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The Team, minues Robin who is on a mission with batman, was currently in the moniter room. Artemis and Wally were going head-to-head in a fierce game of air hockey (1). The score was 19-19. M'gann was cheering them both on, while Superboy had no idea what air hockey was or how to play it, so he just stood and watched. Kaldar was wishing them both luck, but he secretly hoped Artemis would win (2).

"Give it up, Twinkle Toes! You can't beat me." Artemis said with a triumpant grin, she was not going to lose to Kid Idiot.

"Apparently you haven't seen the score, Blondie! Were tied, and whoever gets the next point, wins. And besides, I'm a master at this game. There's no possible way you can beat me at my own game." Wally pointed out, still concentrated on the game.

As the two were still competing for the win, Superboy heard a crash somewhere in the mountain. He quickly looked in the direction of the source. He quickly decided to find out what, or who, made the crashing sound. While everyone else was distracted by the game, Conner went to investigate.

As Conner was walking through the hall, he listen for any unusual noises and blocked out the teams voices from his super hearing. His body tense and ready for a fight.

Superboy finally reached the room at the end of the hall and on the other side of the mountain. He entered the room and looked all around, all his senses telling him to not go in any farther, but of course, Conner didn't listen. As he went deeper into the room, his heard a crunch and got into a fighting postion. Then Conner saw something shiny on the ground and looked down. He stepped on glass. He bent down and picked up a piece, letting his guard down.

Superboy thought to himself, "Hm...Now what's this from and how did it get broken?"

All Conner remembered before he passed out, was a flash of red, yellow, and black, and three small figures smiling at him as they tied him up with rope, laced with kryptonite. He screamed in pain, then fell unconsciousness.

"You cheated! I know you did! How could you beat me! I'm the master at this game!" Wally screamed in Artemis' face.

Artemis just smiled a grin of victory and crossed her arms. "Your just upset because you lost to a girl, huh Wally?"

Kid Flash quickly thought of a response and said with an innocent look, "Wait, your a girl?"

"Why you little-" Artemis was quickly cut off by M'gann, who screamed and held her head then quickly fell to the ground into a fetal position. The team quickly ran over to her.

"M'gann, what's wrong?" Kaldar asked quickly, worried for his teammate, then bent down and tried to get her to calm down and explain.

"It's Superboy! He's in a lot of pain." M'gann then stopped holding her head and sat team now realizing Conner's absence. "Now I don't feel anything at all. He's still in the mountain though, but just unconscious."

Wally looked at M'gann confused, "How can he be unconscious? He's 'Superboy'! You know, Indestructible Boy of Steel!"

Artemis slapped him upside the head, "Will you shut up for once Baywatch and focus?" Wally, being a mature teenager he is, stuck his tongue out at her.

Kaldar just closed his eyes and sighed at his teammates then turned to M'gann, who was picking herself up off the ground and had a worried expression on. "M'gann, you said Superboy was still in the mountain, where?"

M'gann nodded her head then closed her eyes and put her fingers on her temples to help her concentrate. She quickly opened her eyes and flew off into the direction where Conner was. "Follow me, and hurry!" The team quickly followed in pursuit, unaware of the danger they were walking into.

(1) In episode 5 (season 1) Wally and Kaldar were playing air hockey in the moniter room...right?

(2) Kaldar lost to Wally in a game of air hockey did I do? Do you like it? Do you want me to write another chapter? Should the next one be longer? Leave me a review and tell me all your thoughts on this and if I should continue it...please?

Also, can you guess who were the three muskateers that toke out Conner were?