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Third Person

"Hello, my name is Alison Dawson, and I'm here to represent the National Suicide Prevention from the city of Miami, Florida."

She spoke distinctively to the student body of Concord High in New Hampshire. The students were filed out in the tall bleachers, so much, that there barely was any room to breathe without inhaling the scents of other student's cologne and perfume.

Most of the students looked incredibly bored, but the ones that wore long, black hoodies, paid extremely close attention. Even one of the preppy girls, that was dressed in bright, neon colors, was wrapping her fingers around her inner wrist. She obviously wanted to keep it a secret.

Most people may not know that this is occurring to almost a fourth of their student body, but it's not her job to make sure that they're fully aware of what's going on around him.

The students here didn't have an option of absence for the assembly, so every student was in for a surprise when they found out that they had a different schedule that morning.

She placed a hand over her stomach that was healthy, yet incredibly flat at the same time, wedding ring shining due to the spotlight that was staring her down.

"Now," she said, "I understand that a lot of you aren't comfortable with the subject, but I want every one of you to stay, even the faculty and staff. This is going to be more important than you will ever know."

Her eyes caught a group of kids that shifted uncomfortably, and she knew to not keep her gaze on them long, for other students would put the pieces together.

"On average, 15 adolescents, or kids ages 12 to 17, successfully commit suicide each day because of people that don't think before they speak, or parents that don't show their love, or they're just tired of seeing only the dark things in live, never catching a glimpse of bright sides of things. You hear stories, all the time, about kids who deal with parents' divorces, family members dying, friends neglecting them, or not having barely any friends at all. You hear that they either choose to power through it, or they give in and fall under." She took a deep breath, knowing that the next part will get to them.

"Everyone thinks that they're going to get a happy ending, but they're wrong. This is real life―that shit you heard in fairytales isn't real, one bit. If you want a happy ending, you're going to have to get up off your lazy ass and make one, because no one is just going to give it to you on a silver platter. People are going to put you through Hell, and you may think that you'll never see the end of it, but that's not true. You are either going to come back a survivor, or make yourself weak and choose to let go of your bright future. You may not believe it―and I know that a lot of you don't―but you are going to make a difference is at least a dozen peoples' lives. People who are contemplating giving in to the temptation of death are just trying to shock the bullies into reality and make them realize that words really do hurt." Every word was powerful, and anyone could tell that she was on the verge of screaming. Ally Dawson would do anything in her power to save as many lives as she could and stop the cruel torture that never seemed to end.

She was now about to reveal herself to a crowd of strangers that she had never met before. But, to her, it didn't matter. The scars on her wrist were nearly invisible, and she always went to bed with a smile on her face.

"When I was born, I had the perfect family. Two brothers―one older and one younger― and two parents that never stopped loving each other. We couldn't afford as many things, but that didn't matter. I thought that the family that was seen on TV shows was fake, because both of my parents ran away at the age of 16, both trying to make their parents realize how much fighting can affect a child.

When I was seven years old, my mother never stopped crying for some reason. She told me that she missed Daddy because he was on a long, business trip, but little did I know that he died of a car accident from having a heart attack behind the wheel. I later found out that she was pregnant, and she was going to tell him, the day that he died, that she was expecting their third child. He was 36

Adam, my older brother, whom was eight years older than me, had to grow up and be the man in the house, and he was only about sixteen at the time. Months later, my mother grew tired and weak, so Adam had to bring in as much money that he could from his part-time job at the frozen yogurt place down the street. My mother was strictly on bed rest, and not even Adam knew what was wrong with her. At least, that's what he's always told me.

When the time came for my mother to deliver, I was so excited. I had written a card and everything. I had bragged to my fourth grade classmates that I was going to have a new brother. But, when I came home, my neighbor was waiting in the house for me, tears pouring down her wrinkled face. She had told me that I had a new baby sibling, but that my mom had decided to join my father on his business trip. I never understood why they were gone for so long, but I finally put the pieces together when Adam used Alex, my younger brother, and myself as leverage to gain custody over us at court. I had cried every night, and I never knew the difference between a real baby and the doll that I found at Goodwill Donation Center. She was 34.

I expected to be comforted at school, but, when I got there, people started making fun of me, all because one of my classmates, Austin Moon, had told them to. No one played with me on the playground, no one sat next to me at lunch, no one put a Valentine in my box, and it only got worse as the years progressed. They called me fat, ugly, stupid, tripped me in the hallways, shoved me against lockers, dumped food on me, stole my gym clothes, you name it. They did it to me.

I started cutting when I was 10 years old.. I had seen it in movies, and I wanted to have some sort of release that I could keep a secret.

At the age of 13, I started to believe them. I starved myself, because I believed that I was fat. I wore no makeup, because I believed that no amount of makeup could cover up my ugly face. Never speaking up in class, because I believed that I would always say the wrong answer, even though I always had straight A's. I wasn't emo. I was just broken.

And Austin Moon always continued it. I never understood why he hated me until I had convinced myself that I was the worst person to walk the face of the Earth.

When I was sixteen, it became too much. My organs nearly failed, plenty of times, and I was passing out on several occasions. The hospital nearly caught my severe depression, but I lied. I didn't want to exposed at the time.

When I returned to school, the bullying was worse than ever. Everything said to me was an insult, and I had had enough of it. I wanted it all to end.

I returned home that day with Alex and told him to go to one of the neighbor's houses at our small, apartment complex. I didn't want him to be there when I gave in.

When I opened the door, my brother and his girlfriend of three years were screaming at each other. Adam caught me after Joyce, his girlfriend, stormed out the door. He yelled at me, and I had never, ever, seen him so angry. I ran to the piano that was given to us for free and begun to write my goodbye in a song.

You see, my brother was a police officer at the time, and he wasn't paid very much.

After I finished performing the song for the first and the last time, I grabbed Adam's gun and pointed it to my head, my hand shaking beyond belief. I sobbed, because my previous suicide attempts that day had failed each and every time. Little did I know that Austin Moon was standing there at the doorway.

Right before I pulled the trigger, he yelled 'NO' and pushed me out of the way, but the bullet was already fired. I thought that I was dead, and I passed out, but Austin was holding me in his arms tightly, crying so hard. I never felt so much comfort in someone's arms before, except for my mother's. My brother rushed in, eyes wide and a fear-stricken face. Austin told him that the bullet had missed me, and they both grieved, not knowing that they could've missed their chance of saving me.

Once Austin introduced himself to Adam, Adam nearly choked Austin to death against the wall. I convinced Adam to not hurt him anymore, and it was then that I knew that Austin had saved me. Apparently, everything I had known about Austin was wrong. He wasn't this cocky, arrogant jock that only cared about his looks and keeping his popularity, but rather a sweet boy who never thought that bullying his crush would almost get her to take her own life. He confessed that he loved me, and he admitted that he would do whatever it takes to prove himself, even if it meant being beaten by my brother.

Later, the boys took me to a treatment center that was in a hospital, and I thought that I was going to be in a hospital bed, IVs hooked up to me and a beeping monitor at my side, security guard right outside my door. That wasn't the case at all.

When I got there, I was immediately befriended by everyone there and they actually knew what I was going through, because most of them had attempted suicide, but failed. They became my best friends instantly. I never thought that people would like a person like me.

Austin wrote to me, plenty of times, saying how much he loved me. I refused to believe him, especially after everything he's done

But, after two or three months of living at a hospital, I was let out. I had no idea what was going on in the world. When I got home from the long, car drive that was given to me by Adam and Joyce, Austin and Alex greeted me at the door. Austin actually cried so hard. The boy, whom was the running back on the school's football team, was crying over me.

We shared our first kiss that day, and he vowed to protect me, forever and always, for the rest of my life. Together, we stood up for ourselves and others, and it was all because he never gave up.

There were times that my inability to trust and love caused plenty of arguments, but Austin still stayed there.

Now, he could've chosen to give up on me and let me die, but he didn't. He had the option to keep on bullying me or find another person for him, but he stayed with me.

The happy marriage and children we have right now aren't because the way the universe worked, it's because he fought for the smile that we wear when we both are sleeping and he didn't choose the easy way out.

There are so many of you who are going through, nearly, the exact same thing that I went through at your age. There are so many of you that just want to give in at the end of the day, but I'm here to tell you that that's not an answer. You all are so much stronger than you give yourself credit for, and none of you deserve to be six feet under by your own choice. You were sent on this planet by God for a reason, and you have to make the best of it. For all we know, one of you could find the cure to cancer, o-or be the next president, or save lives for a living, just like I do.

Right now, I'm a Personal and Family Therapist down in Tampa, Florida. All my life I spent in Miami, but I don't want my kids going to the same school that my husband and I did. We don't wanna take that risk. I was selected by the National Suicide Prevention company because they thought that I would be the best candidate to talk with people just like you.

You are never alone in the world, no matter what you think. You never truly know someone unless they come to your house, crying, because they're tired of staying strong and keeping it in all the time. The people who haven't had tears for that reason, are going to be the ones that need to grow up quick, or they're going to have a hard time in life. High school may seem like their kingdom, but they just may be the ones that take your orders at fast-food restaurant, because they thought that they were too cool for a college education."

After she had finished her rehearsed speech, she told the audience that she wasn't done yet.

She took out a list she had folded up in her pocket and began reading off the scribbled names. The students, which mainly consisted of plastics, jocks, and conceited wannabees.

"Do you all know why I gathered you people here?" She asked, smirking on the inside. She was going to make them face the truth and have reality hit him like a brick.

The group of confused students shook their heads, some laughing and some trying to look cool.

"You people are murderers, and this is the cold, hard truth."

This grabbed every students' attention, the group of preps looked shocked, a lot of them gasping and denying that they were what she was saying.

"We're don't kill people!" One of the girls interjected. She had too much hairspray on her high bun hairstyle and she reeked of expensive perfume. She was dressed in a North Face jacket and tall boots, leggings tucked in underneath them. She had a lot of makeup on, and it looked so unnatural.

Poor girl, was all that Ally could think of.

Suddenly, a student from the lower section of the bleachers stood up abruptly.

"Bull shit," the student, whom was a male, called out, fists clenched and an angry look in his eyes, "you've bullied all of us the second you stepped into this town. You've been nothing but a bitch to everyone and YOU'RE THE REASON BY BEST FRIEND MY DEAD, ALONG WITH THE REST OF YOU," he roared. A lot of people seemed surprised, along with Ally herself. He had come off as this sweet boy when he stood up, but, she guessed bullying really does change a person.

Surprising most of the school, other students began to stand up too. Well, basically, the rest of the student body.

A trend began to spread. People started pulling up their long sleeves to reveal their scars. Other students looked at each other in shock, not expecting that the person next to them was going through the exact same thing they were going through.

Ally took this chance to speak up, so she did.

"Does this shock all of you?" She asked, nearly shouting. "People who seem happy and put-together on the outside are actually dying on the inside, breaking from having to stay strong for too long. Ever scar holds a memory, just like mine do." It still felt weird admitting that she cut at one point, because she was so used to keeping it inside.

Ally entered her two-story house, late at night. The sound of crickets chirping in the spring night sounded loudly, so she prayed that it cause too much of a commotion. Her jacket was slung over her shoulder and purse hanging low on her arm, keys in hand. Her travel backpack was slung over her left shoulder.

Shutting the door quietly, she tiptoed towards her bedroom, but cringed once the lights flipped on.

Crap, she thought, I woke the kids up.

Ally turned around, expecting to see her three kids lined up at the staircase like they sometimes did, but she found Austin walking up to her, sheer t-shirt on and baggy, gray sweatpants hanging low on his hips.

"Hey, baby," he said, kissing her lightly, and then wrapping his arms around her as he embraced her. "How'd it go?" He asked softly.

She smiled warmly, inhaling the scent of his soap and his warm body that always seemed to act like a heater.

She whispered, "great," and then pulled away. "Are the kids in bed?" Austin shook his head.

"They're actually at Adam's house for the night. I thought that we could have a night to ourselves for once," he said.

Ally looked up at him, wondering how she got so lucky to get this happy ending.

She toyed the hairs at the back of his neck and discreetly stepped closer to him, Austin's hands tightening around her waist.

"What do you wanna do?" She rhetorically wondered. Ally bit her lip and smiled once her husband leaned in for another kiss.

He hummed against her mouth, his hands traveling lower to grope her ass.

Ally jumped slightly, a little squeak coming out.

"So," she said, "it's gonna be that, huh?" Once he nodded, Ally slipped out of Austin's grip and walked towards the bedroom that they shared, swinging her hips as she did so.

Austin thought to himself, how did I ever get to lucky to have such a beautiful wife? As he followed her into the master bedroom, slipping off his shirt as he did so.

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