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This is a SLASH story. It's a romantic story between two men. If you have any problems, please turn back now and find another story. Yes, the pairing is between Harry Potter and Bruce Wayne. You have been warned.


After the war, Harry Potter helped the newly formed magical government of Wizarding Britain. Five years later, he vanishes from the public eye but still keeps an eye on the magical world through his contacts. Halfway across the world, Alfred is looking for a new cook. An old friend of his, Aberforth Dumbledore wrote to him, asking for a favor on behalf of a young man he knew. Alfred agreed to accept the young man on a trial basis as a cook. However, Harry James Potter always ended up pulling people in whether he knew it or not, be it Alfred or the young master of Wayne manor, Bruce.

Right Before Your Eyes

Chapter 1

A New Hope, A New Opportunity, A New Life

In the heart of London, hidden away from the eyes of the general public, lay an entrance to a whole new world. One of the entrances to Wizarding Britain's marketplace lay through the Leaky Cauldron, a wizarding inn and pub. It was lunch hour and Tom, the barkeeper was kept on his toes as he rushed around to ensure his customers were all well taken care of.

Unnoticed by untrained eyes, a slender figure made its way through the bar and out into Diagon Alley. The figure expertly avoided bumping into anyone as it briskly walked towards Gringotts, the wizarding bank. The bank, a large white building, was guarded by a pair of goblins. With a curt nod, the figure swiftly made its way towards a teller, almost hidden at a corner. A light cough and a nervous gesture that briefly exposed the marked forehead was all that was needed before the young goblin closed his counter and escorted the figure throw long and winding corridors before stopping before a large, well-crafted door. The teller knocked and announced his visitor before parting with a swift bow.

The figure finally sighed in relief, conjured a comfortable armchair and sank onto it. The hood of its cloak was pushed away with light irritation, gaining a chuckle from the short figure before an impressive desk.

"You are, as usual on time, Lord Potter."

The young man snorted before flashing an apologetic grin. "I almost did not make it on time, Lord Ragnok. The ministry kept throwing more and more stuff at me."

The goblin before him was old, very old and very ugly. There was something menacing in his smile, though the young man before him would prefer to call it an evil smirk than a smile. He was, of course, right but knew better than to mention it. The old goblin would take that as a compliment after all.

"You wand-wielders can barely look after yourselves! I still do not trust humans to look after the rest of the wizarding world," Ragnok replied with a disgusted sneer.

Harry James Potter snickered. "You and me both, Ragnok. How are you doing?"

"I am quite well. Shall we get on with business?"

"Yes, let us. We have a lot of things to cover."

Ragnok pulled a thick folder and placed it before him. Two heads bowed before the folder to study its contents. The goblin explained everything in the folder to the young man before him, gaining a raised eyebrow and an impressed whistle. The goblin looked pleased.

"I believe all is in order?"

Harry nodded, his eyes glued to the papers before him before finally looking at goblin. The sheer gratitude in his eyes was overwhelming. Ragnok simply looked away.

"Considering the amount of damage my friends and I did to Gringotts during the war, I never expected to be allowed to set a foot in here, Ragnok," the young lord finally said as he leaned back on his seat. The goblin studied the human before him for a while before nodding.

"Had it been anyone else, true. We would not have let it be until we have you head hanging on the wall. However, while you and your friends destroyed the building itself and let our dragon loose, you never hurt any of my people. The Dark Lord on the other hand…he killed my people. I do not tolerate the unnecessary slaughter of mine. In retrospect, your actions were considered…necessary."

Harry laughed softly, his eyes glinting in amusement. "I suppose the reparations from Slytherin's vaults had nothing to do with it?"

The Goblin King simply leaned back on his armchair and smirked. Harry shook his head, amused. They were silent for awhile before the head of Gringotts looked directly into Harry's eyes.

"Are you sure about your decision, Lord Potter? There are still other options."

Harry nodded with a frown. "Any option that leaves me in the wizarding world will not end well for me. Even if I want to settle down with someone, the chances of me finding someone who can overlook my wealth and status are impossible. Besides that, anyone who enters my life will automatically find theirs both in the spotlight and in danger. I am too tired to look after someone else. I am too tired of having every aspect of my life scrutinized and made public. All I want right now is to be a little selfish, I suppose. The Wizarding World has had me in their grasp since before I could talk. I have given all my life to them. Now, I want to start living my life for me."

"Whilst I do not understand how you feel, I can understand your need to disappear. You have everything you need. Do not hesitate to contact us for anything else. Our sister branches should also be very helpful. You do need to constantly come here to get any of your affairs sorted out unless it is regarding your family vaults. Everything else is ready, Lord Potter," the goblin replied after a few minutes of silence.

The dark-haired young man nodded. He rose and bowed properly to the head of Gringotts.

"Thank you, Lord Ragnok. This has made it far easier on me than I expected. I wish you well. May your gold always flow and the blood of your enemies coats your sword."

The goblin's grin widened and made him look even more demented.

"May your vaults be full and your ventures proceed with a smooth sailing."

As the door closed behind the wizard, the goblin sat back with an uncharacteristic sigh. Idiotic wand-wielders! Can't they see that they are pushing their savior away? The child was kind and giving. He had a true heart. However the people seem to take this for granted! They keep forcing his attention on them, not noticing that for all his smiles and laughter, Harry James Potter was drowning. The war and the subsequent battle to restore the British wizarding community had taken a toll on a child ill-equipt on handling matters. Although Harry had rose to the occasion, picked up things faster than anyone had expected and ruled the ministry – from the shadows but no one needed to know that – he was still a child by all means and one who never knew what a normal life was all about.

The goblin snorted. Making magic and waving their wands had apparently dulled their brains. Thank goodness Harry had swooped in and ensured that enough laws were passed that no one else could take advantage of the situation and start another war.

No one dared either.

It's a little overwhelming and daunting to even think of duelling a child who destroyed one of the most feared dark lords of all time with a simple disarming charm.

Either way, the young man would be leaving the wizarding world and Ragnok, for one, was not going to stop him at all.


The one person Harry had kept in touch after the war despite the hassle of cleaning up the mess was Aberforth Dumbledore. Harry, for one, could understand the anger and disappointment Aberforth felt towards the late headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore. For all his nodding and accepting the situation before his friends, Harry's enchantment of the man had started deteriorate ever since the Triwizard Tournament was held in Hogwarts. Oh, he acted as though he was a total support of the late headmaster but as far as the child was concerned, it was only so that no one would look deeper into him.

And they didn't.

In the guise of preparing for the tournament, Harry had advanced his studies. He had also read up enough to know how that his situation was definitely not the norm. His whole life had been screwed up but Harry knew better than to show his hands so early in the game. He kept his head low, his eyes innocent and his actions reckless. Every step he took, especially as he searched for the hocruxes with Ron and Hermione, pointed out how clearly Dumbledore had played with his life. The man wanted a weapon. Harry, for all the excuses Dumbledore gave about his age and maturity, was never a child. It took awhile but the blinders did fall off and Harry did not like what he had seen. Unfortunately, Hermione and Ron never had their lives manipulated the way Harry's was and could not see the consequences of Dumbledore's actions. Harry could but he knew his friends too well. He kept silent and observed.

When he learned of Dumbledore's relationship with Grindewald, he had blown up but he knew, deep inside that he was not at all surprised. Hadn't Dumbledore mentioned that he could not be trusted with power? Yet he was in one of the most powerful positions ever. Not only had he the control of the wizarding world through the International Council of Wizards but he was also the Head of Wizengamot and the Headmaster of Hogwarts. There was truly no need for the position of a minister when the other positions offer as much power.

Oh, the old man was not evil, per say. Harry understood where Dumbledore was coming from as well. What was the life of one child or one family in comparison to the rest of the world? As they say, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. By looking at the forest, Dumbledore seriously missed the trees. Must be the lemon drops…

The sheer anger and disappointment Aberforth must have felt and still feel was something Harry could relate to. The death of Ariana was after all, the result of Albus' recklessness. Albus' confidence that he was always right had a lot of bad consequences for others.

Like telling him to walk head on to face his death.

Harry tried not to snort as he entered the Hogs Head Inn, where Aberforth was manning the bar. He still did not know if Dumbledore was sure he could return from the dead and truly, he had stopped caring. He had hoped to meet his parents and live happily with them. Being cheated from a death that was rightfully his annoyed the dark-haired man. Fighting continuously for a very fickle wizarding community also irritated the youth. But it was done. The situation has been taken care of and Harry truly needed an escape.

"Slow day?"

Familiar blue eyes looked at him before nodding. "The usual?"


Harry took his usual seat at a corner, hidden from the view of the patrons. He kept his back to the wall, his hood over his head and his cloak over his frame. There was nothing there to identify him except his height.

Aberforth placed his food before him.

"It's been awhile since I saw you here," he started, curious but also unwilling to question. Too many people have been questioning the young man before him.

Harry hmm-ed.

They kept quiet, neither speaking until the bar was almost cleaned out. Harry finished his meal and toyed with his drink.

"I'll be leaving soon."

"I see. Does anyone know?"

"No. I simply told Ron and Hermione that I have no interest in continuing my work in the ministry. They are under the impression that I'll be looking for something else, I guess."

"Are you happy with what you have achieved so far? Comfortable enough to leave it at Kingsley's hand?"

Harry looked up from his drink and gazed thoughtfully into the eyes of the old man before him. The war had been hard psychologically for him. Being hunted had a way of making a man wary of anything and everything. Having the weight of so many people's hopes and dreams was another burden. It would have been so easy to walk away. Once he knew enough, he could just leave the country.

But he had seen the innocents, children who had the opportunity of a life he did not have. He had seen mothers and fathers protecting their children despite being unable to even see the threat. The villages he passed, the people he had seen, everything made him the man he was today.

When he walked to face his death, he knew it was for them that he took that step willingly. If he could not have that life of love, he could at least protect what they had.

The picture of a smiling baby with bright turquoise hair flashed in his mind.

A tired smile made its way to Harry's lips.

"In this past five years, I have hunted down the remaining death eaters. I have helped the ministry write up new treatise. I have worked with to abolish a number of laws and set up new ones that cannot be scrapped off. I have worked on building plans, gave press releases, shouldered the complaints of one too many idiots who think they are better than anyone else and I have a whole bunch of suck ups who want my money and fame. I am tired, I can't sleep and I am on the verge of a breakdown that I managed to hold off so far. I can't do this anymore, Aberforth."

The old man nodded but did not offer any sympathies, knowing that the young man would not appreciate that. There was nothing to sympathize with. The young man had done very well for himself. He had managed to handle everything without complain. Aberforth was very much impressed.

"Well, you are obviously leaving. Any idea where you are going or what you are planning to do?" the barkeeper asked as he cleaned the rest of the bar.

Harry sheepishly shook his head.

"No idea. I know I don't want anything to do with law enforcement or such. Something light, I suppose. I was thinking of seeing if there are any openings for cooks anywhere far from here. It would be nice to be allowed freedom in the kitchen. I actually miss it."

Pursing his lips thoughtfully, the remaining heir to the Dumbledore family flicked his wand and summoned a letter before passing it to Harry. The younger man took the letter before flipping it open and reading it.

It was odd to read a letter made of paper nowadays. He was so used to parchments that paper felt weird. The written was neat and sturdy, firm. Someone who was very confident about himself. Harry's eyes caught the highlighted paragraph and wisely read that.

"A cook?"

"Yes. He is a butler for a very old family in Gotham. However, his remaining master is the son of the previous owner. Alfred has been taking care of the child since he was a babe. Alfred is quite aware of our world and he is also very much aware of the importance of secrecy. He is a squib, who has been in the muggle world for many years but has always kept in touch with his magical side. The old cook apparently has an emergency and would be leaving in a couple of days for a three month leave. It is nothing much but the place is far from here. You will not need to associate yourself with the elites there and the job comes with a home and the pay is quite good. You will only need to prepare the meals for the manor on regular days and if you are really good, for parties. Oh, and read up all you can about Wayne Industries."

It was a good opportunity. It was a start.

"Thank you, Aberforth. I will contact Mr. Pennyworth and discuss my options with him."

The barkeeper grinned but said nothing more.


It was a long flight. Harry had decided to go without relying on magical means. He used the documents from Ragnok and made his way to Gotham by plane. In the end, he decided any and every method of transportation did not suit him at all. The flight was too long and too tiring.

At the airport, he had not expected to be waited on. A sharply dressed man held a sign with his name written on it. Harry approached the man and introduced himself and the two made their way to the manor.

Gotham was nothing like Harry ever imagined. Magic thrummed against his skin, wild and passionate. It left a heady and drunk feeling. Harry kept his eyes on the road and view while questioning the driver and gaining knowledge about Gotham.

There was something primal in the city. Harry had no idea what it was but it was intoxicating. He could understand why they seemed a little weird.

They finally arrived at a huge manor with a lot of space. Harry could only gape at the sheer beauty of the old structure and the driver laughed at his face.

"You'll get used to it, kid!"

He was helped with his luggage and walked slowly up the path to the house. A tall, lanky older man was waiting at the door and Harry watched as his driver was dismissed.

"Mr. Pennyworth?"

A small smile and a nod.

"Mr. Shayde, I presume? Welcome to Gotham and to Wayne Manor."


Author's Note:

Well, this is my first ever Batman/Dark Knight/Harry Potter crossover. Never written one before. I hope you guys enjoyed it. It's been awhile since I have written and this idea has been nagging at me.

Have a good read and a good day.