that, 'cause I'm an orphan."

"That's too bad. I'm sorry." She said, then her face turned sad as she said "I'm happy that can spend my last days with my family." Naruto's eyes widened asking "Last days?" she nodded answering "Yes, I'm dying. The doctors say I only have a few days left and recommended I spend my last days with my family." She coughed a little and covered her mouth, when her hand came back into view the blue-eyed Ashikabi noticed there was blood on her hand.

"I'm sorry." He said sadly yet sincerely. She smiled weakly as she used a tissue to wipe the blood off saying "Don't be. It's not your fault." They sat silently for a few minutes then she asked "Have you ever in a way, betrayed someone close to you?" he sighed and said "Just recently, I had to disown someone that was uhh… seeking my attention. She always tried to seduce me day and night. She left 'invitations' in my wardrobe. She would attempt to put aphrodisiacs in my food, though the landlady took it away before I could bite into it. She also followed me everywhere even to the toilet, one time I had to climb out the bathroom window to escape."

"Seems like she REALLY wanted to get you." Chiho said with a smirk. Naruto sighed saying "Yeah, but it got really, really, creepy. Most days I thought she would rape me in my sleep, so I never slept alone. I got so fed up with her advances that I couldn't take it anymore so I disowned her."

The sick girl sighed and spoke as she looked up at the sky "My best friend frequently visits me, she always puts on these costumes to entertain me, and it's a lot of fun. She knows I'm sick and really wants to help me, she thinks that if I get treatment then I'll be cured. To be honest, I lied to her about my sickness. I lied about how sick I was, I just couldn't bring myself to tell her that I was dying. I…I just didn't want her to get hurt by my suffering and impending death."

"You lied to me?" said a voice from behind, the two blondes turned and saw Uzume holding a bag with some costumes inside. The brown-haired woman sniffled as she said "You are dying? Why didn't you say anything? I would've done anything for you!"

The #10 Sekirei ran up to the wheelchair, got on her knees while holding her Ashikabi's hand and said "Chiho please don't die! I love you! I know! I'll let you wing me! That'll give the doctors enough time to treat you!" the young girl's eyes watered as she said "Uzume-san, you're scaring me."

"What's to be scared of? I love you! As your Sekirei I'll do anything to make you happy!" said a desperate Uzume, in the background the whiskered teen was looking at Uzume as if she'd grown a second head. Chiho tore her hand out of Uzume's saying angrily "Uzume, that's enough. I appreciate all you've done for me but you must let me go. I'll be dead in less than a week, and there's nothing you can do to stop it! Now… ngh!"

The young girl clutched her chest and coughed a large amount of blood, some of it hitting the Sekirei's face. The brown-haired woman's eyes widened in horror as her Ashikabi continued coughing up blood. Naruto was by his fellow blonde's side and shouted "GET A DOCTOR! SOMEBODY CALL A DOCTOR!" Uzume ran towards the hospital Chiho stayed at which was around the corner of the block, while the whiskered teen stayed with the sick girl.

Her eyes were becoming bleary as she said "Naruto-san, I've only known you for a few minutes, but I [cough] know that you're a really good person. Please take care of Uzume-san." She passed out as her head leaned forward and her shoulders slumped.

The blonde boy checked for a breath, a heartbeat, anything that would tell him she was still alive, but he couldn't find anything. It didn't take long for him to realize she was gone. When Uzume came back with a doctor she had realized it was too late. A multitude of emotions raged around in her heart, but for the most part she was angry, she needed something to blame for this and then her vision shifted to her fellow tenant at the Maizon Izumo.

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