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The shout that thundered across the realm of heaven frightened both sides of the group of immortals and everyone bowed toward the voice.

"What is with the fighting? It has gone on for the past millennium!" A woman clothed in pure light appeared before the crowd. "I call forth Allen and Rilianne Kagamine, the cause of this horrible feud and mess!"

Everyone disappeared into thin air, leaving only two beings. One was female and the other a male. They both looked extremely similar, since they were twins, and were very pale at the sight of the woman before them.

The two immortals slowly walked toward to the queen of heaven and light, Neria Akita, armed with a large staff made of pure gold with a crown to match.

When the twins were right in front of the queen, the both bowed and arose to face the royal immortal.

"The two of you have been bickering and arguing about the same thing for hundreds of years, causing much bloodshed. Despite the fact that you two are siblings, twins even, why do you two cause conflict with one another?" The queen bellowed at the two white faced twins.

"I side with truth," the immortal named Allen murmured.

"And I side with morals," said the other twin.

"And everything we do affects the other based on opinion and fact. I despise her and she feels the same for me," Allen said coldly at the mention of his sister.

"But do you know what the price will be for your little argument that has expanded to a huge civil war that is destroying the realm of heaven?" Neria Akita asked the two immortals.

"N-no, Queen Akita," Rilianne muttered, trembling in fear.

"The two of you will be stripped of everything you consider precious. Your holy names, your place as gods, your position in the high court, and yes…even your immortality."

There was silence between the three immortals as the news dug into the hearts of the twins.

Crushed, Allen whispered, "And we lose our place in this realm?"

The queen nodded and spoke once more. "Your names are now taken from you and replaced by others. Allen, your name is now Len. Rilianne, you are now named Rin."

The queen took a small breath, "And this is the worst of the punishment. The two of you will be fused into one being. You two will be chained together for life. Rin shall only appear on the right side of the day, the daylight. Len, you will only appear on the left side of the day. When the sun disappears, only then will you appear and your twin will disappear."

"Only your souls will not be chained together. The two of you may argue as much as you like in your conscious but it'll only tire the two of you. Do the two of you understand?"

"Y-yes, your majesty…" The two twins whispered weakly, obviously shocked by their punishment.

"You must leave this realm for the world of mortals, Earth as they call it, by sunrise. Whatever you do, I don't care as long as you don't make other people fight for you. Oh and don't talk to anyone or let anyone see you either."

And the queen was gone with a flash of light.

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