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Chp 1

"Naruto, please don't shoot me, w-w-we can pass this test together."

"Together . . . hahaha, I fight to protect my own existence. Also Naruto's not here I'm Oturan!"

"Naruto! Naruto! Wake up." Naruto's eyes now shot open as he hugged the woman crying into her embrace. "Shhh it's ok Naruto, it was just another nightmare." Although both of them knew that it was something much worse.

Hours later

Kushina Namikaze was a woman of many things, former captain of a Special Forces squad, a stunning woman, test pilot of a new experimental I.S and one of the best soldiers alive but she would never have thought that she would have been a great mother, for the past three years she had been taking care of Naruto after saving him from a mad doctor/scientist laboratory along with the help of her husband Minato Namikaze a researcher in charge of a new experimental I.S that was designed to move at amazing speeds and a new experimental engine that was attached onto the I.S.

[Flashback three years ago]

"All sections clear ma'am, the only thing left is the main lab."

"Alright then move in and clear the area search for anyone still alive."

"Yes ma'am."

The soldiers all moved out and surrounded the door breaking it down; they entered and saw that the entire room was covered in dust and there was also some kind of holding tube and inside of it was a small child of about ten years old. "Oh my god."

"Shu and Jax come and help me with this child the rest of you look around the room for any information about this child also call for a medical evacuation for the child and also alert the rest of the soldiers waiting." Said the figure as she took off her goggles and helmet revealing her red hair tied into a bun.

"Yes ma'am." Looking around the lab they finally found some documents explaining that the child was an experimental supersoldier that underwent an experimental treatment that enhanced his brainwaves and was the only survivor of the experiment, there were also mission files that the child had undergone before he entered stasis. At that Kushina's mouth fell open in horror as she read the various mission reports that the boy had gone through and that the experimentation that the boy had undergone allowed him to pilot an I.S.

Finally the water from the tube drained and the child fell to the floor of the tube, running forward Kushina picked the child up and saw that the child's hair was bright blonde and that one side was longer than the other, picking him up Kushina took him outside where she found that the medical pickup had finally arrived, jumping into it the helicopter flew off as more soldiers arrived in the compound.

Hours later

The child had finally woken up and looked around the room only to come and focus on the red headed woman sitting in a chair next to him. "Oh you're finally awake and how are you feeling today."

The child blinked a few times as Kushina finally noticed that his uncovered eye was a bright blue."I'm fine ma'am, where am I?"

"You're in the hospital right now and we saved you from that man." Said Kushina as she looked into his eye to try and determine his feeling.

"I'm sorry, but I can't remember anything."

"What about your name?"Asked Kushina the child shook his head.

"I'm sorry I don't remember anything." Said the child as he looked down in sadness.

"I'm sorry for your loss. But are you hungry?"

The child nodded and Kushina called for the nurse while she stepped out for a moment. Walking out she met her C.O and gave her report.

"It seems like the child doesn't remember anything sir and from the medical report that I took a look at it seems like his brain has been enhanced and his physic is also beyond average, also he appears to be an orphan."

"Thanks for the report Kushina." Said her C.O but noticed that she had a look in her face.

"What's on your mind Kushina, speak your mind."

"Well sir I was just wondering what are we going to do with the boy."

"Well since we don't have any information on him and he doesn't seem to be a security threat since he may have long-term amnesia so we'll probably create an identity for him and place him in an orphanage. Why do you have something in mind?"

"Well I was wondering if I could adopt him, me and my husband could probably watch over him."

"Hmm well I see no problem with that so just sign the papers and I'll hand him over to you."

"Thank you sir" Said Kushina as she followed her C.O to sign the papers.

[Hours later]

Kushina was holding the child as she brought him to her home. "Um excuse me ma'am but what are we doing here?"

"Well, since you are now my son, this is our home."Said Kushina as she patted her son on his head.

"You're my m . . . moth . . . mother?"Said the child as he looked into her eyes while the word that came out of his mouth seemed alien to him.

"Yes, you're my son. Naruto."

"N . . . Naruto?"

"Yes that is your name. Naruto."

[End flashback]

Three years, that was how long she and Minato had been taking care of Naruto. She sighed as Naruto slept with his head in her lap. She soon fell asleep as she thought 'That's the third time this month, what is happening to him, has something of his past come up. Could it be that he has finally woken up?'

[Flash-forward three years later]

Naruto was now standing near the monorail track that would be heading towards the I.S academy campus. Ever since his parents adopted him they hid the fact that Naruto could pilot an I.S and it was only after Ichika Orimura had shown that he could pilot an I.S that Naruto's parent decided to show the people that Naruto could also pilot an I.S.

So here he was now with his mother, the company that Minato worked for allowed Naruto to use the I.S that Kushina was testing as his personal I.S unit at the academy to gather data and test its current abilities. Naruto had noted that there were only girls in the entire cabin but according to the news that he had recently watched there was supposed to be another male I.S pilot but he didn't see him beside him was his mother blocking various reporters that were trying to get an interview.

"Naruto, do you have everything packed?"

"Yes Kaa-chan."

"I'm going to miss you Naruto." Said Kushina as she gave Naruto a hug while tears fell from her face "you've never been away from me for so long."

"I know Kaa-chan but I'll be okay, I promise." Said Naruto as he returned the hug while tears fell from his face.

"Just remember Naruto, if you have any headaches make sure to take your medication. Alright Naruto."

"Ok Kaa-chan." Said Naruto.

"Also please do try to open up at the school and find a nice girl for yourself." Said Kushina.

"I-I'll try Kaa-chan." Said Naruto as a blush came onto his face.

The Monorail soon arrived and he got on board and said his final goodbye to his mother.

While on the monorail Naruto spent the entire trip listening to music on his phone while he looked through the various photos that were taken of him and his family spending time together. All the while he tried to ignore the various looks from the girls since he was only one of two official male I.S pilots.

Finally the monorail reached the academy, so picking up his things he took a walk through the academy, and took in the sights. 'Wow the academy is sure bigger than the brochure stated.' Thought Naruto as he memorized the layout of the academy to ensure that he didn't get lost.

When he finally took a look at his watch he noticed the time and rushed off towards class, no way was he going to be late for his first class in the academy and make a bad impression on the students and teachers.


Naruto sat in the class as the various students gave their introduction and finally it came upon his turn so he stood up

"Hi I'm Naruto Namikaze, nice to meet all of you." Said Naruto as he gave them all a small smile and sat back down.

The next person was the other male pilot which made Naruto look on with interest since there wasn't much that he knew about him.

"Eh . . . my name is Orimura Ichika, pleased to meet you." When he finished the other female students suddenly focused on him, which was when he began to do weird things and he just ended his statement which caused almost all the girls in the class to face fault from his anti-climatic speech.

Naruto looked on with amusement as Ichika looked around at everyone's reaction only to get clocked on the head by the newly arrived teacher. Ichika wallowed in pain for a second before he looked up at his attacker who happened to be someone he knew.



"It's Orimura-sensei at school." She stated coldly as Naruto looked on with a hint of disgust since how could she treat her brother like that even if they were at school, she should at least be indifferent to him.

Suddenly the room exploded with squeals proclaiming that their teacher was the Chifuyu Orimura. Naruto had read about her. Winner of the first Mondo Grosso and finalist in the second one since she left the competition in the middle of it for some situation that was never reported on.

Naruto ignored all the noise and just looked on as Ichika was once again knocked on the head by his sister before he finally submitted and called her the way she wanted to be called. A few more whispers were exchanged between the girls before they were silenced by Orimura-sensei.

"Be quiet!" she commanded. "I'll have you people memorize the basic of I.S within the next 6 months. After that it's hands-on, you should let the basic maneuvers sink into your body within half a month. Okay? If you agree answer. Even if you don't still answer me."


The other teacher, a green haired woman named Maya Yamada now took over as she explained the I.S itself, The Alaska Treaty which prevented the use of the I.S as a military weapon and how the Academy was the only place in the world to get official I.S training.

After the introduction, most of the girls left to their own business while Ichika came over to Naruto's desk and extended his hand. "So you're Naruto?"

"Yes. And you're the first male pilot of I.S." Ichika nodded glumly.

"Well I'm the second and it's nice to meet you." Said Naruto as he shook Ichika's hand.

Now a girl tapped Ichika on the shoulder and he turned behind to see Houki Shinonono, his childhood friend behind him so Naruto left both of them to have a moment to themselves.

Stepping out of the class Naruto was brought to the side by Orimura-sensei. She asked him to follow her so following her they ended up in her office she took a seat and looked sternly at Naruto with hidden anger.

"Naruto-san, I don't know what your trying to do but leave my brother out of it."

"I don't know what you're saying Orimura-sensei, all I did was introduce myself to your brother." Said Naruto as he looked at her with a puzzling look.

'Hmm perhaps he really doesn't know." She thought when she finally replied. "Never mind then, please return to class."

"Hai Orimura-sensei." Said Naruto as he began to walk out when he suddenly stopped. Turning around Chifuyu saw that Naruto's other eye was now revealed and his blue eye was hidden by his hair a smirk was also on his face. "Don't worry white knight I won't harm your brother, that is no longer my mission also don't try telling Naruto about this little talk, he doesn't even know I exist . . . yet."

Chifuyu looked at 'Naruto' and noticed that his tone and pose had now changed. "Leave my brother alone." She said the threat evident in her statement.

"Don't worry I won't bother him, unless he comes looking for me." Said 'Naruto' as his head suddenly dipped and now he seemed back to normal. "Huh? What happened?"

"Go back to class Naruto-san."

"Oh Hai sensei." Said Naruto as he ran back to class and was nearly late for his class.

[With Chifuyu]

"Just who are you Namikaze, you kidnapped my brother, pretend not to know about it yet you know about it, well whoever you are I will not allow you to hurt my brother."

Alright the first chapter is done, and in this story Naruto will be like Allelujah from Gundam 00. Though he is different because he isn't aware of his alternate personality at the moment but when Naruto is aware of his other personality things will get complicated for him and the academy also for a relationship I was hoping for Naruto/Cecilia. If you have any questions PM me or leave it in your review.