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My beard itches.

I want a good shave, since they won't allow me razors, and a proper shower, not one these 5 minute showers with some all purpose shampoo/body wash.

I want my hair back the way it was; sticking up like a ruffled owl.

Now it lay flat against my forehead. Lifeless. No flair.

I can't complain too much though, they do wash my suit for me every other day.

I'm almost to the final floor too. All the way at the very top of the building. Only two more floors. Tonight's the night. Tonight I have to find what I'm looking for.

I perform my nightly ritual once the lights flicker to yellow. I shimmy out of my cell, up the stairs to the lobby and trek my way up the never ending flights of stairs, keeping my eyes peeled for security.

Up, up, up, until I reach the second to last floor.

There is a ceiling after all.

I search the rooms as I normally do. This floor is much like a school; blackboards and chalk and desks. Books and mineral samples. Chairs and planners and schedules.

Door after door of classrooms.

I leave this floor and head up to the final floor.

This seems to be a technological floor; computers and all sorts of gadgets lay within these rooms.

I sonic open the third to last door on the right and squeeze in. It seems to be a computer room, much like the other rooms; banks and banks of computers on long rows of desks. The walls are covered in maps, with different colored lines on them. Lists of names, military units, strike patterns, formations, and positions, on and on, information plastered everywhere.

I scan them, but they aren't going to give me much information if they are displayed like this for everyone to see.

I tip toe through the computer room to a door at the back. My sneakers squeak slightly on the hard linoleum floor.

The gold label on the door reads "commander's post".

This has to be a good sign.

I sonic the door open and squeeze inside, shutting the door behind me.

The room has a huge window, almost floor to ceiling, which bathes the whole room in a white glow from the double moons of Sontar.

Other than the window the room is all but empty. There are a couple filing cabinets, one desk, one chair and no computers to be seen.

I try to pull open a file drawer but it immediately falters. I use my sonic to unlock it and pull out a hand full of files.

Much of it is old paper work. Old wars. Old casualties. Old honors to those fallen to 'glorious battle'

Batch after batch of files.

Until I find it, buried in the more recent stack.

The top secret file I needed. The information on this allegiance with the Gammarainians.

I peruse this file carefully. Taking in every detail.

I can't believe my eyes. I can't believe what I'm reading.

It's a shame I'll have to wait until morning to confront the "Commander" Sontaran.

I tuck the top secret file in the waistband of my trousers, underneath my suit jacket and replace all the other files.

I leave everything the way it was, re-locking everything I've unlocked.

I make my way back down to my cell, again unnoticed and read through the file again and again.