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I can't do this.

She paced back and forth in the hallways, wringing her wrists and biting her lower lip. Zatanna, M'gann, Jade, and Barbara were all in line, bouquets of spring flowers in their hands, ready to walk out the doors. Her best friends and sister, all waiting for her. Her bridesmaids. Bridesmaids.

She wasn't meant for marriage, she wasn't the type. Everything in Artemis's brain told her to call it off; that she'd be an awful wife, and that she'd just disappoint him. She didn't know how to host dinner parties and cook extravagant meals. She'd never been the domestic kind; the idea of being home cleaning and doing laundry and taking care of the kids was just... strange.

Kids. She hadn't thought about having children, but knew that he wanted them. She panicked. What kind of mother would I be? I don't know how to take care of a baby! My parents were nonexistent in my childhood, how can I raise another human being? Her mind kept rambling.

The music started playing; the piano cuing the bridesmaids to begin their walk.

"Artemis, it's time." A gentle voice came from beside her. She looked up to Green Arrow, Ollie, the only real father figure she'd ever had. He was smiling, and holding his arm out for her to grab hold.

She turned away, and started hyperventilating. "I can't do this, I'm not good enough for him! I won't be the typical wife, I can't be what he's expecting, and I'll just let him down."

Wally was waiting at the altar. The entire Justice League and the team were all seated; except M'gann and Zatanna, and all of his family. Paula was sitting in the front row as well.

They had decided on getting married on the beach of Mt. Justice, it was a sunny May morning and the waves looked beautiful against the white decorations.

It was the perfect day for a wedding.

He'd never been more nervous in his entire life. His palms were sweating, he was tapping his foot constantly, and he couldn't stop smiling. He was about to marry Artemis. He was about to marry his little spitfire.

Everyone had been seated, and the minister signaled to the musicians to start the music. The crowd stood and turned towards the back cave archway, where the bride would be coming out from. White carpeting had been laid down the aisle, and flowers of white, pale yellow and purple were placed along the path. Wally glanced over to his groomsmen. Kaldur and Roy were whispering to themselves, Connor looked stiff in his tuxe, and Dick; his best man, was right by his side, hands in his pocket.

The first person came out; Zatanna was wearing a strapless lavender dress, and she lightly stepped through the rows of seats to meet Kaldur on his side. Next, M'gann, in a cool yellow, who nearly floated her way to Connor on the opposite end. Jade strutted to Roy, her blue dress flowing against the slight breeze and finally, Barbara in pale green, who stood across from Dick and Wally.

Then nothing.

It was her time; she was supposed to come out right after Barbara, with Green Arrow on her arm. Artemis was to walk down the aisle to him, dressed in white, and veiled.

She didn't come.

He would have sped up to the arch, if it hadn't had been for Dick grabbing his shoulder.

"Relax, she's with Ollie. It's probably just the jitters, she'll come out any second now."

Ollie stared at her for a few moments, bushy eyebrows raised in a surprised manner. Looking at the blonde, the girl he'd watched grow from being an awkward and snarky teenager to a usually confident and snarky adult, he started to tear up. He brought her into his arms and she exhaled, her body still shaking in fear.

"Artemis, how could you ever think that? Wally loves you, for the woman that you are. He proposed to the person that he wants to spend the rest of his life with, and I'm positive that he doesn't want you to change. Do you love him?"

"More than anyone."

"Then, you go out there and marry him."

"I'm... scared."

"One of the scariest things in this world is letting someone into your heart. But I know you can do it. You are one of the bravest, intelligent, beautiful, capable, and feisty women that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I'm extremely honored to have taught you, and consider you the daughter I never had. I'm so, so proud of you."

He kissed the top of her head and she gave him one big hug, and muttered "Thank you". After fixing her veil, he held out his arm, which she took.

"It's time to get you hitched, kiddo."

Wally felt like he was about to go into cardiac arrest.

He couldn't stop his hands from vibrating, and he couldn't help but think he was going to be sick the way his stomach was churning. The audience had begun to mumble that she had run off, or that she had freaked out. Paula looked quite worried.

Where is she?

He focused on the sand underneath his feet, counting each grain. It wasn't until the music started up again, the crowd had sighed in relief, and Dick tugged on his sleeve, that he glanced back up.

An angel was walking down the aisle to him. Her blond hair swaying in the wind, impeccable skin radiating against the white dress that fit perfectly with her athletic form.

His bride, his spitfire, his Artemis.

Everyone 'ooed' and 'awed' at her as she passed, but all Wally could do was beam at the stunning woman coming towards him.

She stopped in front of her mom, kissing her on the cheek. Then, she turned to Green Arrow, eyes glassy, and smiled.

"I love you, Dad."

To Olliver, it felt like time had stopped. This girl, his girl, was all grown up. There wasn't going to be any more hassling her about proper form, no more getting on her tail about not practicing, no more reminding her to wax her bowstring and check her fletchings, no more treating her like a teenager. Ollie began to cry, "I love you too, Sweetheart." He helped her up the stairs, and turned to Wally.

"If you do anything in the slightest to hurt her, I will come after you, Flash's partner or not. You understand?"

Wally gulped, "Y-Yes sir!" Ollie handed her over to him, "Good luck." He added with a wink, then stepped down to sit with Dinah.

The minister came to the front, and silenced the crowd. Wally and Artemis held their hands together, and forgot about all the people only paid attention to each other. Her slender hands were quivering almost as much as his.

"I'm sorry for being late." She whispered to him.

"You showed up eventually." He grinned.

The rest of the ceremony went somewhat smoothly. No one came crashing in at the part where the minister asked if anyone objected to their marriage (much to Artemis's relief), and Dick's prank of 'losing the rings' didn't cause too much of a panic (Wally's face said differently, until the rings and a "Gotcha!", came from Dick's mouth).

The 'I do's' had been completed, and the rings placed on their fingers. She had tears of joy running down her cheeks, and Artemis swore she saw Wally's eyes glaze over.

"I now pronounce you, Mr. and Mrs. West. You may kiss the bride."

He lifted up her veil, carefully and thoughtfully, and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear. Wally pulled her into his arms, hugged her tight, and kissed her.

He didn't want to let go, neither did she.

It wasn't until Dick poked Wally in the back, and joked "Get a room you two!", that they parted lips, goofy smiles on both faces. Everyone began laughing, some were crying at the same time.

It really was, the perfect day for a wedding.

After the reception, Mr. West carried the newly Mrs. West to the rental car that would take them to the airport. Dick had bought them, as a gift, a two-week vacation to France, along with enough cash to be comfortable while there. He'd thrown in a private jet just for kicks.

They'd changed before take off; Wally in a pair of slacks, t-shirt, and hoodie, while Artemis had chose skinny jeans, and a breezy top. All of their luggage had already been packed and in the plane by the time they'd got there.

Of course, Wally had gotten peckish an hour into the flight, and had started scavenging around the mini-fridge, though it wasn't very 'mini', for food. He'd found some pasta, heated it up, and went back to looking. Then, he struck gold.

"Champagne darling?" Wally said, holding up a bottle and using his worst snobby impression.

"Of course darling." She replied, with her own attempt to sound rich. They laughed, and drank the bubbly together, snuggled up on a love seat, watching the sunset from above the clouds.

"I love you Wally."

"And I love you so, so much Artemis."

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