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Right Side of Day, Left Side of Night Chapter 14

"Good morning, Rin…" The blue haired magician sleepily mumbled as he drew his way into his room.

But when he went over to the bed, he found it lumpy and tousled…but lacking of any Rin Kagamine.

"Eh?" he exclaimed in surprise, jolting his senses.

He looked around once more and tossed the bed sheets aside to check if she was hiding anywhere. Still, she failed to appear.


"What are you doing?"

Hearing the familiar feminine voice behind him, he turned around in bewilderment and bemusement to find the very girl he was searching for only seconds before. It seemed that she was out of breath, and her high cheekbones were colored with a faint shade of scarlet. Had she been doing some exercise this early in the morning?

Instead of an answer to her question, he took a step forward. "Y-you're here! Where have you been?"

"I've been outside!" She laughed with charisma bubbling in her throat. "You did know that I take a walk outside every morning, did you?"

She took a step towards him and put her hands on her hips. "What did you think happened to me?"

"I don't know! Maybe you could have been kidnapped! Or…." His arms that were waving in the air wildly suddenly went limp as they silently fell to his sides. Kaito's face suddenly went blank and he hung his head to stare at the frizzled carpet below him.

Her yellow hair swayed as she slowly approached him. "What's wrong?"

"I wonder," He lifted his head to make eye contact with his apprentice. "Why are you never there after nightfall?"

His trivial question made her cringe for a mid-second, leading her to tilt her body backwards in shock. Why would Kaito suddenly mention this now? Had he already figured it out? How? She thought that he was always asleep before she left the house! The girl's mind ambled through her thoughts and she held a hand to her head to help prevent the inevitable migraine that was impending. "I'm afraid I can't answer that," She said faintly.

His indigo irises sparked with interest as he lay a hand on her shoulder. "Why not?"

"Because it's something I don't want to talk about."

By far, Rin was nowhere near as intelligent as Len. So she was unable, as much as she felt like she must, to tell him in a way that would keep him from discovering her true identity as the former goddess of ideals and individuality. There were more pressing questions from Kaito but all Rin said in reply was the same thing. "I can't answer."

Although Kaito had the option of using forcing telepathy to strangle the answers out of the maiden if she wished, he was a respecting man and accepted that the fact that this girl before him didn't want him to know certain things about herself. But that wouldn't stop him from trying to uncover her enigmas by other demeanors.

He'd play fair in this game of discovery. No telepathy, no hypnotizing, no mind games. He would play legitimately. But in the back of the magician's mind he had the prevailing belief that he would eventually find her secrets out. She seemed confused, he thought, and she had the right to say whatever she liked and whenever she wanted.

"I submit," He said finally.

Rin beamed at his declaration of compliance, thinking that he would finally give up the thought for now. But she failed to realize what Kaito was thinking, and the result was that she let go of the subject soon after. Never to think about it again…until he would mention it again later in time.

The day continued afterwards. A typical breakfast followed the tenuous conversation that the two had previously gone through, followed with a slight moment of arguing. The day had only just started and it had already began to feel strenuous. Rin's senses were dulled as her boredom ate away at her soul, and it wasn't until noon that she finally made her complaint to her teacher.

"Hello?" Rin murmured as she drew her way into Kaito's office. Well, it wasn't really an office but more of some messed up room with even more books and papers and decorative neon splatters on the walls.

The familiar scent of incense wafted up her nose when she entered the room. The room looked similar to the room where Kaito had performed his power check-up on her, but it was significantly smaller and there were less entities that were scattered in the area. There was the usual clattered desk with drawers leaking of strange inks and papers threatening to explode out of other ones. But the object that was abnormal compared to all of the other items in the room was an oversized flower in the corner of the room. It was the size of a small bush and a different yet pleasant scent was floating from it. Its petals were an indigo color, but one half of the flower seemed to have a slight shade of emerald mixed in the indigo.

Her attention quickly drifted away from the flower, then unto the magician himself. He was vigorously scribbling away with his pen on a piece of paper…well it seemed to be a page of a book. His indigo eyes were pinned onto the words and figures he was writing. Kaito hadn't even noticed her entry into the room until she had to tap his shoulder.

"What are you doing here?" He mumbled softly.

"I…" Her voice faltered. Her mentor had hardly given her a glance before he quickly continued to write. "…Are you busy?"

"Yes…" He finished writing a final word upon the edge of the paper. Then he slowly placed the pen back into the inkwell and turned around to look at her. "But I have time to give heed to the words of my apprentice."

Rin then smiled at her teacher, placing her hands behind her back and rocked her body upon her heels for a moment.

"Thank you."

"No problem at all. So what is it that you request?" the words calmly rolled off of his tongue.

"…You're my teacher, right?" Rin mumbled, almost as if she were embarrassed to admit the fact.

"Of course. Why else would I appoint you as my apprentice?"

"Then if you're my teacher, teach me!" She suddenly exclaimed with a hint of exasperation. "I'm tired of sitting around in your droll house. If you value me as a student, then you might as well teach me to control my "power"."

Silence ensued.

He sat there, somewhat dumbfounded in realization of his ignorance. She was right. It was about time she received some training. But the whole time he was somewhat expecting her to teach herself since he observed that day he saved her from her own little flame. His expectations were ended, and it was about time he began her schooling.

"…Alright then," He arose from the chair and brushed off some bits of…something off of his pants. "Let us depart then, shall we?"

Kaito continued to stand in the same space where he stood, puzzling Rin who remained where she was.

And the next second she was in a meadow.


"This is our training ground," Kaito sighed as he took a step towards her.

Rin's eyes widened as she finally realized where in the world she was. The succulent and sweet smell of flowers permeated through her nostrils, snapping her into reality. Clusters of flowers were bunched together, almost filling the entire meadow. And the few tall blades of grass that were to be seen were only small patches of green that were a part of the vast landscape. There were flowers and grass going as far as the eye could see.

The blonde girl had to shade her eyes from a sudden glare of sunlight that had wandered over a cloud passing by. She blinked once, twice, thrice, and then let out a sharp breath of surprise when she saw a small butterfly flash in the corner of her vision. It was then when she finally felt the tender and cool breeze of sweet air brush against her skin.

"Where…are we?" she could only feebly mumble in awe.

Her mentor sighed with a bit of impatience. "Didn't I already inform you? This is where we will be training."

"But…how did we get here?"

"With your imagination and with a bit of magick, anything's possible," Kaito sweetly said as he knelt down to pick a lavender chrysanthemum from the ground. He offered it to her, and her hands slowly accepted the gift.

"You made all of this? With magick?" She took a short minute to smell the saccharine fragrance from the blossom. A smile grew upon her face.

"If you mean now, no. I simply pieced this small realm together by setting up a few barriers. You see, once upon a time I came here by natural means. This is a real place in a distant land where I used to come to often when I was young. So the last time I came here I preserved a chunk of this land and set up a geomagnetic field here so I could always return to it when I wanted to," He placed his hands on his sides to gaze upon his somewhat creation with pride.

Rin barely understood what he had said, so she had another question to ask. "What is a geomagnetic field?"

"Think of it as a kind of portal."

She nodded in understanding then knelt down to gaze upon the flowers before her. "Wow…"

Kaito sat beside her and held out both of his palms to reveal a small glowing orb of light.

"Now imagine, Rin. With enough training, you could be able to do amazing things such as these," He sighed and released the orb into the air, watching as it glided away. "Magick is our method of getting one step closer to the power of gods."

The young woman let out a curt gasp in realization. One step closer to the power of gods. That was what he said?

The next moment, her teacher was standing upright before her, with tome in hand.

"Now, my apprentice, you said you wanted to get some training?" He smirked.

"Yes," she arose. "I'd very much rather do that than stand here dilly-dallying in this field!" Her face beamed with a smile as she straightened her body to face her instructor.

Kaito nodded whilst smoothing away a stray hair in the corner of his vision. He wondered what this would add up to be. The beginning of an adventure perhaps? No. Just an experience.

"Well. I'll teach you the basic stance of the Magister…"

She felt drained when the final rays of the sun began to trace the edges of her face. Rin had used up all of her energy to spare that one day and she wanted a break. Now.

"Kaito…?" She took a moment to take a deep breath. "Will it be acceptable if we return home now?"

Her request interrupted the alchemist's reading of a tome he had brought along with him to the meadow. His eyes took in the last word of the manuscript as he turned his head over to look upon his apprentice.

"Now? I assumed that we would be training a little past sundown," His hand closed the book in an orderly fashion.

"No…I'm just so tired. So tired that I could flop down right now and take a long nap!" Rin exhaled with a curt breath.

She truly was exhausted. But she also had that one issue. Something that had to do with her turning to a guy at night…well not literally.

She looked up to face her teacher whose eyes were staring intensely upon her. He seemed a bit wary, almost skeptical if you could call it that. "Kaito, please…?" Rin attempted to ask in the sweetest voice possible.

That glint in her eye. Oh, that shine! It was enough for any man to drop down on his knees and eat the woman's shoe in the name of Akita Neria! The precise of that one lip. Oh how it trembled…

Kaito looked into her sparkling irises. Then back to the tome. Then back to her eyes. They seemed like an aquamarine ocean ready to swallow him whole; an abyss ready for him to drown into.

"If…you promise to review this…" He held before her the tome titled A Plethora of Functions For the Magick N008. "I'll take the two of us home. Alone! Mind you."

Rin stood up abruptly, clearly excited by this new offer. "Of course!" She said pleasantly, but in her turbulent mix of thought she metaphysically smirked; for she knew that she could twist this young man oh so slightly about her finger…

"Then let's be quick about this then…" Kaito muttered under his breath.

And they were instantly back in the alchemist's abode…