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The Best Part of Me is Always You

Chapter Two : A small tour

"Well….that is debatable, Chikane." Himeko said, taking a scoop of her Napoleon ice cream. "But I wouldn't think of debating against you." She smiled gently, flushed with warmth at the expression on Chikane's face.

"I suppose so, anyways, we have to go back to work. Time isn't gonna stop for us, you know," Chikane tipped her spoon at Himeko.

Himeko nodded. "I know, stopping time would be impossible. Unless you're talking about the earth slowing down, but that's only when strong winds prevail and it's only by a millisecond."

"Very fascinating," Chikane said, an appraising tone in her voice as she leaned forward. Himeko's heart fluttered wildly in her chest.

They just stared at each other, as though the other people weren't there with them and it was only the two of them. A cough from somewhere startled them out of their stupor. Himeko blushed, giving a small grin to Chikane.

"We might as well go, ne Chikane?"

Chikane looked at her bowl, seeing her strawberry ice cream had melted. She pushed it away from her, nodding at Himeko before she grabbed her wallet.

Himeko put a hand to stop Chikane's movements, she was aware of how soft Chikane's skin felt under her touch and the proximity between them. She shook her head at Chikane, "You don't have to pay, Chikane. I'll be happy to."

"Okay, then…"

They left after Himeko paid for their ice cream. Himeko felt as though she was on a date - they didn't act like a couple but the atmosphere was suffocating her with anticipation. She pulled her jacket tighter to her as it didn't even attempt to ward off the chilly winds.

" you like your job?" Himeko asked, genuinely curious of what Chikane thought.

"Yes, I do. It's rewarding at times. And it's fascinating at how everything corresponds to something else. Like….it's not sorely about the magazine itself but the people who represent it; but what it stands for."

Himeko nodded, pacing herself to walk beside Chikane. "That makes sense, after all, it's not all about fashion. But the people who made the clothing, hand-stitched or manufactured, the care that goes into the fabric is certainly wonderful. Especially when it gets displayed by models, that makes it meaningful."

"Interesting view, Himeko," Chikane said.

Himeko looked at the ground, blushing but accepted the compliment. She pulled her jacket closer to herself, wanting to keep the warmth from leaking out and to suppress the urge to take Chikane's hand in hers as they walked.

The silence between them was comfortable and not forced uneasiness. Often associated with awkwardness with a stranger you met not twelve hours ago, but Himeko found herself in a lapse of concentration on balance. She wanted to sway, the muscles in her legs felt weak, like jello. Before she could ask to sit down on a bench a few feet away, Himeko was supported by an arm wrapping around her waist and pulling her closer to Chikane's side.

"Thanks," Himeko mumbled into the thick jacket Chikane wore, feeling a warmth that worked its way all over her body. Honestly, being this close to Chikane was making her less conscious of her actions and more aware of how sweet her friend/co-worker smelled. It was affecting her more than she could admit. And she wanted to press her nose along the column of Chikane's neck, nuzzle it and lay kisses. But she could only dream, and sighed softly.

A hand rubbed along the length of her forearm, gathering some heat with friction but not nearly enough to stop a chill from running down her spine and goosebumps to erupt alone every surface where her flesh was bare to the cold air.

"I'll show you your work-space, which is in the studio that is connected to our main building where everything goes on to be produced." Chikane chortled, retracting her arm to pull out a white card.

At Himeko's confused look, she elaborated. "It's a status card-not to be lost or played with-since this grants me access to my work and it's also for security purposes…well, it's important with other things, too. You'll get your own in a few days. For now, you're my visitor."

Passing the guard, she took Himeko's hand-noting how clammy it was-and led her towards a door. Opening the entrance, she kept a tight grip on her hand, the corridor was dimly lit and gave Himeko different kind of chills. Not the good kind but it didn't look all too bad.

"Where are we going, Chikane?"

Chikane glanced back for a second, connecting with her gaze. "Not too far, I'm just giving you a preview of the studio. A tour, you can call it." The tall, dark haired woman smiled, winking at Himeko as they passed through another door and into a spacious room with various equipment laying across the concrete floor.

"Ooh," Himeko's jaw dropped a bit at how big the room was. There was tables holding all kinds of cameras, and the floor was littered with fabric. Really good fabric that would cost Himeko a years worth of rent.

They were still holding hands, Himeko noticed with a blush. But she didn't want to point it out and reveled in the momentary peace as she tried to calm her wildly beating heart.

"Anyways, shall we go?" Chikane asked politely, turning half-way to face Himeko, who nodded. "I'll show you my work office now." Tugging on the hand she held, Himeko followed willingly.