Zaraki was bored. Ever since Hana left on her mission, things had calmed down to the point that it was boring. Hana seemed to brighten up the entire Soul Society, without even realizing it.

Byakuya lost some of the frost. Toshiro was a bit more sociable and didn't yell at his lieutenant as much. Kyoraku didn't drink as much, to the relief of Nanao. Gin tended to help her prank people. Even Soi Fon became nicer. Though Hana generally helped trip her fat lieutenant in an effort to make him loose weight.

Without her around, the entire place seems bland. Yachiru tried to make up for it, but she wasn't having any luck.

It seemed like the life had drained from the place.

Worried, Unohana sent a silent request to Hana... and a week later people seemed to perk up.

Since she would be stuck at the school for the better part of seven years, unless she finished early, she would simply have to be taught how to open the gate home by herself so she could deliver her reports in person.

Now, once a week, she would return home to cause absolute chaos. It wasn't perfect, but thanks to that, Unohana saw less people being admitted to her division for alcohol poisoning and depression.

A month after starting her classes on kendo, Hana saw a distinct increase in students. Apparently, several muggleborns were highly put out about the lack of P.E. classes at the school, and were eager for anything, even if it was being taught by a foreign firstie.

As a result of this, she had to raid the Shinigami Academy supply closet for more swords. She wouldn't dare borrow the actual practice swords until the people she was teaching could be trusted not to cut themselves with them.

Hana had a few issues with the castle.

First, the diversity of magic classes was sadly lacking. There were only a few classes available, and when she asked about others, she was referred to several tutors in other countries. Second, the food was fatty, over done, and was geared towards a heart attack. (That, she knew because she gave the entire menu towards Unohana, who had been horrified. It was like they wanted these children to die early.) The only drink that wasn't sugared down was the water, which was just wrong. Third, the atmosphere wasn't based on learning or camaraderie (except in Hufflepuff) it was new blood versus old blood. Foreigners seemed to be ostracized to the point of racism.

And she wasn't going to get started on the fact that the only physical activity available was either Quidditch (which was only available for a select few, and the pitch was almost always dominated by Gryffindor for some reason) or the class she started.

Something had to be done, and fast. She wasn't going to return home for the holidays a blob like Omaeda!

Her first opportunity came during Halloween. The second she heard about the troll, she sent a message to Unohana. If she got hurt enough, then Unohana (as her primary physician/secondary guardian) could legally come in and have a chat with Madam Pomphrey. Dumbledore, when he heard the request a month ago, refused to allow another foreign outsider inside the castle.

But Hermione looked up the school by laws. Since she was a foreigner, she could legally bring in her primary physician if the School Healer was insufficient for her needs, particularly if she had been in a life threatening situation.

She had already set the scene for that, by asking the house elves for a special menu because of her diet. In Japan (and the Soul Society) the main diet wasn't corn, but rice. Sadly, the school menu had been in place for over six hundred years, and the House Elves were barely able to handle special diets as it was. They were given a set amount of recipes, and that was it.

Luckily, thanks to the wonders of the internet (and bribing Kurotsuchi with a month free of pranks and chaos on her end in exchange for a working laptop with internet in the world of the living) she was able to provide new recipes. They were so ecstatic that they were trying every new recipe they could each week. Hana and the Puffs helped by leading a secret critique list for the students, and giving the elves the reviews.

So far it proved a positive experience. They had already added Caesar salad, pizza, lightly roasted chicken, and onigiri to the school menu.

She was going to add desserts and lightly sweetened snacks by next semester. First she had to get these kids on a healthier diet before she introduced them to anything sugary. Plus she knew for a fact there were some diabetic students in the school. Unohana could create a menu for them that would help them manage their problem.

She secretly suspected it was the over greasy, sugary, fat loaded diet in the school that gave them their disease in the first place.

Hana immediately headed to the bathroom where Hermione had been holed up since Charms. She had unsuccessfully tried to bring her out after Ron insulted her and the fact that she had been trying to help him with their assignment.

Hana had broken his nose for that, and had planned to rile up the Puffs for a bit of payback. As it was, the Terror Twins had already given her their approval to prank Ron without any worries of retribution.

Hermione came out of the stall, still sniffling. She was confronted with a wall of red hair.

"(Sniff) Hana? What's going on?" she said.

"Some idiot let a troll in. I'm going to try and land in the Hospital Wing so we can bring in a real medical expert."

"You're WHAT?!"

"Hermione, Dumbledore won't let anyone in if he can help it. Because I've been laying the groundwork that I have medical issues, he'll have no choice but to allow Unohana and the others in. I'm sure Pomphrey wouldn't mind talking to her."

Hana's hand flew to her nose. Something reeked, and it was coming closer.

"Hermione, stay low to the ground and start moving towards the wall."

Hermione knew Hana's instincts were almost animistic, so she didn't argue. Hana went to the door to see where it was coming from, when it exploded. Hermione gave a small yelp of surprise, but stayed quiet.

Hana drew the beast's attention, and got a nasty hit to the side. She could feel three of her ribs break on impact.

Her mission complete, she then threw her right hand out...drawing her hidden sword. Hana had a short kodachi sword when it was sealed. She went to work on the troll.

Her sword was razor sharp, and kept the troll on it's toes. By the time she was done, the head rolled on the ground.

Her original three broken ribs became one massive bruise, a sprained ankle from where she landed wrong, and a concussion from hitting the wall.

To insure Unohana made it on time, she sent a second Hell Butterfly with a list of injuries. If nothing else that would get her to the castle before Dumbledore even considered trying to wipe their memories.

(During her investigation on the school, she learned that no less than ten accidents had been covered up. Further inquiry proved that not only unearthed the fact that their families never knew about this, but that those involved had their memories wiped of the incident.)

When this was over, she was going to have Susan send a letter to her aunt to inquire about the fact that memories of being wiped after accidents.

If that wasn't enough, she had noted with some concern that the most Snape did after potion spills was to deduct points and give detentions. And she had a detention to clean the place once already, and not once did he have her use anything that would remove the reactive agents that had built up from hundreds if not thousands of potion spills. Not once did he send anyone to the Hospital Wing after an accident, unless he couldn't give the antidote.

And the magical community wondered why birth rates was at an all time low. If the potion mishaps and lack of healthy foods wasn't bad enough, they were so behind the time that modern miracles weren't happening. Hermione had even admitted that her parents had to go to a specialist for her.

Hana planned to wake these people up, before they destroyed themselves. She could work on the attitude problems another year. Her first priority was getting these people active and healthy. Then she could work on improving the classes.

And she knew perfectly well what her biggest obstacle would be.

Albus Dumbledore. The man was so stubborn that his head was stuck up his ass farther than most of the pure bloods in Slytherin. He was determined to keep them stuck in the Dark Ages, that it was no wonder the British Communities were behind the times.

Unohana startled Pomphrey by coming through the gate with two others. Everyone knew port keys and apparition didn't work inside the school, but the wards were never built to prevent gateways from opening inside.

Dumbledore came in after Unohana closed the gate, and frowned. He was planning to wipe the memory of the fight with the troll before Hana even thought to message home about it.

It had become habit since he became Headmaster to wipe memories of dangerous accidents from the children's minds. The Prophet even commented on the fact that accidents were down in the school.

He actually believed that children shouldn't remember being hurt. They should enjoy their time in the school.

He never took a good long look at the students, or he would have known how miserable that he was making them.

"Headmaster!" said Poppy. Once she recognized Unohana's Healer's aura, she let the woman check on Hana. The poor girl was going to spend the rest of the night in the bed, and even then the bruise would take a week to go away.

"Who is this?"

"I am Hana Chidarake's primary physician. She sent me a message right after she found the troll and I came here first thing."

"I'm afraid we can't have outsiders coming in whenever they please. You would have to be approved by the Board..."

"Actually, Hana has a very rare medical issue, and as the school's by-laws state that a child's primary healer may enter the school during a medical emergency to assist the school's Healer," said Unohana pleasantly, her eyes never leaving the old man.

Dumbledore couldn't believe it. There were two Pomphrey's, and he was hard pressed to say which scared him more. The fact she knew about that particular by-law worried him.

"I didn't notice any medical issues..." he said, trying to diffuse the situation.

"Hana has great difficulty eating red meat, and has a severe allergy to peanuts. Your school menu is so outdated that it is a health hazard. Are you trying to kill your students, or are you blind to the health issues?" asked Unohana, never once raising her voice.

Most of that wasn't true, as Hana rather enjoyed eating nuts, and she wasn't too fond of red meat. However Dumbledore didn't know about that. His legilmency would never work on a soul reaper thanks to their zanpakuto.

By the time Unohana was done listing the health issues the school had (from Hana's reports home) Dumbledore was cowed into a corner. The fact that he was willfully endangering student's health because he refuse to make minor changes infuriated Unohana, which was always dangerous ground to tread.

Fortunately Madam Pomphrey was spared the lion's share of the blame, because she simply didn't know about the problems aside from the potion's issue, which she could do nothing about since Snape refused to send the students to her, and the children tried to avoid her care.

Dumbledore left the Hospital Wing, eager to avoid Unohana, who was terrifying. Poppy ended up hitting it off with the woman, who rather enjoyed discussing healing potions while they worked.

When Hana finally escaped the Hospital Wing, three things had been accomplished.

First, Dumbledore had been successfully diverted from erasing her memory of the event. The fewer times that he did that, the better chance that the students would survive in the outside word. Hana was a firm believer that accidents were nature's way to learn, and that pain was the method to make that lesson stick.

Second, Unohana had made contact with Pomphrey, which meant they would be able to share new medical techniques to make the time spent in the Hospital Wing shorter and more pleasant. If Hana didn't know any better, she would have sword the two were related. Pomphrey was horrified to discover that the school menu was contributing to the low birth rate. Students simply didn't know what their options were, and the House Elves didn't know how to cook anything different without help.

Third, and this was the most shocking thing she had ever seen, Snape ended up flirting with Unohana, and she was giving as good as she got. She even heard them setting up a date outside of Hogsmeade.

At this point she could only hope that Snape loosened up with a steady girlfriend. It didn't hurt that Unohana could come halfway cross the world in a few minutes. As it was, he had agreed to send anyone hit by potions straight to the Hospital Wing after an antidote was administered.

Hana was heading home for Christmas, but the Headmaster didn't know that. Since she lived in the Soul Society, she had made an arrangement with the house elves who usually stacked the presents anyway.

She would pretend to stay at the school, when in fact she would be spending the majority of the holiday in the soul society except for meal times. There was a marked improvement in the diet, which was a relief to the other students.

The fried chicken and large turkeys were now supplemented by lightly seared fish and salads. Even the teachers noticed the improvement in the menu. Dumbledore kept turning a blind eye, his taste buds deadened by centuries of the same food. He didn't even notice when he ate grilled chicken instead of fried.

Hana stared at the silvery cloak that lay on her bed. It didn't have a card or anything, but she could feel the reitsu pouring off it. It didn't feel right.

So she took it with her to the 12th division to have it analyzed. What she found startled her.

"This cloak is part of a rather irritating set of three. A staff, a stone and this cloak. The set is known as the Deathly Hallows, and it was placed in the World of the Living by the Spirit King himself. Legend has it that whomever can unite all three will become the Heir of the Spirit King. The three items were divided between the three known children of the King, and so far not a single descendant remains alive."

"Is it dangerous?"

"There are a few kido placed on it, but they should be easy enough to remove. But in exchange I want a sample of the cloak."

"You can take a small sample, but I am not letting you destroy it."

Kurotsuchi accepted that, and took a small cutting of the cloak. To her amazement, the cloak seemed to regrow the sample cut from it. It appeared to draw in the reitsu that was naturally flowing in the Soul Society.

"Fascinating. It appears to have similar properties as a Quincy Bow."

"And that means?"

"As long as there is enough spirit energy present, any damage will be reversed so long as the cloak isn't destroy completely."

"...Fine, you can take a larger sample."

Kurotsuchi grinned evilly, and took a good hand sized portion. Now he would have a better sample to test with, and a control.

Hana took the cloak to Squad 4, who had an entire team that specialized in reversing kido damage. This seemed right up their alley.

They found several spells on the cloak, including one that curse whoever it bonded to with extreme bad luck. When she finally put it on, she discovered it not only hid her from sight, but anything that detected spirit energy as well.

By the time the others came back to the school, Hana had been able to change the menu a bit. Now the students could order what they want and save on food costs.

The house elves were able to get her an amount of what the Headmaster supposedly spent on food, and with her new system they cut it in half.

Dumbledore would spend an entire year trying to figure out where the extra money was coming from.

She slowly introduced the students to something she called snack stations which were filled with popular fruit that was grown on the grounds. Students who wanted a pick-me-up would grab an apple or orange and take a bite.

Originally the teachers would complain, until Pomphrey mentioned that she was trying to curb some bad eating habits and the results spoke for themselves.

Students had more energy and were staying awake longer. The grades were improving too, as the healthy snacks were helping them study better.

Hana had a lot of fun scheduling no-meat Mondays once a month. Some people complained, but results spoke for themselves. Poppy saw fewer problems in health since Hana took over the school menu.