This is my first fanfiction. I haven't seen a lot of stories that feature Aomine and Kagami so I decided to go with this pairing first. Also, I've been very interested in the idea of crafting a story that depicts the KuroBasu characters' futures. My main focus is on developing the relationship between this pairing so I'm not gonna dive into any smut anytime soon. I wanted to write a story that is somewhat reminiscent of the working man who meets the working man (maybe stories by Yoneda Kou might come into mind?) so I'm going to try to make it as realistic as possible. I have chosen hydrangea to represent the story because in the language of flowers, it symbolizes heartfelt emotions. I hope you will enjoy this story!


Kagami Taiga, the ace of Seirin High School's basketball team, held an enthusiastic love for basketball ever since his childhood. From an outsider's perspective, one may expect the red-haired basketball player to pursue a professional career in the very sport he both cherishes and excels at. Such a future did not turn around for Kagami as years after graduating from Seirin High, he pursued a career in becoming a firefighter instead. Dangerous as it may be, the job of a firefighter fits the excitement Kagami needs in his life. Also, he can't deny the joy he receives from the opportunity to aid those in trouble. The three years he spent in high school had been memorable; the times where he faced off against each member in the Generation of Miracles and indirectly, reformed their ways of thinking towards basketball proved to be worth all the efforts he and his team members had exerted. Many years have passed since he and his high school teammates journeyed all the way towards victory, emphasizing team play as playing a crucial role in the various matches. To this day, he does not keep in contact with any of his team members since his father probed him to attend a university in America around his third year in high school. Kagami's grades have always been adequate, occasionally below that standard, and he understood his father's incentive in pushing him to focus more on his academics, especially since he had devoted most of his time to basketball. Kagami did not see much of a point to traveling thousands of miles away to another country, only to return back to Japan after the completion of his college education. It is not as if he holds a top tier position in a well-known company or anything of the sort. He had been satisfied with the route he had taken in his life and although he has not been able to contact his past Seirin teammates or any of the Generation of Miracles, he has also found enjoyment in the company of his coworkers as a firefighter.

A particular evening after Kagami's work shift had ended, all of his coworkers on the same shift suggested they go out for drinks after a day of hard work. Kagami knew his coworkers also had the intention of hitting some areas where there were many women, single and carefree, in order to 'score'. Having been a basketball head throughout the years, as his Seirin basketball coach had titled him, he has never paid much attention to the opposite sex. Surely, he did notice when a woman was well above average in appearance, but that was as far as it went. Looks can only go so far and he did not hold a particular interest in developing romantic relationships. However, he was up for a good time with his fellow coworkers so he agreed to join in on the outing. At first, Kagami suggested the group go to a pub nearby since it was more convenient, but the rest of them wanted to go to a club.

They're probably in the mood for some night life, as expected.

When the group of firefighters arrived at a club deep in downtown, they found the place to be packed with people, stemming from it being a weekend evening. They were able to find a seat for five near the center of the dance floor despite it being so crowded. If one were to enter the dance floor, one would find the strobe lights to be hypnotizing, causing that sensation as if you were high with the contribution of the music blaring from the DJ's podium. Kagami, who held a preference to be in peaceful environments, felt a bit claustrophobic before he took his seat. He didn't plan on staying long; only after a couple of drinks would he be on his way home. That is, until he noticed a familiar face amidst the crowd, one who had two girls on both sides of him clinging onto his arms as he stood casually on the side, close to the restroom entrance. Pulled in through curiosity, Kagami left his seat and made his way slowly towards the direction of the familiar stranger. His plan was to walk past this person, feigning that he was headed towards the restroom instead. Before he could even execute this plan, Kagami came to a realization that the person was one he had been all too familiar with back in his high school days. The guy most similar to himself. His biggest rival in the Generation of Miracles. The one he could never beat in a one on one match against. Aomine Daiki.

Their eyes met as Kagami made his way towards their direction. As Kagami passed them, Aomine looked away and resumed chattering with the two girls on both his sides, as if he pretended to not notice Kagami.

What was that?

As he entered the restroom, he contemplated over whether Aomine pretended not to know him or merely just has forgotten him. He didn't understand why the gesture from earlier even hurt him in the slightest nor did he understand why he was carrying thoughts a girl would carry. He stood there for a couple of minutes and soon after, he was the only person present in the room. Finally, he decided to just wash his face in order to freshen up when the door to the men's restroom popped open and in entered the past Touou High ace player. Kagami planned to exit the room as soon as possible until he felt an arm embrace him around the neck.

"Oi, Kagami. Why'd you pretend you didn't know me?"

But you were the one pretending.

"Oh, was kinda dark so I probably didn't recognize your face. Haha..."

I could say since it's because he's so dark…

"Oh I see...what you doing in a club like this? I'd never peg you for the type that likes to play around."

This is the first time we've met in years and that's one of the first few things he says...

Kagami sighed and said, "I'm not like you. Just here with my fellow coworkers on an outing."

"Hey, I don't play around. Those girls earlier latched on to me. Gotta be friendly back ya know?"

Wait, why is he giving an explanation? Why should I care if he has girls surrounding him? How uncool...

"Sure, if you say so."

Kagami slapped away Aomine's arm around him and walked towards the restroom exit. He looked back after walking a few steps past the entrance area to see Aomine had followed him out.

Kagami asked, "Say, what brings you here?"

"Oh, it's been awhile since I've been able to get off early from work so I decided to have some fun."

"Work? What do you do?"

Aomine smirked and replied, "I'm a policeman."

This came as a shock to Kagami. He wasn't shocked by the fact that Aomine was a policeman, but by the idea that both he and Aomine held similar professions, both working for the purpose of preventing the masses from entering harm's way and coming to their aid if harm should pass their way. He couldn't help but chuckle at the idea since they had always been similar back in their high school days, both hot-headed and the aces of their corresponding basketball teams. Not to mention they had shared the same shoe size...

Wait, why do I remember that?

"What's that chuckle for? You mind telling me what you do then?"

"Well...I'm a firefighter."

Aomine's face dropped and he blankly stared at Kagami.

"How is it..."


"That we are so similar..."

"I don't know. Don't ask me."

"Although I'm taller than you."


Around that time, the two girls from earlier called Aomine over after noticing he had returned, but just not to them. Aomine made a slightly annoyed face and took out his cell phone.

"Kagami, give me your number."

Surprised, Kagami responded, " Ehhh?"

"I don't keep in contact with any of my high school buddies. Well, except for Satsuki, but she doesn't count. It's not often you run into your rival years later so just give me your number."

Kagami was surprised at Aomine's initiative to keep in contact with him. He had never thought Aomine to be a person who cared much for the company of others, evident from his arrogant attitude as the ace player of Touou High, the high school that specialized in individual play, the complete opposite of Seirin's team play. Kagami took out his cell phone and exchanged numbers with Aomine. Afterwards, Aomine bid Kagami farewell as he returned to the two girls who kept pestering him to come over and chat with them. Kagami held his cell phone tightly in his right hand, standing still while pondering over the events that just occurred a few minutes ago.

Is it strange for me to be so damn happy?

It might have been from that moment that Kagami came to the realization he had always felt disconnected and isolated after he graduated from high school. Whether he had been in the presence of many people did not alleviate the detachment that had slowly become a part of him. It was the case of living individually for so many years in America as well as the separation from Japan, a country he still considers his home. Somehow, he felt as if he had gone back to life again with this feeling of excitement from meeting a fellow rival and friend after so many years.