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It was Spring Break, and Annabeth was staying for the entirety of it. Percy had invited some of his friends to the Jackson/Blofis apartment for the day, and Annabeth was using the time to finish some blueprints for the newest Athena temple.

Sitting in the living room with Percy was, Jack Davis, Micheal Thomas, and Johanna Gonzales from the swim team, and Lilah Montgomery, who had a major crush on the son of Poseidon.

Everyone was laughing at something Micheal had said, when Annabeth stepped out of the guest room,

"Seaweed Brain, where did you put my phone after you borrowed it? I need to call Malcolm about something for my mom."

All of the guests, except Jack, were staring at the blonde. Jack just waved,

"Hey Annabeth."

Annabeth flashed him a smile, "Hi Jack. Where's my phone Perce?"

The boy in question had a guilty look on his face, "Uh... I don't know."

Annabeth's eyebrows shot up, "You lost my phone?"

Percy bit his lip, cowering a bit, "Not lost... Just temporarily misplaced."

The daughter of Athena was fuming, "Perseus Jackson. Find. My. Phone."

Percy jumped up, and ran into his room, screaming, "I'm looking, Wise Girl!"

Annabeth sighed, and sat down in an armchair beside the TV. She raised an eyebrow at the gaping teenagers.

"Uh.. Hi? I'm Annabeth."

Micheal whistled, "You're hot."

Percy ran back into the room for a moment to grab Annabeth's hand, and show everyone the promise ring he'd given her, "She's taken."

Annabeth raised an eyebrow at her boyfriend, who ran back into the other room.

Lilah looked like she might puke.

"You're engaged?"

Annabeth laughed, "Oh, no. It's a promise ring. He gave it to me on my birthday."

After a couple of minutes of awkward silence, Percy sprinted into the living room, holding Annabeth's phone.

"I found it! You have like, five missed calls from Thalia, one from Lexia, one from your mom, and Travis has been texting you since noon."

Annabeth sighed, "Just great." She took the phone and stalked back to the guest bedroom.

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In this one, Annabeth's been attending Goode with Percy.

Nancy sighed, Another school.

She had gotten kicked out of the last private school her father had sent her to, and now she was forced to attend a public school, Goode High.

It didn't help that she knew no-one at this new school.

Nancy hopped out of her dad's car, and walked up to the front office, giving the lady a slight smile,

"Uh.. I'm a new student, my name's Nancy Bobofit."

The blonde receptionist beamed at her, "Okay, honey. You're going to be in Mr. Reed's homeroom. Room 113. Here's your schedule."

She handed her a small sheet of paper, reading:

Block 1- English- Mr. Blofis

Block 2- Math- Mrs. Grant

Block 3- Science- Mrs. Torrence


Block 4- Social Studies- Mr. Sanchez

Block 5- Electives (Art and PE)

Nancy thanked her, and walked out into the hallway, searching for Mr. Reed's room. When she found it, she walked into the loud, crowded classroom, and sat down at an empty desk.

Percy sighed as he walked into his homeroom, Mr. Reed's classroom. Normally, Annabeth was with him, but she had an early morning meeting with Athena about Olympus. She would be in school by second period, maybe earlier.

As he walked in, his breathe caught in his throat. He'd know that frizzy orange hair anywhere. It was the girl who made his life at Yancy a living Hades.

Nancy Bobofit.

Nancy awkwardly studied her desk, pretending that it was an interesting task. She was interrupted by someone tapping her shoulder. She looked up, into the boy's green eyes, and felt her own eyes widen.

It was Prissy- Sorry, Percy Jackson. The kid who pushed her in that fountain so many years ago.

The only difference, was that Percy was hot. Like, really hot.

His hair had gotten slightly longer, and he'd gotten tan. It didn't hurt that the boy had muscles. Not the super creepy, huge muscles, but they were there.

Percy cleared his throat, "Uh.. Hi Nancy."

Nancy stopped her staring, "Hi. You go to school here?"

He nodded, "Yeah. I was thinking, since you probably don't know anyone else here, would you like me to be your guide?"

She gulped as she responded, "Sure. Can we compare schedules?"

They did, and Percy noted that they had all of their classes together except for the electives, when Percy had Study Hall instead of Art.

When the bell rang, Percy escorted Nancy to Mr. Blofis' room,

"This is English. Mr. Blofis is my stepdad, and he's pretty cool."

Nancy gave him a small smile, "Oh, cool."

They sat down in the room, and Paul walked in, clapping his hands together.

"Okay, everyone. Today we'll be writing poems. I have different words written down on note-cards, and you'll randomly pick one, then write a poem about it. Come line up."

They lined up, and picked their cards. Nancy's was time. Percy's was beauty.

Nancy sighed as she braced herself to write about time. What an interesting topic. (Note the sarcasm.)

Percy, however knew exactly what he wanted to write.

At the end of class, Mr. Blofis stepped in front of the room, "Okay. Now, I want everyone to read their poem aloud. First up, Johnathon Reece."

After many, awful poems and the occasional good one, Percy was called.

As he stepped up, Annabeth walked in, sitting down silently. Percy swore in his head, and began his poem.

"So, Percy, what was your topic?" Mr. Blofis asked.


"Okay, go on."

Percy cleared his throat.


Cheeks slightly red, he sat down in his seat, Annabeth shooting daggers at him.

"So, since Nancy is new, I'm not making her read hers in front of everyone. Class dismissed."

The bell rang, and Annabeth dragged her boyfriend out of the room by his ear,

"Ow! Wise Girl! That hurts- ow!"

"Get over it Percy."

Confused, Nancy followed the couple out, keeping her distance from the blonde.

Annabeth started whisper-yelling at Percy, "Perseus Jackson! What in Hades possessed you to do that?!"

Percy smile sheepishly, "'Cuz you're beautiful. Nothing else would've worked quite as well."

Annabeth sighed, and gave him a quick kiss on the lips, a kiss that Percy deepened, arms around her waist. She placed her arms around his neck, and gave him one last peck.

Nancy stood there, thoroughly disappointed.

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