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The Best Part of Me is Always You

Chapter One : Opening

"No, no, no….this won't do, the shirt colour won't complement the scarve or pants." A tall, dark-haired woman said as she reviewed through the folder for the template of the magazine.

People were all over the place, doing different jobs to make the photo shoot a success. The woman, Himemiya Chikane, grimaced at the stick-like figures and the dispassionate expressions of the models, who were lined up against a white background. She sighed, the headache behind her eyes pounded with the beat of her heart.

Where are the hidden jewels hiding now-a-days? She wondered, wondering where their scheduled photographer was because he certainly wasn't behind the camera. Chikane hailed an assistant, asking for an immediate replacement off the streets. Now was not the day to waste time and budget money because of their photographer getting sick.

The assistant nodded before running off to find a decent looking person who knew how to handle a camera - which was probably (( or most likely )) everyone. Chikane checked her silver watch; 12:13 PM. Fate was spiralling out of control with the way things weren't going as planned, Chikane mused.

After waiting and preparing the models in stylish clothing, her assistant came bursting through the doors and heading her way with a vice-like grip on a petite woman's arm. Chikane's brows raised in curiosity, what an interesting looking person.

"Hello, thank you for agreeing to take pictures of the models." She said smoothly, holding out her hand in greeting. The woman, long golden-spun hair was in a french braid, gave a warm smile.

"It's no problem, really. I have free time anyways." The woman said hesitatingly before retreating into the shy shell of hers. Chikane had to smile at the woman for trying, not many people were willing to do this because of the fear of messing up and getting the wrong angles but she seemed confident enough to stand against expectation.

"I'm Himemiya Chikane and you are?" I might as well get to know the lady before working with her, Chikane thought in brief amusement.

"Kurusugawa Himeko," the woman smiled brightly at her, amethyst eyes twinkling like the surface of a body of water when it was sunny out.

Chikane nodded then leaded Himeko toward the area where the shoot was set up. The models were socializing with each other before they spotted her and took their assigned places. Chikane shook her head, was she that scary?

"Well, get ready to put that practice for weeks to good use, ladies." She chortled, gesturing for Himeko to go behind the tripod where the camera was.

God, she hoped this woman knew something about how to handle a camera, she looked ditzy and was shy. Not the type that Chikane usually associated herself with - usually it was with a high status society. People who were rich and imfamous and ones that gave her valuable connections.

Himeko gave a small smile before doing as directed and turned serious. Chikane was amused by the sudden change, it was fascinating to see every expression the short woman wore. But it was a disadvantage to people who would take advantage of the fact that Himeko wore her heart on her sleeve and show emotion so easily.

Three hours and a hundred shots later, Chikane called for an end to the photo shoot. Well, Himeko had certainly done her job really well, Chikane appraised. The photos were on a life on their own - and suddenly the models didn't look dull but happy. The light casted on them was with a clarity and a quality that made her wonder how talented Himeko was.

She turned to address the woman, finally noticing her quirky style of dressing. She bit back the chuckle that wanted to erupt from her. "Himeko…you take very good pictures, have you considered doing this as a profession? If so, I would like to hire you because the last photographer was…well, let's just say he could never match up to your quality."

Himeko looked stunned; this was an unexpected twist to help take photos. Chikane silently hoped she would accept, the anxiety that hovered in the atmosphere was making her want to fidgit.

"I will! Thank you so much, Chikane-chan!" The hug was just as unexpected that Chikane had to blink before wrapping her arms around Himeko's waist.

As unusual as it seemed, she never felt more comfortable in her life than she did right now. It was a turning point of confusion - a questioning of why this woman bought up such emotions.

They broke apart awkwardly, neither wanting to admit the warmth they felt.

"So, uh…. want to go take a lunch now? I'm hungry." Himeko said, anything to break the silence that had hung over them moments ago.

"I would love to," that was true; there was an urge within her that needed to spend time with her, no matter how small the moment. They walked along an avenue, enjoying the easy quietness between them.

Chikane wouldn't dare admit it out loud but Himeko was special - she could see that a mile away. The woman was already making her happy then she wondered how she wasn't disturbed by the idea of having feelings for another woman. Especially one that she just met, but that didn't matter as much as the tangible connection between them.

Her heart enjoyed the presence of Himeko, Chikane would soak it up every waking minute if it were possible. But she knew that this was a budding friendship, for now, she would keep her distance.

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