**All of the stories will be fiction, but some in each episode will be labled Fact for obvious purposes.

'Hello, I'm Max Renfield and welome back to Beyond Belief! It's been a while, but while we were gone, we've gathered up plenty of tales to rack up about three new seasons! Let's jump into our first episode, shall we?

Lisa's the most popular girl in school, but she's about to learn what venting on the outcasts can cause in POPULAR GIRL.'


My name is Lisa Schroen. I was the most popular girl that everyone wanted to be in my school. I had all the fame and the glory and magnificence. But this simple day is about to change all of that.

Lisa walks down to her locker, followed by Chelsea and Rachael, her two best friends.

"So, who're you taking to the dance Chels?" Lisa asks.

"Oh, just Rick Bradshaw, I can't believe he asked me!"

"Really? You got the second cutest guy in the school!" Rachael explains, giddy for her friend.

"Oh my god, you're so lucky Chels!" Lisa exclaims.

Lisa grabs her books and shuts her locker, causing a note to fall from her locker door.

This was the beginning of the events that turned my life around for the better.

"Ooh, what's that Liss?" Rachael asks.

"I don't know..." Lisa reads the note, her brow tightening in fear mixed with confusion.

"What's it say?" Chelsea wonders aloud, grabbing the note. "What? 'The meanest girl in school is going to learn her lesson?' "

The three are stunned into silence.

This was the first of the notes that led up to the end of the school day.

Lisa sits in Science class, looking at the blackboard.

"Alright class, open your textbooks to Chapter 3."

The class opens their books, but Lisa's eyes widen on Chapter 3. Another note is stuck into the book, facing up, reading 'Change your antics or we change them.'

"Is something wrong, Liss?" Rachael whispers from the desk next to her. Lisa passes her the note, and Rachael's eyes widen quite the same as Lisa's.

"Girls, would you like to stay after class or would you like to read the chapter? It's your choice."

Normally, I'd have made a comment and have to stay after class but that day freaked me out more than normal. After class ended, I walked out in silence, and found a group crowding my locker.

"What's going on?" Lisa asks.

"Look!" A horrified Chelsea exclaims. Lisa's locker door was coated in words. The biggest word was CHANGE. The other two words were smaller and were MEAN and ANNOYING.

This horrified me, so I ran. I locked myself in the janitor's closet. I had no idea I wasn't alone, nor who would want me to change so bad. I was in for a shock.

Lisa slammed the door shut and locked it.

"I had a feeling you'd come here." The light switch is turned on, revealing a group of five nerdy-looking students led by Chelsea.


"Yeah, it's me. You're gonna change for the better Lisa. You've been treating them," Chelsea points to the nerdy kids, "poorly for the entire school years of their lives! And it's harder for me because I used to be one of them."

Lisa was crying now. "No! Leave me alone!"

I should have listened to them, because no one ever heard or saw from me again.

'And so ends the story of revenge against a snotty girl. Was this story a true act of revenge or have we just plotted a fictional tale?'

Part two of episode one soon!