Hello! It's been awhile, hasn't it? I barely found any time to write lately so apologies for not updating in so long. This chapter is short and told from Aomine's perspective. You could say this is somewhat of an "extra" chapter, which concludes this AoKaga story. I contemplated whether I should continue the story any further and decided it would be best to conclude the story here. So yes, that's the end (for now)! I'm gonna take a break for a long, long time until inspiration strikes and I can find the time to write a new story (be it AoKaga or another KuroBasu pairing). Thank you to my readers who have left many encouraging comments! I hope to return with a story you will enjoy in the future.


After the eventful evening, the last week in which Alex and Himuro were to stay over passed by in a flash. One could say that time, in general, seemed to pick up its speed after Kagami and Aomine got together. By Spring, they had already made plans to live together, with Aomine moving in with Kagami, whose house had a magnificent view of the sea near the city. Aomine had originally lived near the downtown area where he lived, but it didn't compare to the peace and tranquility that resonated throughout Kagami's side of town. This had been one of the reasons why Aomine visited Kagami more instead of the other way around. Aomine felt the location to be wonderful in getting away from a laborious day; even the walk past the plains up the hill to Kagami's place brought him to another place, one that the city couldn't offer.

Aomine never would have foreseen his relationship with Kagami progressing past the boundaries of friendship. It was strange to even think that they had become such good friends after their rivalry in high school. The mystery remained whether his feelings had preceded Kagami's or it being the other way around. He remembered the shock he received when Kagami confessed to his confession so suddenly last winter, unsure whether he had been dreaming or facing reality. There were times when he questioned the idea of him falling for a man, especially one who had grown to become a best friend, but it seemed silly to dismiss his feelings due to such a small issue. Aomine didn't fall in love with Kagami; he grew to love Kagami. There was a distinction, because Aomine knew that he would love Kagami despite if their relationship remained that of friends or progressed even further. Life is not a soap opera, at least, not to Aomine. He doesn't deny the beauty in revelling in sadness, but for it to dominate a person's whole being is not something he can easily accept.

Ugh, I'm thinking too much again.

The sea has a majestic quality which can transfer you to another world. Aomine had been sitting out on the balcony to gaze at the dawn's approach. Kagami was still sleeping in the bedroom and it appeared Aomine might have to wake him up later so he wouldn't be late for work. Usually Aomine would be the last to wake up between the two, but there were times where he went to sleep early and hence, woke up earlier than usual. The mornings during summer were nowhere as chilly as in spring, but the heat tended to grow unbearable near midday. Aomine sighed.

What a pain.

He never looked forward to going to work in this season. Whenever he arrived home, all he wanted to do was lay down next to the fan for hours. Aomine figured it was around the time he should wake up Kagami, who appeared to be sleeping soundly when Aomine entered the bedroom. Gazing at Kagami's sleeping face, he noticed how his eyebrows curved slightly into a frown as he breathed in and out. Kagami wasn't as deep a sleeper as Aomine was, but he wasn't a light sleeper either. He jumped right on top of Kagami and tickled him.

"Rise and shine!"

Kagami frowned deeper and slowly opened his eyes.

"Ugh...did I oversleep?"

"Nah, I just woke up earlier than usual."

Aomine lowered himself to a position where he lay on Kagami's chest while staring at his face.

"You're heavy..."

"Deal with it."

Kagami smiled and leaned forward to give Aomine a kiss on his lower left cheek. Aomine pinched both of Kagami's cheeks in return, out of slight embarrassment, and got off the bed.

"It's time for breakfast, you know?"

"You can't make it without me?"

"Why bother asking a question you already know the answer to?"

Aomine could easily make breakfast himself, but the quality just did not compare to Kagami's homemade meals. Now that he thought about it, Kagami held the roles of a wife in their relationship when it came to cooking. They both shared the same responsibilities in cleaning and other matters around the house, but the only exception was cooking. Kagami enjoyed cooking so he did not mind taking on the task, even if he was spoiling Aomine a bit too much. Aomine sat at the breakfast table and watched Kagami go about making breakfast for the two of them. There was something incredibly attractive about a grown man who could cook. He knew he was beginning to think like a girl, but he couldn't deny the fact that Kagami's culinary skills turned him on.

"You could burn a hole through me, you know?"

Aomine didn't realize he had been dozing off.


"You're staring."

"I wasn't staring...I was gazing."

Kagami rolled his eyes, but Aomine knew perfectly well that Kagami felt embarrassed at Aomine's straightforwardness. After Kagami finished making breakfast and laid it out on the table, he sat down and began eating. Aomine looked at the calendar and noticed it was almost the end of July.

"Hey, isn't your birthday coming up soon?"

Kagami looked up from eating.

"Hmmm yeah."

"What are you thinking of doing this year?"

"Have no plans so far."

"For real?"

Kagami took a sip of tea.

"Yeah, I don't see it as different from any ordinary day. Just, I'm turning a year older. That's it."

"That sounds so...depressing."

"You idiot."

"I'll make it special for you this year."
Aomine smiled at Kagami, who showed a slightly worried expression in return. Maybe Kagami's birthday would be the perfect day for them to seal the deal. They had been going out for more than seven months now and have not done anything past kissing. Even Aomine found it hard to believe that two healthy men, such as themselves, could go that long without having sex. Kagami, in particular, was the intriguing one since he never seemed to have any indecent motives.

Is he a virgin?

Not just a virgin when it came to his bottom, but a virgin in general.

A good looking man in his late twenties and still a virgin...

If that were the case, it was actually adorable though troublesome at the same time because Kagami may not know the basics of gay sex. Hell, even Aomine knew...he asked Satsuki for some of the yaoi magazines she subscribed to out of curiosity ever since he and Kagami started living together. Satsuki was ecstatic enough to lend him more than he asked for and soon, he began to ask for updates on the series himself.

What is wrong with me...

These were all things he kept from Kagami, of course. He only took part in these activities on days where he arrived home earlier than his partner. Lucky for him, they owned different drawers and Aomine kept most of the magazines underneath all his boxers. If Kagami were ever to discover them, Aomine would have no idea how to explain...

"Hey, you dozing off again?"

Aomine shook his head.


"You've been doing that a lot lately. Something on your mind?"

"Hmmm, just how to make your special day, well, special this year."

Kagami stared at Aomine for a few seconds and sighed.

"Being with you already makes it special enough."

Aomine looked up at Kagami in astonishment.

"Stop staring at me..."

"I told you, I'm not staring. I'm gazing."

Kagami leaned over the table and pinched the left side of Aomine's cheeks.


"It's time to get going."

Aomine rubbed his cheeks and chuckled. He was way too happy for words.

Although it was rather ordinary, Aomine decided he would just treat Kagami to dinner at a restaurant which was famous for its Japanese cuisines near the sea. Kagami wasn't an extravagant guy and nor was Aomine so he opted for a simple, yet memorable birthday. As a present, he bought Kagami a pair of new Nikes, black and red, for when they would go exercising together. Things went according to plan. Kagami appeared to enjoy the meal very much; he even pondered over getting the ingredients to experiment at home.

They were currently on their way home by train. Kagami was rather quiet on both the ride back to the station and the walk up the hill to their apartment. Aomine hadn't thought much about sealing the deal with Kagami since he was too preoccupied with making sure Kagami was having a good time. He wasn't sure whether this would be like one of many nights, where Kagami would go off to bed and Aomine would later follow. He didn't want to hope for anything, in case Kagami had no desire to take part in any sexual activities. When they reached the front door, Kagami entered first and waited for Aomine to step in after closing the door shut. Aomine was taken by surprise when Kagami grabbed ahold of both his arms and pushed him against the wall in the genkan. Being both the same height, they were both at eye level with each other. Kagami looked straight into Aomine's eyes for a couple of seconds and then and leaned in to kiss Aomine softly. After slowly pulling away, Kagami eyes diverted downwards.


Aomine stroked Kagami's cheek.

"Is it okay?"

"What is?"

Kagami looked straight at Aomine.

"Our first time. Is tonight okay?"

Aomine was stunned; he never expected Kagami to be the one to take the initiative. Grabbing ahold of Kagami's face, he leaned in for a deep kiss. After pulling away, he laid his head on Kagami's chest.

"I thought you'd never ask..."

Kagami kissed Aomine's head, while stroking his short dark blue hair.

"Let's continue in our room?"

Aomine nodded his head. They both made their way slowly to the bedroom, with Aomine keeping a firm embrace around Kagami. The lights were kept turned off and the moon was visible out in the night sky. Just before joining Aomine at the bed, Kagami closed the bedroom door shut and all that could be heard throughout the house was the sound of the soft breeze blowing in from the balcony. Once in awhile, voices could be heard from within the bedroom as the two tenants tried to be considerate of their neighbors in the middle of the night.