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The army had risen, Scolar Visari was killed by a single shot. Made by a man unknown to me. His eyes were like fire as he shot the bullet into our ruler's head. How can he do that? Visari was unarmed and yet that man, that man killed him. My eyes caught hold of another man, while I watched in shock as our ruler fell to the ground. He seemed less aggressive as the other, his voice raised as he began to vault at Visari's killer.
Captured ..alive? they must have wanted him alive, but why did he? My line of thought was cut then I watched them both head out of Visari's chamber. My hears picked up the sound of thunder, the entire army had came. We was going to push back the ISA.

My body emerged from the dark shadows, rushing towards our leader. His body layed limp on the ground. Tears began to roll down my eyes, but before I could scream out of control, mourning over Visari. My eyes caught site of something else, no someone else; my father. My body vaulted up from the knees and ran towards the body of my father.
His mask on the side was blown, a shot to the head. "Father?" I began to shake his body, hoping he was still alive. Causing more tears to run down my cheek, but losing the feeling as it hit my mask. He was gone, there wasn't a single breathe left inside his lungs. My eyes made it's way down towards his hand, his gun still loaded and hot. "You killed yourself?..." My voice was shaky as I spoke towards my father's dead body. He knew a lot of secrets and shot himself in the head to keep the enemy from getting it.

My bare hands made it up towards his helmet, clicking buttons and turning slots. I finally removed his helmet,mask and goggles. His head was blooded from the shot wound. His eyes closed his mouth was too. Tears continued to run from my eyes, my arms wrapped around his body; it was still warm. My father was one of the most feared soldiers, he was made Colonel and personal guard to Visari. "I will make them pay for what they had to you and our leader" I had removed his body from the wall as I began to rock back and forth.

I am Isabella Radec, my father was Colonel Mael Radec. My mother on the other hand I knew nothing of, she died at my birth. I wear one of my father's own mask, that changes my voice into his. I lost my right eye during battle with the ISA, causing me to have a replaced made entirely from our very own goggles. Giving me the ability to see, during hard storms and darkness. The clothes that I wear are similar to every Helghast here, yet lighter and now stained with my father's blood.

I now stand at the entrance to Visari's palace, holding my father's pistol. "I vow to my mother and my father, that I will kill that man... I will destroy every bone in his body... I promise you my father" My head turned to face his blooded corps. "I will avenge your death... I do not know where I will find this ISA or his buddy that killed Visari, but I will hunt them down to the end of Helghan". In the moment of my rage I began to fire my father's pistol into the air. The airship blew my hazel locks as they past over. War had began, and it will end with our victory.

-end of part one... Although I dunno to make more -