Hey guys, as I was working out plans for my in-progress, multi-chapter story, an idea for this little one-shot came to mind. It is a bit abstract, but you'll get it as you read. This is one of my many, hopefully, tributes to my favorite character, Simba.

The King's Return

A tremor ripped through the air, awakening the dead land. Something was coming. The wind whispered the prophecy to the scorched plant life. Lionesses in a nearby pride sensed it too. Unsure of what it could mean, they gathered together, praying that salvation would soon come. Far, much too far to see or hear, dark clouds were beginning to stir from their slumber. Footsteps echoed across the barren ground as a golden, red-maned lion appeared in the distance...

The storm drew ever closer as the lion crept cautiously to his tortured home. Rounding a rock, he watched as a black-maned tyrant struck down a brave queen, his mother. The loud rumble of thunder echoed the young lion's anger, as he gave a terrifying roar and charged down to the fallen lioness. Angrily, he confronted the monster who was cowering against a rock, the all too familiar golden lion sending a cold chill of dread through him. Tension filled the air as the tyrant began arrogantly using the young lion's guilt and sadness against him.

"Murderer!" the dark lion spat.

"No it was an accident."

"If it weren't for you Mufasa would still be alive, its your fault he's dead. Do you deny it?"


"Then your GUILTY!"

The wind roared and lightening crashed angrily at the unjust and false accusation. All hope seemed to fall over the edge as the lion slipped over the cliff, until finally the truth. The truth that suddenly made so much sense, the truth that unmasked jealousy's clever facade, the truth that gave the young lion the courage to remember...

Fire blazed and thunder roared as the young lion battled the evil that had torn his family apart. Falling to the ground, he saw his uncle make the leap that would destroy his life, but this wasn't the end , in one swift move, the evil king was sent flying over the cliff, only to be consumed by fire and hate.

As the lion descended to meet his pride, the clouds overhead released their life-giving burden. Rain. This signaled to all, the end of the reign of greed and tyranny. The young lion looked up and knew...it was time. Breathing deeply, he began his ascent, watching as the rain put out the blazing flames and washed away the cruel hatred that had poisoned the land. Looking to the sky, he took a deep breath and released a mighty roar that rivaled the thunder itself. Proclaiming to the land that the true king, had indeed, returned...

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